Reader: Westword, you always go after servers!

Manners don't seem to improve with age. Since Sean Kenyon offered his list of the "Ten rudest things servers and bartenders do to guests to make them wish they'd never come in" two years ago, restaurant behavior has not improved, judging from the comments posted after we reheated and served his list yesterday. But while servers may still behave badly, so do diners...and commenters.

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Reader: Denver just isn't a really big pizza city

Lori Midson
Pizza at Virgilio's, our Best Thin-Crust Pizza in the Best of Denver 2014.
"Want to provoke a fight? Just start a discussion of where to find the best pizza in town." That was the intro to yesterday's list of the twelve best pizzas in Denver, and the fight got off to a fast start, with readers serving up many other favorites: Proto's. Pizza Alley. Pizza Republica. Big Bill's NY Pizza. The Oven. King Soopers?

But even with all those suggestions, one commenter isn't satisfied with Denver's offerings:

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Reader: Rachel Weisz is possibly sexy enough to turn me vegan

Just in time for Earth Day, PETA has released the finalists in its PETA's Sexiest Vegan Next Door 2014 contest, and Jeb Brovsky, a 25-year-old Lakewood resident -- when he's not playing soccer for the Montréal Impact of Major League Soccer -- is one of ten male finalists. "I am a fun-loving optimist and animal lover who just happens to kick a ball for a living," he says. And when he's not kicking a ball, he's fighting for animal rights, running his own non-profit called Peace Pandemic, and name-checking PETA on social media.

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Reader: I don't believe that Highlands Ranch residents will flock to eat healthy at LYFE

LYFE Kitchen
LYFE Kitchen -- the acronym stands for "Love Your Food Everyday" -- is a national chain that opened its first store last year in Chicago, but plans to add 250 locations across the country over the next five years. One of them will be in Park Meadows Mall, where a LYFE Kitchen is taking over the space vacated by California Cafe.

Nothing on the LYFE menu is more than 600 calories, and the dishes feature 100 percent grass-fed-and-finished beef and sustainably caught fish, as well as fresh herbs. But will residents of the southern 'burbs love LYFE?

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Reader: "Gourmet" burgers are overpriced disappointments

Lori Midson
Matt Stein at Bruxie: no waffling over burgers.
Matt Stein specializes in gourmet waffle sandwiches at Bruxie, but he's obsessed with cheeseburgers. "My ongoing discussion obsession with my partners about who makes the best burger was charming four years ago," he says in this week's Chef and Tell. "But who knew that it could go on as long as it has, and that so many quality burger joints would continue to open, and that each new spot would require repeat visits? Basically, each new place that opens up adds four pounds to my weight. If no more burger places open this year, I'd be grateful."

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Chef and Tell with Matt Stein of Bruxie

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Reader: Oshima Ramen was sorta Soup Nazi meets Mr. Miyagi

Reaction to the news that Noboru Muraishi has closed Oshima Ramen, the very authentic Japanese noodle bar that Jason Sheehan raved about in "Finding My Religion," has been swift, with diners wondering where they will get their ramen now -- and hold the dirt.

See also: After fourteen years, Noboru Muraishi closes Oshima Ramen

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Reader: Drunk or sober, there's no shame in eating at Tacos Rapidos

There's no shame in eating this!
After Mark Antonation reached the end of the Federal line with a stop at Viva Burrito, a reader weighed in with the best time to eat at Viva Burrito -- when you're drunk and without shame. Which prompted many other suggestions of the best places to eat when you're drunk and have no shame: Pete's Kitchen. Tom's Kitchen, Barricuda's, which just celebrated its twentieth birthday. And the crowd favorite? Tacos Rapidos.

See also: Where do you eat when you're drunk and have no shame? Viva Burrito!

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Reader: The Braun space is cursed, I tell you!

Danielle Lirette
Braun Taphaus & Grille moved into the former Archive Room last fall.
Just a few days after the Archive Room closed in Olde Town Arvada, the Bar-On family took on the space, which was right across from an Udi's Pizza Cafe & Bar, one of nine restaurants in the family's homegrown empire. But for the new space, they chose a new concept: a sports bar with an Austrian accent, reflecting the family's heritage. But when Gretchen Kurtz recently reviewed Braun, she found the concept less than successful.

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Reader: My favorite place for brunch is nowhere, 'cause I hate the idea of "brunch"

Lori Midson
One of the delicious reasons Fooducopia won Best Brunch in Denver.
The forecast is sunny, at least for tomorrow, so diners all over Denver are already making plans for brunch, this city's favorite meal. After the Best of Denver 2014, in which we named Fooducopia the Best Brunch, we served up our list of the dozen best brunch spots in Denver -- and in responses readers delivered many alternative suggestions, hinted at secret breakfast spots where there's never a wait, mocked the "hipster douchebags" who line up for brunch, and even delivered a smackdown to the brunch concept itself.

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Reader: Viva Burrito is good drunk food when there is no shame left to be had...

New stop, Adams County?
More than fifteen months after he started eating his way up Federal Boulevard, Mark Antonation finally reached the end of the line -- the border between Denver and Adams County. In this week's A Federal Case, he writes about his final stop, a visit to both Rico Pollo and Viva Burrito, and judging from some reader comments, he's lucky to have survived. The end, indeed.

See also: Vivo Burrito and Rico Pollo -- you already know how this will end

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