Zocalo Seized by the State for Back Taxes

At lunchtime today, there were a lot of disappointed people outside the locked doors of Zocalo Restaurant & Bar, the Mexican joint that some veteran employees of Benny's opened four years ago on East 11th Avenue. But no one was more disappointed than landlord Regas Christou, who'd stopped by to collect back rent.

That's because a sign on those locked doors pronounced that the restaurant had been seized for non-payment of taxes.

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This bar will not be pouring today.
And since the "Seized" signs are from the Colorado Department of Revenue, which wants to collect on a whopping unpaid tax bill or sell the property, Christou isn't likely to see rent any time soon.

Not from Zocalo, at least.

Earlier this year, Zocalo's owners had closed an outpost on South Broadway.

Location Info

Zocalo Restaurant & Bar - CLOSED

12 E. 11th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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