Another Denver Chef Tastes Victory on Cutthroat Kitchen

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Caulden Jackson, a Johnson & Wales student and sous chef at the Early Bird in Westminster, braved a barrage of Halloween-themed challenges to take the top spot on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen. The Texas-born father of two did everything from bob for eggs to cook cricket stew on a shovel, yet he still managed to beat out three other challengers and join fellow Coloradan Dakota Soifer in the Cutthroat Kitchen hall of fame. In advance of the episode airing this weekend on the Food Network -- at 8 p.m. October 25 and 11 p.m. October 26 -- Westword spoke with Jackson about how he overcame his nerves and clinched the cash prize.

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Food Network Star in Denver

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Hosea Rosenberg to Serve Breakfast in Blackbelly Market's Parking Lot Until Restaurant Opens

Blackbelly Market.
Blackbelly Market's food truck, "Darth Tater."
Hosea Rosenberg is a pretty big name in the area, ever since he won season five of Bravo's Top Chef. That's why residents who may not otherwise follow the Front Range restaurant scene are still interested in Rosenberg's soon-to-open Blackbelly Market, a restaurant, market and butcher shop that will focus on meats from his own Blackbelly Farms. No stranger to promotion, Rosenberg is giving his fans a sneak preview by serving breakfast in the Blackbelly parking lot from his food truck, which he calls "Darth Tater," starting Monday at 7 a.m. until the food runs out each morning.

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Cafe Aion Chef Dakota Soifer Wins on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen

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Cutthroat Kitchen screengrab

Colorado restaurants have had their fair share of interest from the ever-popular Food Network in recent years, and more than one of our chefs have competed head-to-head with other chefs on deathless competition shows like Top Chef. Now our state can crown another TV champ: Dakota Soifer of Boulder's Cafe Aion, who dodged rivalries and double-crosses to win on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen.

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Hosea Rosenberg Stacks "America's Better Sandwich" Contest

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Lauren Monitz
It's been a busy month for Hosea Rosenberg, the Top Chef season five winner who's hoping to open his Blackbelly Market restaurant in Boulder next month, but took time out to team up with Sea Cuisine, a New York based fish company, in a taco demonstration at Coors Field last week, and now is working with Oroweat Bread on the first-ever "America's Better Sandwich" contest for National Sandwich Month.

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Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg opening Blackbelly Market in Boulder

Lori Midson
Bitter Bar owner James Lee will consult on Black Belly Market, Hosea Rosenberg's new Boulder butcher shop and restaurant.

For the past few years, Hosea Rosenberg, who won the Top Chef title -- and $100,000 for his victory -- on Season Five of the Bravo reality show, has focused his time on growing Blackbelly Catering, a full-service events and catering company that sources most of its ingredients from Blackbelly Farm, Rosenberg's leased, five-acre parcel of land in Lafayette, where he grows produce and raises five different breeds of pigs, several herds of Blackbelly lambs, plus chickens, ducks and rabbits.

And in 2011, when Rosenberg, with the help of Bitter Bar owner James Lee, launched Blackbelly Catering, part of the plan was to also open a restaurant. "We're actively looking for a space, and this time next year, we'd love to be cooking -- and serving -- 90 percent of what we raise and grow," said Rosenberg, when I interviewed him in November of that year.

The search for the right space took longer than expected, but Rosenberg finally inked a deal in January, and in mid-July, pending permits and construction timelines, he'll open Blackbelly Market in Boulder, in the same complex as Wild Woods Brewery and withing walking distance of several more breweries, including BRU, Fate, Avery and Upslope.

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Video: Pantaleone's clam linguine is "absolutely dreadful," quips Gordon Ramsay in season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay, host of Kitchen Nightmares, pans the pasta at Pantaleone's.

In July of last year, Gordon Ramsay, the caustic chef and FOX TV food personality whose standard vocabulary -- at least on his shows -- is predominantly a string of F-bombs, typically flung in the fearful faces of chefs who seemingly don't know the difference between scalding and sauteing, touched down in Denver, along with a film crew, to document the kitchen calamities of Pantaleone's Pizza, a Denver institution that has long insisted its pizza is "Denver's Best."

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Acorn, Oak's Steven Redzikowski nabs Food & Wine's People's Best New Chef Southwest crown

Lori Midson
Steven Redzikowski, along with his team at Acorn, have a lot to celebrate.

Steven Redzikowski was having lunch with his parents in Boulder when his phone beeped. "My mom and dad and I were having lunch at Brasserie Ten Ten in Boulder, and then I got the text," says Redzikowski, executive chef of Acorn at the Source and Oak at Fourteenth in Boulder. The text, which came from Bryan Dayton, Redzikowski's partner in both restaurants, shouted all caps: "YOU WON THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!! CONGRATS!!!!"

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Cast your vote for Acorn/Oak at Fourteenth's Steve Redzikowski, a Food & Wine magazine "people's best new chef" nominee


You'll find plenty of foodniks singing the praises of Oak at Fourteenth, the lauded restaurant that Steve Redzikowski and Bryan Dayton opened in Boulder in 2010 -- and again in 2011, following a crushing fire. And you'll find just as many ardent admirers of Acorn, the sequel to Oak that opened last year at the Source. I'm a huge fan of both restaurants and Redzikowski, with whom I chatted earlier this year for my weekly chef and tell interview, is a chef that shuns the spotlight -- and yet he keeps landing smack-dab in the middle of it, generating local and national accolades for his pure, honest cooking that's refreshingly absent of gimmicks and superfluous bullshit. And it appears that Food & Wine magazine has also taken notice of Redzikowski, because the glossy food title just named him a nominee in its annual "People's Best New Chef" competition, now in its fourth year.

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The Little Nell and Denver author Adrian Miller nab James Beard Foundation finalist spots

Thumbnail image for adrianmiller.jpg
Adrian Miller, aka the "Soul Food Scholar," was named a James Beard Foundation finalist for his book: Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time>/em>

Earlier this morning, hundreds of chefs, restaurateurs, journalists and restaurant-industry groupies were eyeballing their computer screens and mobile phones, anxiously awaiting the news, which was live-streamed from the Publican in Chicago, announcing who would make it through to the James Beard Foundation's finalists round, the nominees of which included seven Colorado restaurants, bars and chefs, along with one author: Williams & Graham (Outstanding Bar Program); Yasmin Lozada-Hissom, Spuntino (Outstanding Pastry Chef); Frank Bonanno (Outstanding Restaurateur); The Little Nell (Outstanding Wine Program); Jorel Pierce, Euclid Hall (Rising Star Chef of the Year); Jeff Osaka, twelve (Best Chef, Southwest) and Alex Seidel, Fruition (Best Chef, Southwest); and Adrian Miller, executive director of the Colorado Council of Churches and author of Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time.

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Alex Seidel, Jeff Osaka and more Denver chefs among James Beard Foundation semi-finalists


Earlier today, in a live stream from Orlando, Florida, the James Beard Foundation rolled out its culinary red carpet of semi-finalists in several categories, including Outstanding Bar Program, Outstanding Pastry Chef, Outstanding Restaurateur, Outstanding Wine Program, Rising Star Chef of the Year and Best Chef, Southwest -- all of which are award categories that trumpet at least one Colorado chef or restaurant.

Last year, Jennifer Jasinski, exec chef-owner of Rioja, Bistro Vendome and Euclid Hall strutted home with the Best Chef, Southwest James Beard award, while Frasca Food and Wine took home the Outstanding Wine Program award.

Flip the page to see who's vying for this year's prestigious medallions.

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