Burrito Fanatic Eats 250 Burritos in Two Years, Still Loses Illegal Pete's Eating Contest

Michael Odbert
Michael Odbert, on the left, at the Riot Fest Burrito Eating Contest.

Coloradans love burritos; both Chipotle and Illegal Pete's started their burrito empires here for good reason. But few people love them like Michael Odbert, burrito enthusiast, amateur burrito photographer -- he chronicles his love affair on an Instagram account dedicated to his burrito-filled meals -- and occasional competitive eater. Last night, for the second year running, he entered the Riot Fest burrito-eating contest hosted by Illegal Pete's.

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On a paleo diet? Caveman Cafeteria now delivers via FedEx

Caveman Cafeteria might have put the brakes on its food truck, but the paleo-centric company started by Army vet/standup comedian Will White is still on the move. Caveman Cafeteria, now under the motto "Where the Hunters Gather," is now delivering -- nationally.

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Del Taco closes in Boulder: Goodbye, Macho Burrito Challenge, goodbye Taco Tuesdays

Del Taco.jpg
Del Taco in Boulder is no more.
Since Dairy Queen's closure in 2006, the space at 1100 13th Street in Boulder has been a black hole for restaurants -- sucking the life out of them until they disappear altogether, leaving nothing behind but the faint smell of a working kitchen, a "For Sale" sign stuck to the window, and hordes of hungry college students, disappointed again. This space sucked in the 13th Street Cafe and the Kaddy Shack before that.

The latest to leave? Del Taco, whose Macho Burrito Challenge and Taco Tuesdays made it a favorite with students.

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Eating a three pound peanut-butter burger was the easy part at Rock Rest Lodge (VIDEO)

Having just put down a three-pound peanut-butter-bacon cheeseburger, my hands still covered in peanut butter, I stared at just less than a pound of fries, amazed at how much I hated the curly bastards and how slowly I was consuming them.

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West End Tavern's Wing King Challenge: Fifty wings in thirty minutes (VIDEO)

About 20 minutes into it.
I was about 25 wings into the Wing King Challenge at the West End Tavern -- fifty wings in thirty minutes -- when I realized I wasn't going to be able to finish the second half of the bucket of wings in the ten minutes that remained. I was starting to feel a strange sense of shame at being unable to complete this disgustingly gluttonous challenge when manager Chris Curtis stopped by to offer an oddly comforting bit of encouragement.

"At least your hands aren't shaking," he said.

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Oblio's Pizzeria offers an eating challenge with "28 inches of pure madness"

Open wide.
Oblio's Pizzeria, 6115 East 22nd Avenue, makes great pizza, and now the owners want you to eat it all at once. The Park Hill joint is offering an eating challenge that they call "28 inches of pure madness. Two people, one hour, no upchucking." If you pull it off, Oblio's -- known for its golf cart-driving customers -- will give you $100 bucks and initiate you into the Oblio's Hall of Fame -- for whatever that's worth. (We recommend spending at least some of the cash on the restaurant's awesome Sangrias.)

Want to take the challenge? Call 303-321-1511 to make a challenge reservation. Read about some of Denver's other eating challenges here.

Pain and suffering after eating the "Nuclear Roll" at Osaka Sushi (Video)

Five. That's how many times the specials board describing the Nuclear Roll at Osaka Sushi said "very" before "spicy." Ten. That's how many ice cubes were on the plate owner Jay Chung gave me before I started inhaling this tuna roll topped with liquid fire. "Just in case," he said with a chuckle.

Thirty. That's how many minutes passed after I finished the thing before my mouth started to feel normal again.

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