Your Ticket to Paradise: The Mount Fuji Cocktail by Ace's Randy Layman

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Kevin Galaba
If you're stressed about traveling this holiday season, try this: head to Ace for a ticket to a remote Pacific island. That ticket is a tiki-inspired cocktail created last week by bar manager Randy Layman, who calls it the Mount Fuji. It's his latest addition to Ace's cocktail menu, and it evokes the refreshing, coconut-infused libations perfect for sipping while swinging in a hammock. And that little vacation will only cost you ten bucks.

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Death & Co.'s David Kaplan Visits Denver to Promote His New Craft Cocktail Book

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Kevin Galaba
Death & Co. owner David Kaplan, with his new cocktail book, at The Source Monday night.

On Monday night, RiNo Yacht Club hosted David Kaplan, owner of legendary craft cocktail bar Death & Co., who made Denver a stop on a 15-city tour to promote his new mixology how-to book. Kaplan's book, named after his bar in Manhattan's East Village, was published in October and, at 320 pages, contains 500 cocktail recipes, along with various tips and tales from one of the bars that helped to fan the flames of a renewed interest in cocktail culture.

"Denver is certainly inspiring," he says, after a brief tour of some of the city's most creative cocktail destinations. "People here are doing some great stuff."

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Captain Chunk Blends Rum, Squash and Pirates at Squeaky Bean

Kevin Galaba

Captain Chunk at the Squeaky Bean
1500 Wynkoop Street

Captain Chunk ($10) is a boozy, rum-based cocktail on Squeaky Bean's Autumn drink menu. It's no coincidence that the drink shares a name with a character in the 1985 Steven Spielberg movie The Goonies. "We name our drinks after old movies and television shows," says bar manager Minetta Gould. "Right now, the theme of our seasonal cocktail list is The Goonies."

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Session Kitchen Bartender Haylee Ortiz Creates a Teargarden

Kevin Galaba
Teargarden at Session Kitchen
1518 South Pearl Street

When Session Kitchen reformatted its cocktail program last month, lead bartender Haylee Ortiz was charged with the task of creating a specific cocktail. Her guidelines: it must be a sipping cocktail that suggested flowers, and it must contain mezcal. Ortiz, who has been bartending at Session since it opened in the former Izakaya Den space last October, came up with the Teargarden. She took the name from one of her favorite rock bands, but the name also refers to the concept behind the cocktail: the last days of a vibrant garden as the season turns to winter.

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Williams & Graham bartenders Jason Patz and Ali Widdecombe finalists in USBG World Class battle

Allison Widdecombe and Jason Patz, both of Williams & Graham, are finalists in the USBG World Class competition.

Last night, in Los Angeles, Jason Patz and Allison Widdecombe, both of whom are behind the stick at Williams & Graham, emerged as finalists in World Class 2014, the esteemed United States Bartending Guild cocktail competition that's sponsored by Diageo, the world's largest producer of spirits, including Johnnie Walker, Baileys and Smirnoff.

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The new Rooftop deck at Coors Field is chock full of booze and views

Dick Monfort talks shop on the Rooftop.
Baseball fans are in for a few new treats when they return to Coors Field this weekend -- although if they're not careful, those treats will get the fans too drunk to remember what they were.

Team owner Dick Monfort led several dozen media members on a walking tour of the stadium on Wednesday and showed off the upgrades. The most noticeable is a change in the look and design of the food and beverage vendors. The facings have all been given a sleek, almost retro, feel that adds to the overall aesthetics of the ballpark.

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Ryan Conklin tapped as the beer-whisky chief of Argyll and Griffin, Robert Thompson's new ventures

Lori Midson
Local master of beer Ryan Conklin.

Sergio Romero, John Broening, Anika Zappe, Andrew Parr -- all big, bold industry heavyweights who have shared in the success of restaurateur Robert Thompson, owner of Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar and Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink , which originated in Denver and now has a second location in Portland and two more on the horizon in Austin and Detroit. And with Thompson's forthcoming openings of Argyll Whisky Beer in Uptown and Griffin, a German beer hall in RiNo (3001 Brighton Boulevard), he's adding two more prominent names to the staff lineup: beer monarch Ryan Conklin and front-of-house duke Steve Kingsbury.

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CapRock Farm Bar at the Source will pour its last drink on Friday

Lori Midson
Jack Rabbit Hill and Peak Spirits founder Lance Hanson.

Six months ago, in September, Lance Hanson was mingling with crowds and enjoying a cocktail made with CapRock organic gin -- his gin -- at the Source; it was the first night that CapRock Farm Bar was pouring cocktails, and Hanson, the founder of Peak Spirits, the Hotchkiss-based distillery under which CapRock gin (along with vodka and brandy) is made, was feeling the pulsating energy.

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Trillium celebrates Jeff Osaka's James Beard Award nomination with a cocktail tribute

The negroni Osaka, in honor of twelve owner-chef Jeff Osaka, who is a James Beard Foundation semi-finalist.

Earlier today, we announced that several local chefs and restaurants were nominated for a James Beard Foundation award -- and that coveted roster includes Jeff Osaka, chef-owner of twelve, who recently just celebrated the Ballpark restaurant's fifth anniversary. And now, Ryan Leinonen, chef-owner of Trillium, which is just a few doorstops down from twelve, wants to acknowledge the chef's nomination with a little extra glitter, namely a cocktail in Osaka's name.

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25 things you never knew about Michael Reilly, bartender at the Matchbox

Micheal Reilly, bartender at the Matchbox.

As Westword's Ask the Bartender columnist, I've talked with many bartenders for Cafe Society's "Behind the Bar" series, posing numerous questions to Denver's top bartenders...and often receiving the same answers: "I love chartreuse," or "I'm really into smoked cocktails/barrel aging/bottled cocktails."

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