Ten brand-new Colorado craft beers you'll be seeing in summer/fall 2014

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Colorado's craft beer scene is getting crowded as a new brewery opens roughly once a week somewhere in the state. But the liquor store shelves can be a bit of a tangle as well, especially as older breweries introduce new or changing products to keep up with the latest thing. Here's a rundown on ten new beers that are on shelves now -- or will be soon -- most of them from breweries that have become household names in this state.

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Beer calendar: Try new brews from TRVE, Copper Kettle and Jagged Mountain

Eric Wallace of Left Hand Brewing.
Left Hand Brewing co-founder and president Eric Wallace was recognized last week as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the consumer products and services category, beating out two dozen other candidates. The award recognizes "extraordinary performance in leading successful innovative businesses, strong financial performance, and an endearing commitment to the community," the brewery says. Left Hand was founded in 1993 in Longmont, by Wallace and Dick Doore.

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Ten great Colorado brewery patios to try this summer

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All photos by Danielle Lirette
Denver Beer Co. was one of the first brewery patios with community tables.
"Once you've had a few beers, it's hard to leave a German beer garden without making some friends," says Patrick Crawford, who opened Denver Beer Co. with Charlie Berger in August 2011. In advance of that opening, Crawford and Berger had gone to Germany -- and came back with the idea of adding a beer garden. "We loved the communal atmosphere of the big long tables there," Crawford says. "And at the time, I don't think there was anyone else who had that style of tables in Denver."

Denver Beer Co.'s Bavarian-style beer garden soon set the standard for brewery patios from Boulder to Golden to Denver. Dozens of new breweries have opened in the metro area over the past four years, and on a warm summer day, there's no finer place to be than on one of their patios. There's no finer place to be on a perfect summer night, either.

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Twisted Pine introduces new IPA, shuffles lineup, cuts three longtime beers

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Thumbnail image for Twisted_Pine_Hop_Zealot.jpg
Craft beer trends have evolved quickly over the past five years, and just because a brewery has been around for a while doesn't mean that its beers will keep selling forever. To keep up, and to stay relevant, some older breweries have cut poorly performing products from their lineups and added new ones that reflect changing tastes.

The latest brewery to update its look and its lineup is Boulder's Twisted Pine, which introduced a new beer, Hop Zealot, last week amid a flurry of other changes.

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Casey Brewing & Blending will give fans of sour beer a sneak peek over the holiday weekend

Casey Brewing
One of Colorado's most specialized, and most highly anticipated, new breweries will give the public a sneak peek this weekend when it opens for two days to sell its first bottled release, a saison that was fermented entirely in oak barrels with Brettanomyces.

Casey Brewing & Blending, at 3421 Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs, is the brainchild of Troy Casey, who earned a name for himself as an expert in sour and wild ales while he worked at AC Golden, the MillerCoors-owned beer incubator in Golden.

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Nearly 1,400 breweries register for GABF, 81 percent higher than last year

A whopping 1,360 breweries from all fifty states and the District of Columbia will enter beers into the competition at the Great American Beer Festival this October. That's about 81 percent higher than last year, when 750 breweries tried to register for the fest, according to preliminary numbers provided by the Brewers Association.

But because of GABF's new registration process -- which guaranteed admittance to every brewery that wanted to enter this year -- each brewery will only be able to submit four beers for judging, significantly less than in previous years. The number could rise to five, but that has yet to be determined, says BA spokeswoman Barbara Fusco.

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The Colorado Brewers Festival in Fort Collins celebrates 25 years with some upgrades

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Colorado Brewers Festival
Like many beer fests, the Colorado Brewers Festival was a victim of its own success.

Inspired by the Oregon Brewers Festival, it was founded in 1990, at a time when there were only nine breweries in Colorado and even fewer beer gatherings. Over the years, the event -- one of only five U.S. beer festivals that has now been around for a least a quarter century -- grew steadily until it was forced to move several years ago to Fort Collins's Civic Center Park. But it has also suffered other growing pains, like long lines, complaints about the pricing structure, competing events, and a rash of drunks.

Which is why, in its 25th year, the CBF, which takes place this Saturday and Sunday, has made several significant changes, says spokesman Marty Jones.

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Renegade, Front Range and the Colorado Brewers Festival celebrate anniversaries

Boulder Beer Company, which celebrated its 35th anniversary this year, said this week that it will begin canning two of its flagship beers, Buffalo Gold Golden Ale and Mojo IPA, for the first time. Both cans will feature redesigned artwork. Boulder Beer has canned two of its other beers, Hazed & Infused year-round and Hoopla Pale Ale, with the help of Mobile Canning LLC. But the brewery recently purchased its own canning line. Both beers will be sold in six-packs of twelve-ounces cans.

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Beryl's Beer Company, specializing in barrel-aged brews, opens Saturday in Rino

Calvin Beasley likes whiskey and wine, rum and rye, bourbon and brandy and tequila. But not necessarily to drink. He likes them for the flavors they impart into beer.

This weekend Beasley, his fiance, Beth, and head brewer Eric Nichols will open Beryl's Beer Company at 3120 Blake Street, a brewery that will specialize in barrel-aged beers.

"Barrel-aged beers are our passion. That's what drove us into this and what we love," Beasley says. "You can go to a lot of places and order a pale ale or a lager or a saison. But you can't go to a lot of places and get something barrel-aged every time."

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Does the world need another IPA? AC Golden says no with Colorado Native IPL

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"We don't believe the world needs another IPA."

That's the rallying cry that AC Golden Brewing will use to market Colorado Native IPL, its second beer under the increasingly popular Colorado Native Brand.

"We do, however, believe there is room for a beer that is similar to an IPA, but is one that allows the hop characters to shine through as only a lager can do," the label reads. IPL stands for India Pale Lager, which distinguishes it from an India Pale Ale, or IPA.

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