Honest Tea tests Denver's honesty on a hot day

Photos by Natalie Gonzalez
Man + suit + sunglasses + paid = honest.
Honest Tea just finished testing Denver's honesty. On Tuesday, two mysterious kiosks on the 16th Street Mall (see above) were stocked with bottles of cold tea, along with a sign asking hot and thirsty mall-walkers to put a dollar in the cash box if they wanted to enjoy some tea. Nobody was watching the kiosks...or were they?

Honest Tea representatives were indeed looking on, working undercover to analyze Denver's honesty. Although the data isn't in, it seemed that the kiosk by the World Trade Center was doing a big business in both tea and honesty. A second kiosk was put up at 16th and Arapahoe streets later in the day.

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Downtown Sheraton puts homegrown, organic mint in its mojitos

Photos by Natalie Gonzalez
Executive Chef Scott Skomal with his tomattoes.
Already the biggest hotel downtown, the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel is now one of the greenest as well. This past spring, the Sheraton received the Watts to Water award for "Greatest Improvement in Efficiency," as well as an Xcel Energy "Management Systems Achievement" award, thanks to the efforts of its green team. "Sustainability is a huge concern here," says Susan Stiff, PR director for the hotel.

Now the Sheraton has added another level to its efforts...on the roof. An organic rooftop garden on the fifth-floor pool deck, which was planted in June, is contributing more than herbs and vegetables that will be used at the hotel. It also adds beauty and a fresh aroma to the pool deck.

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South Federal is Denver's best restaurant neighborhood

Click for a larger version.
South Federal Boulevard is Denver's best restaurant neighborhood, according to votes cast by the readers of Cafe Society.

In a poll that pitted South Federal vs. Lower Highland, South Federal came away with 53.48 percent of the vote when polls closed at 11:59 p.m. Sunday night. The weekend-long voting was the culmination of Cafe Society's Street 16 neighborhood tournament, which began with a bracket of sixteen neighborhoods.

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South Federal vs. Lower Highland: The Street 16 championship!

Click for larger version.
Cafe Society readers have narrowed the field of sixteen down to just two in our Street 16 neighborhood tournament. This week South Federal and LoHi face off after beating Boulder and Tennyson respectively.

So which is the single-best neighborhood for eating in Denver, South Federal or LoHi?

Vote below!

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Tennyson vs. Lower Highland: The Street 16 final four!

Lower Highland solidly won against Capitol Hill in the round of 8 in our restaurant neighborhood tournament, and Tennyson squeaked by the favorited Upper Larimer, due to some serious campaigning on social media.

In this match-up of Tennyson and LoHi, who you got? Vote below!

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Boulder and South Federal face off in the Street 16 final four

As we've been doing for a few weeks now, Cafe Society is out to find the single-best neighborhood for eating-out in Denver with our Street 16 tournament. Size doesn't matter, but restaurants do. We started with sixteen areas of metro Denver and now we're down to four.

In the first final four match-up, we pit Boulder against South Federal.

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The Street 16 final four is here!

Click for a larger version.
It's down to the final four neighborhoods in our Cafe Society reader voting tournament, with Tennyson catching the most attention from sideline gabbers and Boulder -- "hey, that's not a neighborhood!" -- narrowly beating out Highland West in the field of eight.

Below are the full results of our round of eight. Come back later today and tomorrow to vote in the final four.

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Vote in every Street 16 elite eight match-up right here!

We started with sixteen neighborhoods on our quest to find the single-best restaurant neighborhood in Denver. Now we're down to eight. And come Monday morning, we'll have our final four.

A few top seeds in our Street 16 restaurant neighborhood tournament were knocked out quickly (so long, Larimer Square!) while a few surprising turns -- like the support from Tennyson's denizens -- have kept the comments rolling in.

Vote in four match-ups below! You have until 11:59 p.m. Sunday night. Next week, we'll roll out the final four 'hoods. Thanks for playing along and keep the comments coming.

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Capitol Hill and LoHi face off in the elite eight of our Street 16 tourney

The choice was easy for many Cafe Society readers last week when they voted for Capitol Hill to beat out the Bluebird district in the first round of the Street 16 tournament. Now Cap Hill goes up against burgeoning LoHi in this elite eight match-up. Industry folks, eaters and supporters: Now's the time to vote for your favorite 'hood.

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Upper Larimer vs. Tennyson: Which is the better 'hood?

Coming off a big upset of Larimer Square in the first round, the Tennyson neighborhood and its backers now face hot Upper Larimer (which also beat out establishment-favorite Cherry Creek) in the second round.

Below are our endorsements of each neighborhood, let us know which is the best with your votes.

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