Reader: There Is More Meat in the Comments Than Your Paper-Thin Analysis

Who would have thought that bottomless mimosa brunches would get so big in Denver? And who would have thought that our list of the ten best bottomless mimosa brunches would inspire not just lots of reservations for this post-Thanksgiving weekend, but more than a hundred comments? Including this doozy....

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Reader: Best Mimosas? What's Next? Best Ice Water?

Kristin Pazulski
The Lobby offers a tower of mimosas.
Denverites love brunch, and they really love brunch with bottomless mimosas. And lately, it seems like Denver has a bottomless number of restaurants offering this all-you-can-drink beverage. Last week, we served up the Ten Best Bottomless Mimosas in Denver, and we could hear glasses clinking all over town.

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The Ten Best Bottomless Mimosas in Denver

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Reader: Cherry Cricket Has the Best Burgers in Town!

Things go better with a burger at the Cricket.
Denverites love their burgers, and many of them really love burgers at the
Cherry Cricket
. That's what we heard from dozens of readers responding to one commenter's reaction when we included the Cricket on our list of the Ten Best Burgers in Denver; he called the seventy-year-old institution in Cherry Creek the most "overrated place ever."

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Reader: Not All Kids Suck at Restaurants!

Mark Manger
Sassafras is a good choice for both kids and adults.
Gretchen Kurtz just reviewed Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery, a new spot on East Colfax Avenue that's a great place to grab a fast, grown-up meal -- but also a good spot to take the kids. And while pizza and burger joints are often the go-to choices for family meals, Chop Shop isn't the only spot in town where both adults and children can enjoy a meal; Kurtz suggested four more family-friendly restaurants here. For some readers, that list became a guide of what to ignore.
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Reader: Cherry Cricket Is the Most Overrated Place Ever

Humboldt burger: The winner and still the chomp?
The Best of Denver is just four months away, and our Cafe Society crew has already started eating, and eating, and eating, to narrow down the field to the winners who will be announced on March 26, 2015. One of the most competitive categories is Best Burger, last year won by Humboldt. But will it win again?

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Reader: You Must Not Have Taste Buds If You Think Casa Bonita's Food Is Okay

Casa Bonita is a local landmark that celebrated its fortieth birthday this year. It's a quasi-Mexican village inside a suburban strip mall, and if you grew up in Denver, you definitely celebrated one (or more) of your own birthdays here. To mark the start of the restaurant's fifth decade, we sent Casa Bonita lover Bree Davies and videographer Andrew Bateman to capture the weird world that is Casa Bonita.

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Reader: Now I Have to Master Eating Ramen Without Wearing It

Mark Antonation
Soup is good food: Tonkotsu at Sakura House.
On a very cold day last week, Mark Antonation used his noodle and served up a story on five different kinds of ramen -- and where to find them in Denver. The response was heated: Denverites love their ramen, and dished out plenty of opinions on where to find it in town.

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Reader: I Travel All Over, and Denver Is One of My Favorite Cities for Eating

You have to break a few eggs to expand our dining rep beyond the Denver omelette.
Last week Mark Antonation served up Ten Things Visitors Should Know About the Denver Dining Scene, including the crucial fact that this city's culinary contributions go far beyond the Denver omelette. Not only does Denver have great craft beer and bison, he points out, but it also has good very good seafood for a landlocked town, an active, diverse ethnic scene -- and a booming business in homegrown, fast-casual chains. But that didn't satisfy one reader, who branded the Denver dining situation "atrocious."

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Reader: I Haven't Had Time to Ignore the Last Fifty Breweries to Open...

Fermaentra Brewing, Alpine Dog and Locavore Beer Works are all opening this weekend, all part of the continuing boom in the craft-beer business. By the end of the year, there could be fifty breweries operating within Denver city limits, with many more in the surrounding suburbs. But could this be too much of a good thing?

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Reader: Colorado Has Some of the Worst Mexican Food I've Ever Tried

Pete Turner will open his seventh Illegal Pete's store for breakfast at 7 a.m. today; this one is in Fort Collins. The homegrown chain got its start in Boulder almost twenty years ago, around the time that Qdoba launched and a few years after Chipotle made its debut on East Evans. The controversy over the Illegal Pete's name has been focused on words and their meaning. But one reader is more concerned with what lands on his plate.

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