Reader: Drunk or sober, there's no shame in eating at Tacos Rapidos

There's no shame in eating this!
After Mark Antonation reached the end of the Federal line with a stop at Viva Burrito, a reader weighed in with the best time to eat at Viva Burrito -- when you're drunk and without shame. Which prompted many other suggestions of the best places to eat when you're drunk and have no shame: Pete's Kitchen. Tom's Kitchen, Barricuda's, which just celebrated its twentieth birthday. And the crowd favorite? Tacos Rapidos.

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Reader: The Braun space is cursed, I tell you!

Danielle Lirette
Braun Taphaus & Grille moved into the former Archive Room last fall.
Just a few days after the Archive Room closed in Olde Town Arvada, the Bar-On family took on the space, which was right across from an Udi's Pizza Cafe & Bar, one of nine restaurants in the family's homegrown empire. But for the new space, they chose a new concept: a sports bar with an Austrian accent, reflecting the family's heritage. But when Gretchen Kurtz recently reviewed Braun, she found the concept less than successful.

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Reader: My favorite place for brunch is nowhere, 'cause I hate the idea of "brunch"

Lori Midson
One of the delicious reasons Fooducopia won Best Brunch in Denver.
The forecast is sunny, at least for tomorrow, so diners all over Denver are already making plans for brunch, this city's favorite meal. After the Best of Denver 2014, in which we named Fooducopia the Best Brunch, we served up our list of the dozen best brunch spots in Denver -- and in responses readers delivered many alternative suggestions, hinted at secret breakfast spots where there's never a wait, mocked the "hipster douchebags" who line up for brunch, and even delivered a smackdown to the brunch concept itself.

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Reader: Viva Burrito is good drunk food when there is no shame left to be had...

New stop, Adams County?
More than fifteen months after he started eating his way up Federal Boulevard, Mark Antonation finally reached the end of the line -- the border between Denver and Adams County. In this week's A Federal Case, he writes about his final stop, a visit to both Rico Pollo and Viva Burrito, and judging from some reader comments, he's lucky to have survived. The end, indeed.

See also: Vivo Burrito and Rico Pollo -- you already know how this will end

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Reader: Bring back Mr. Steak, Denver Drumstick or White Spot!

Vintage Mr. Steak postcard: Pleased to meat you!
A black hole at 2200 South Broadway has swallowed another restaurant: an outpost of Zocalo. The building that was once home to Mr. Steak has housed a succession of unsuccessful spots over the last decade, and the news of yet another closure prompted one reader to suggest that it's time to bring back Mr. Steak, or another blast from the past....

See also: Zocalo closes South Broadway location

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Reader: Can't wait to have a beer on that awesome Wash Park patio!

While residents and users of Washington Park gear up for a fight over the proposed ban of 3.2 beer -- the only alcohol allowed -- from the park, another site of strife in the neighborhood seems relatively calm. It's been a couple of years since Brown Dog Pizza finally gave up on opening a pizza place in a former mechanic's garage at 1001 South Gaylord Street; instead, that spot became home to Il Vicino, a New Mexico-based pizza joint. But Il Vicino recently went dark, and now Jean-Philippe Failyau, owner of Park Burger and Park and Co., has taken on the space for a new concept: Homegrown Tap & Dough, a "family-friendly place with wood-fired, thin-crusted classic and modern pizzas, pastas, antipasto, salads, a couple of main dishes -- think brick chicken -- and a great beer program."

See also:
-Homegrown Tap & Dough replacing Il Vicino in Washington Park
-Washington Park alcohol ban pushed to address "drunken, belligerent behavior

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Reader: You can't open TexMex in Colorado...

Nothing rusty about these tacos...
There's no shortage of Mexican restaurants in the Denver area -- and especially not in Aurora, where storefront taquerias and seafood spots seem to pop up every day on East Colfax Avenue and South Havana. But does Denver have enough TexMex restaurants? Not according to fans of Rusty Taco, a Texas-based chain named for one of its founders, not the state of its food, that opened its first Colorado outpost in a former Old School Burger location in Aurora last week.

See also: Rusty Taco opens in Aurora

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Reader: Rockies could spend money on pitching...or a party deck!

Brandon Marshall
It's Opening Day, and Coors Field has a new amenity. No, not a pitching staff, but the $10 million Rooftop, a two-story deck that features a Tavern Ballpark with a bar 52.80 feet long, as well as an outpost of CHUburger. And on a lower level, there's a Rio Grande location pouring those very potent margs, as well as a Marley coffee stand. It's all part of an effort by the Colorado Rockies to bring more local flavor into the ballpark...and maybe collect a little more cash before the end of the game.

See also: Rooftop deck at Coors Field

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Reader: At brunch I see hipsters, yuppies, families, hungover people, all kinds of folks

Fooducopia serves up Denver's Best Brunch.
If you live in Colorado, chances are good that brunch is your favorite meal -- whether you're a yuppie, hipster or human who eschews labels. And metro Denver is full of great places to eat brunch, including Fooducopia, which just snagged the Best Brunch award in the Best of Denver 2014. But we're fond of many other brunches around town, and last week shared our list of the Ten Best Brunch Spots in Denver, which inspired readers to offer their own suggestions...and opinions of hipsters.

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Reader: I used to love I'll have to find other options

Lori Midson
After nearly six years at WaterCourse Foods, last week exec chef Rachel Kesley was let go. "It's complicated, but ultimately it came down to direction," she says. "I always gave 150 percent to my job....I put my heart and soul into that place, and it's actually really sad." What will her departure man for Denver's mainstay vegetarian restaurant?

See also: After nearly six years as exec chef at WaterCourse Foods, Rachel Kesley gets the boot

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