Reader: More Hipster Doughnuts -- Just What the World Needs

Denver is rolling in doughnuts. Last year Dunkin' Donuts made a big comeback in Colorado, and Voodoo Doughnut opened its first shop outside of Oregon smack-dab on East Colfax Avenue. And now we're about to get another national name in the local market, albeit one of the worst names imaginable for what are reportedly very tasty doughnuts. Yes, Fractured Prune is on its way.

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Reader: Sunrise Sunset Is My Favorite Breakfast Spot, But the Coffee Is Awful

Danielle Lirette
Coffee's on right now at Sunrise Sunset.
While brunch has become a popular hipster meal, breakfast remains a meal for traditionalists. And it doesn't get more traditional than at Sunrise Sunset, a three-decade-old, three-spot chain that Gretchen Kurtz visited for this week's review. She found a lot to like at the Wheat Ridge location -- but not the coffee, even though it comes to your table in a big thermos.

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Reader: Denver's Beer Is Better Than Any Barbecue Here

Brandon Marshall
Since a reader labeled Denver's barbecue scene "atrocious," readers have poured out their ideas of where to go for good Texas-style, good KC-style, good Carolina-style 'cue. Still others have suggested that instead of worrying about barbecue, local diners should focus on what this city does well, including green chile. And what does Colorado do even better than green chile?

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Reader: Forget Barbecue -- Denver Should Play Up its Green Chile

The good times have rolled on from Krewe.
The news that Krewe Crescent City BBQ had closed, joining a long list of now-shuttered barbecue joints around town, prompted one reader to share his opinion that Denver's barbecue is "atrocious." That, of course, inspired other readers to defend their favorite 'cue spots around town. And still others suggested that it's time for Denver to celebrate the specialities that really work here -- barbecue definitely not among them.

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Reader: Denver's Barbecue Is Atrocious

Danielle Lirette
Pulled pork sandwich at Kings BBQ.
Krewe Crescent City BBQ closed last week, capping off what's been a tough year for Denver barbecue. We lost the last outpost of longtime favorite Big Papa's; Country Time closed its doors; Big Hoss left Tennyson. But there have been gains: Tennyson Street BBQ is now smokin' in Berkeley, Ragin' Hog just reopened in that neighborhood after an expansion of both the kitchen and its hours, Kings BBQ opened just to the north, and the northern suburbs have several worthy new barbecue contenders. But this reader is not encouraged:

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Reader: You Idiots at Westword Wouldn't Know Good Food If You Choked on It

Danielle Lirette
Inside Adelitas: No karaoke, but plenty of Christmas spirit.
This week Gretchen Kurtz reviews Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina, a welcoming spot whose deals are undeniable -- but a few dishes there could use some work, she says. Or not, respond readers. "Whoever wrote this is an idiot," writes one. "Maybe you should go to the doctor and get your tastebuds checked," says another. And then there's this:

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Reader: Green Chile Isn't Real Mexican Food, Anyway

Green chile-smothered slopper at Diego's on the 16th Street Mall.
The only thing hotter than good green chile? The discussion over which state has the better version -- New Mexico or Colorado. Mark Antonation is on a verde journey this month in Ethniche, and his recent visit to Tacos Jalisco sparked another round in the NM v. CO debate -- with an interesting side trip.

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Reader: Green Chile Might Have Been Born in New Mexico, But Denver Perfected It!

Mark Antonation is dreaming of a green Christmas, and so he's spooning up green chile all month in Ethniche. Yesterday his quest took him to Tacos Jalisco -- not that you're going to find Colorado-style green chile in Jalisco, Mexico. What you'll find at Denver's Tacos Jalisco is Colorado gravy, he writes, "the traditions of many different cooks, all simmered down into one viscous bowl." Those traditions come from many areas, including Mexico and New Mexico.

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Reader: Any Place Called Biker Jim's Should Not Sell Vegan Anything

Chelsea Keeney
Over the years Biker Jim's has earned a well-deserved reputation for its meaty offerings -- but as our new Veggie Girl, Chelsea Keeney, discovered last week, the vegan dogs have real bite, too. And as an added bonus, you can grab one of these dogs in the wee hours at the brick-and-mortar location in the Ballpark neighborhood, which serves until 3 a.m.

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Reader: Raising the Minimum Wage Will Lead to Layoffs and Restaurant Closures

Photo by Bryan MacCormack/Left In Focus courtesy of SEIU Local 105
Two years after New York City fast-food workers sparked a nationwide movement for higher pay and rights on the job, Denver fast-food workers walked off the job last Thursday, joining strikers from fast-food and other industries in 190 cities nationwide, calling for $15 an hour and union rights. The focus of Denver's protest was the McDonald's on the 16th Street Mall.

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