Video: Bottling for Booze at Stranahan's Colorado Distillery

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Copper stills at Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey.
Stranahan's Colorado Distillery may be owned by spirits giant Proximo, but that doesn't stop the whiskey maker from continuing its tradition of bringing in volunteers to help with bottling. Rather than exploiting free labor, Stranahan's provides lunch and a bottle of the barrel-aged spirit to take home in exchange for the work.

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While the per-hour labor rate might not quite work out in the favor of volunteers, folks are still willing to put their names on a four-month waiting list to lend a helping hand when they get the call. It's all in the name of education, community and, of course, sipping whiskey after a long day of bottling it.

Videographer Anthony Martin captured a day on the bottling line so you can see what it's like. If you're still interested after watching, Stranahan's has a sign-up page on it's website.

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Stranahan's Colorado Distillery

208 S. Kalamath St., Denver, CO

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