Beer Calendar: A New Brewery, Anniversaries, Olympics, and Craft Beer Parties Galore

The Colorado Brewers Guild unveiled a new logo and marketing campaign this week titled, "Colorado: The State of Craft Beer." The campaign includes signage and merchandise and will eventually roll out a a new website along with a State of Craft Beer festival. There are currently more than two hundred operating craft breweries in Colorado (and many more on their way), about 175 of which are represented by the CBG. These breweries generated more than 5,000 jobs and $826 million in revenue in 2013.

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Great Divide Head Brewer Taylor Rees Leaving to Open Brewery in Former Five Points DMV

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Taylor Rees pours beer at Great Divide's nineteenth anniversary party in 2013.
Like almost every driving adult in Denver, Great Divide head brewer Taylor Rees spent his fair share of time waiting in line at the drab Denver Motor Vehicles office on Welton Street in Five Points. Now, if his plans come to fruition, Rees, along with friends and business partners Austin Wiley and Darren Boyd, plan to spend many more hours -- days and months -- in that space. But the vibe will be very different -- and although you'll still need to show your identification, you won't need your registration or proof of insurance.

The group will open Spangalang Brewery at 2736 Welton Street, hopefully next year.

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South Park Brewing Will Offer a Welcome Watering Hole in the Highway 285 Corridor

South Park Brewing Facebook page
The view from South Park Brewing's planned patio.
One of Colorado's drier stretches will wet its whistle a week from today when South Park Brewing opens, becoming the only craft brewery along a heavily-used 115-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 285 between Lakewood and Buena Vista.

Located in Fairplay, at the junction of 285 and Colorado State Highway 9, South Park Brewing is the dream of Paul Kemp and Megan Sebastian, who have been living in Denver but have owned a house in the Fairplay area since 2006.

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The Great American Beer Festival Week 2014 Calendar of Events

The Great American Beer Festival will welcome nearly 50,000 people to the Colorado Convention Center October 2 through October 4, along with an astounding 3,500 beers from 726 breweries, making it the biggest and best sudstravaganza in the world. Tickets sold out months ago (although you can find them online if you're willing to spend some extra dough), but that doesn't mean you can't get your craft-beer vibe on in Denver and its environs. Starting on Saturday, September 27 and continuing for ten days, breweries, bars, restaurants and other venues up and down the Front Range will host beer dinners, concerts, parties, special tappings, bar crawls, meet-and-greets, smaller festivals and classes that should thrill every beer lover -- from near and far.

Here is our guide to GABF-related events, a list that we will be updating on a weekly -- and probably daily -- basis as new activities are planned and introduced. Cheers!

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Beer Calendar: German Lagers, Pumpkin Ales and a Pair of Beer Dinners

Echo Brewing Facebook page
The new Echo Brewing in Erie.
Echo Brewing, which started in Frederick, has opened a second location in a former firehouse in Erie, at 600 Briggs Street, right across I-25. The taphouse and restaurant will specialize in pizza, appetizers, salads and desserts, in addition to its beer.

Three-month-old Denver Pearl Brewing announced last weekend that it has changed its name to Platt Park Brewing; the company says it made the switch as a result of pressure from PBR, which owns the trademark to Pearl Brewing, and Denver Beer Co, which has a similar lock on Denver Beer.

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Breckenridge Brewery's Massive Beer Campus Takes Shape in Littleton

When Breckenridge Brewery opens its $20 million, park-like beer campus on the banks of the South Platte River in April 2015, it will be unlike any other brewery in the state: The twelve-acre spot, tucked between two swaths of open space, Santa Fe Drive and the bike path along the river, will include a 100-barrel brewhouse with daily public tours, an 8,000 square-foot restaurant called the Farmhouse, a stage and two beer gardens facing the river -- all in a farm-like setting.

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Hops & Pie Switches From Strange Craft to Station 26 for Its House IPA

Categories: Beer Man

Drew Watson of Hops & Pie.
For Hops & Pie co-owner Drew Watson, the trickiest part about changing up his popular pizza joint's house IPA wasn't saying goodbye to longtime provider Strange Craft Beer Company: "I love those guys. We still have a great relationship."

Rather, it was making sure that the new beer, brewed by Station 26, didn't change the flavor of Watson's pizza crust or his signature, award-winning IPA Mac and Cheese.

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Beer Calendar: Oktoberfest, Brewery Anniversaries and Big Beers Fest Tix

David Foxhoven
Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines Fest.
Tickets to the fifteenth annual Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines Festival, which takes place January 8 through January 10 in Vail, went on sale this morning -- and some of the events have already sold out. Although the events, and the weekend itself, are expensive compared to many beer fests, every attendee I've ever talked to has returned feeling it was worth the money -- and then some, so it's worth trying to score some tickets if you can. Activities this round include the Commercial Tasting ($65), Brewmasters' Dinners (hosted by Jennifer Glanville of Boston Beer Company and David Cole of Epic Brewing, among others), a brewer's reception, homebrew judging and educational seminars put on by the craft-brewing industry's leading innovators and brewery owners. And then there's the drinking: craft celebrities and famous beermakers bring huge, rare and special beers to the fest, and then proceed to drink them with you. Most of the events are ticketed separately; for all the prices, times and information, go to

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Dry Dock Opening a Second Taproom Inside Its North Aurora Brewery

Thumbnail image for Dry_Dock_Canning12.jpg
Dry Dock is opening a second taproom inside the warehouse where its canning line is located.
Dry Dock Brewing has been running its 30,000-square-foot, forty-barrel production brewery and canning facility for 21 months in north Aurora, but co-owners Kevin DeLange and Michelle Reding are tired of keeping it to themselves.

On Friday, September 12, they'll open a somewhat rustic tasting room inside the former warehouse, with about seventy seats and four beers on tap.

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Beer Calendar: Get Your Brews With Lemon, Cinnamon, Ginger, Orange and Chocolate

Dry Dock Brewing Facebook page
Two bi-partisan groups of Colorado lawmakers -- a crew that is often woefully unfamiliar with this state's craft-beer industry -- will make their way to a pair of breweries this week as part of a program created by the Colorado Brewers Guild called Hop the Vote. A team of state senators will be at Dry Dock Brewing today while a roster of state representatives will head to Denver Beer Co on Friday. Both groups will brew a beer -- and then Great American Beer Festival attendees will vote on which is better in October. The real payoff will come in 2015 and thereafter, though, if the Guild is able to keep these legislators on its side when it comes to booze-related political issues like whether or not grocery stores should be allowed to sell full-strength beer, wine and spirits.

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