Reader: Some Punkass Olive Garden Server Cut Me Off After Two Glasses of White Zin

Olive Garden has had a tough month. Its new, "Never Ending Pasta Pass" promo was mocked by everyone from Jimmy Kimmel to Red Eye; more ominously, Starboard Value, an investor that's trying to gain control of Darden Restaurants, Olive Garden's owner, at the annual meeting October 10, slapped the chain with a nearly 300-page book on how the company is screwing up. Adding insult to injury, Jenn Wohletz offered her own five ways Olive Garden needs to get its act together.

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Reader: Johnson's Corner Cinnamon Rolls Are Big, But Taste Horrible

Johnson's Corner cinnamon roll.
The news that Johnson's Corner, the iconic truck stop just north of the Berthoud exit on I-25, will soon be sold to TravelCenters of America drew many cries of "noooo" and "Welcome to corporate America." Members of the founding family -- Joe Johnson opened Johnson's Corner back in 1950 -- promise that the place will be business as usual and that the renowned cinnamon rolls will stay...but some folks are ready to say so long to those, too.

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Reader: Remember When There Were Only Six Burger Joints? Those Were the Days!

Mark Antonation
Inside the new Sunnyside Burger Bar.
Sunnyside Burger Bar opened yesterday on the corner once occupied by Longo's Subway Tavern in LoHi, or Sunnyside, or Highland, or the Northside, depending on what map and history book you're consulting. The burger joint is another venture by Larimer Associates, whose COO, Joe Vostrejs, has deep roots in Denver. But that -- and big, fat burgers sided by Colorado craft beers -- are not enough to keep all the quibblers quiet.

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Reader: Relax, Nobody Is Going to Give Pot Edibles to Your Kids on Halloween

Yesterday our Latest Word blog reported that the Denver Police Department says calls have already started coming from parents concerned that their kids will be slipped pot edibles while trick-or-treating on Halloween. In a DPD podcast, the officers advise parents to talk to their children about not eating anything until a grown-up has a chance to inspect it, as well as to take a close look at the packages themselves, since marijuana edibles are required to list THC content -- and some wrappers have been known to resemble better-known candy brands. They do not point out how much pot edibles cost -- which should allay those parents' fears pretty fast.

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Reader: Whenever a Transplant Tells Me There's No Good Barbecue, I Tell Them to Go Home

Wayne's Smoke Shack gets saucy.
After a month of eating barbecue, last week we served up our list of the ten best barbecue joints in Denver -- and the comments line has been smoking. "Wayne's is the best!" "Jabo's got robbed!" "Georgia Boys is yum."

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Reader: Beer Flights at DIA? They'll Need More Barf Bags!

With the Great American Beer Festival just a few weeks away, the gang's all beer -- and just about every spot in town is getting into the act. That includes Denver International Airport, which next week will introduce Beer Flights, a temporary beer garden in the main terminal where ten bucks buys you admission and two-ounce pours of ten Colorado craft beers. Sounds like just the thing to settle pre-flight nerves...or is it?

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Reader: White Americans Think Chipotle Is Real Mexican

Lori Midson
There are certain things people from Denver say all the time -- like, for instance, "This is the best city in the country, but please stop telling everyone!" So earlier this week, our Latest Word blog published the top ten things you never hear someone from Denver say. Number 5? "I wish I could find some decent Mexican food."

Our readers have plenty of things to say about that.

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Reader: Burger Joints Are the New Faux Irish Taverns

Sunnyside Burger Bar transformed the former Subway Tavern.
Sunnyside Burger Bar will open next week, in the completely rebuilt home of Longo's Subway Tavern, which closed two years ago. The news inspired the usual geographic nitpicking (Sunnyside actually starts on the north side of West 38th Avenue), the usual Northsider dissing of hipsters -- and one unusual observation on the sudden boom in burger joints....

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Reader: Dog-friendly Patios Are Fine, as Long as the Dog Drives Us Home

The dog days of summer are over, but dogs still rule at pooch-friendly patios around town. As of July 1, Denver has allowed dogs on restaurant patios -- and some spots, such as Racines , were happy to comply with the new rules. But diners are still divided about pets on patios.

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Reader: Bonanno Brothers Closes in Park Meadows -- Let Them Eat Papa John's!

Inside Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria.
Eighteen months ago, when renowned restaurateur/chef Frank Bonanno revealed that he was opening Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria in Park Meadows Shopping Center, Cafe Society readers had high hopes the venture would inject some local flavor in an area whose main dining options are outposts of national chains: Brio Tuscan Grille, California Pizza Kitchen, the Cheesecake Factory, Earl's, La Sandia, P.F. Chang's, White Chocolate Grill and Red Robin (which is at least based in Denver). Since then, Seasons 52 has opened in the mall, where it will soon be joined by Perry's Steakhouse & Grille. But Bonanno Brothers is no more.

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