Call to Arms Brewing, Founded by Former Avery Workers, Will Open on Tennyson Street

Revesco Properties
A rendering of what the Call to Arms Brewing building could look like.
Three former Avery Brewing employees who left earlier this year to form their own venture, Call to Arms Brewing, have signed a lease at 4526 Tennyson Street in the Berkeley neighborhood.

The brewery will be located in the back half of an 8,253-square-foot building/development called John's Garage, which used to house a private motorcycle museum. Eventually there will be two other businesses in the building, including a restaurant.

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Ska Brewing will unveil low-ABV Rudie Session IPA at Sesh Fest this weekend

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It's not that the guys who work at Ska Brewing don't want to get drunk. It's just that they don't want to get drunk as fast, says company co-owner Dave Thibodeau. "There's been a lot of hype about session beers, but that's not why we made it. We made it because most of the people around here drink a lot of beer without really paying attention to the ABV, so it's probably best to tone a little bit," he says.

And that's why the Durango brewery created Rudie Session IPA, a hoppy low-alcohol beer that will debut this weekend at Sesh Fest, taking place at Sculpture Park in the Denver Performing Arts Complex. It will also be sold in twelve-ounce cans at liquor stores year-round.

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Beer calendar: Sesh Fest, Avery's anniversary and a pair of new cans

Dad & Dude's Breweria Facebook page
Dude's Brews, the packaging arm of Dad & Dude's Breweria in Aurora, has started canning two new beers: Leaves of Lemongrass, a light-bodied wit bier brewed with lemongrass, coriander and orange peel, and Riot Red Rye Ale, a spicy red infused with Lampong peppercorns from Indonesia. They should be available in local liquor stores next week, along with an existing beer, Dank IPA. Dude's was able to can the beers after raising $770,000 from investors; the brewery used the money to hire two sales reps to help expand its distribution and to design the artwork for the cans. All of the beers are being produced at Rockyard Brewing in Castle Rock using an alternating proprietorship agreement, which allows Dude's to use its fellow brewery's equipment.

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Great American Beer Festival 2014 tickets go on sale today; 700 breweries, 130 from Colorado

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Tickets to the Great American Beer Festival, slated for October 2, 3 and 4 at the Colorado Convention Center, go on sale to the general public today at 10 a.m. and will likely sell out within seconds.

The festival itself, run by the Boulder-based Brewers Association, continues to grow while the breweries and attendees continue to experience both growing pains and opportunities to experiment and try new beers.

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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp was the best festival of the summer that nobody went to

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Sierra Nevada Brewing didn't provide the double rainbow that arched across the sky above Civic Center Park last Friday. But the Chico, California-based brewery certainly took care of all the other details at Beer Camp Across America, a roving seven-city festival that will end in Mills River, North Carolina, on August 3.

There were celebrity brewers pouring their own creations, beers from more than 100 breweries, a mesmerizing circus-like marching band, tables, artwork, tulip glasses for tasting cups, a plethora of food trucks and restrooms -- all in Civic Center's stately, stunning setting between the State Capitol and the City & County Building.

As a result, Beer Camp may have been the best Colorado beer fest of the summer. But it was also fantastic for another, stranger reason: Hardly anyone came.

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Upslope head brewer Alex Violette leaving Boulder to start craft brewery in Vietnam

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Upslope Facebook page
Sam Scruby (left) will take over when Alex Violette (right) leaves for Saigon.
Upslope head brewer Alex Violette, who has been making beer for the Boulder brewery since early 2009, is leaving his post there to start his own place in Vietnam.

It's an unusual career choice to leave the center of this nation's brewing universe for a country where craft beer is virtually unheard of, but one Violette says he couldn't turn down. "They don't do craft beer in literally can't find an IPA there," he explains. "Which is why I am going over there. It sound like a great challenge."

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Beer calendar: Throw down at Grimm Bros., Sanitas, Avery and Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp

Powder Keg Brewing Facebook page
Powder Keg Brewing has opened in Niwot, where it's the town's second craft-beer maker; the location has a brewpub license (since it plans to serve food), which means it can also pour beers from other local breweries, including its neighbor, Bootstrap Brewing. Powder Keg plans to be open seven days a week, from 2 to 10 p.m.

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Call to Arms and Cannonball Creek brewing Peace & Assist -- not cease-and-desist

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Call to Arms Brewing Facebook page
Cross, Bell and Hutchinson brew Peace & Assist.
"You talk to any brewery, old or new, and they will tell you a story about how another brewery helped them out," says Chris Bell. "Everyone helps each other along. We want to celebrate that and celebrate what makes this industry great."

That's the idea behind a collaborative brewing effort between Cannonball Creek Brewing in Golden and Call to Arms, a future Denver area brewery being planned by three former Avery Brewing staffers: Bell, Jesse Brookstein and Jon Cross.

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Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across America lands in Denver on Friday

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California's Sierra Nevada Brewing, the nation's second-largest craft beer maker, is nearing completion on a second production facility, this one near Asheville, North Carolina. And to celebrate, company founder Ken Grossman wanted to turn the spotlight on the craft brewing industry as a whole, rather than on Sierra Nevada by itself. With that in mind, the brewery has launched a three-week, seven-city road-tripping festival called Beer Camp Across America, which starts in Sierra Nevada's hometown of Chico and will end in North Carolina. But it stops in Denver on Friday, July 25.

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Finkel & Garf Brewing now pouring in Gunbarrel

All photos by Chris Utterback
Finkel & Garf Brewing Company opened this week in Gunbarrel, adding its taps to a growing list of neighborhood beer makers in the towns and communities surrounding Boulder. The brewery, owned by Eric and Dan Garfinkel, derives its moniker derives from the lifelong nickname of both father and son. The two, along with brewer Mychal Johnson, opened the doors of Finkel & Garf on Monday, with ten beers on draft. Two more are slated to be tapped next week.

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