Santiago's Now Open Again on Federal

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Mark Antonation
Breakfast burritos are once again available at this Santiago's.
It's been a long summer for northside fans of breakfast burritos; they've had to drive an extra mile or two to get their fix. But now the Santiago's at 2505 Federal Boulevard has finally re-opened, and that means the cars will start lining up early tomorrow morning.

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It now has an expanded and spiffy dining room and a prettier drive-up window -- although it's so close to the street that queuing cars spill out from the parking lot into southbound traffic.

Still, this is definitely the best-looking location of the homegrown Santiago's chain, which now has dozens of outposts along the Front Range.

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Santiago's Mexican Restaurant

2505 Federal Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Eh. Don't see anything about it that looks better than 6th and Havana.

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