First Look: Prost Fine Beers and Sausages now open in Highland

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The facade of the newly opened Prost on West 32nd
A new face is showing itself in the Highland neighborhood: Prost Fine Beers and Sausages is now open. Amid the trendy bars and hipster joints, Prost is an unassuming little beer hall tucked into West 32nd Avenue, taking the spot formerly held by Asian-Mexican spot BOA. Bedecked in dark wood with Bavarian-inspired touches, Prost may just fool you into thinking you're in Munich ordering a liter of Hofbräu at a long, bierhall-style table or in the large biergarten out back.

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Chop Shop, "a modern American grill with global influences," opens on East Colfax

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Courtesy of Chop Shop
On a stretch of East Colfax Avenue known more for Ethiopian cuisine and dive bars than for destination dining, Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery, a new take on fast-casual with a "steakhouse-inspired" menu, hopes to tap into the pent-up needs of Hale, Montclair and Park Hill residents. After opening soft for those neighbors over the past two weeks, Chop Shop held its official grand opening yesterday.

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First look: Ginza Sushi & Grill opens near the University of Denver

All photos by Lori Midson.
In Tokyo, Ginza is a famous shopping, entertainment and dining district. Across from the University of Denver, it's a full-service sushi restaurant at the new One Observatory Park, a multi-story shopping and residential building. The restaurant made its debut last weekend, and is now open daily for lunch and dinner; it features a full sushi menu as well as teriyaki and noodle dishes. Here's a taste of what you'll find at Denver's Ginza Sushi & Grill.

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First look: Homegrown Tap & Dough opens in Washington Park

Thumbnail image for Homegrown39.jpg
All photos by Lori Midson.
Considering the earlier problems that restaurants have had at 1001 South Gaylord -- a link in the Telluride-based Brown Dog pizza outfit never even opened because of neighborhood opposition, and although the New Mexico-based Il Vicino chain did start cooking here, neighbors complained about the smells emanating from the pizza oven -- the transition to Homegrown Tap & Dough was as smooth as the sauce on its pizzas. When Il Vicino turned off that oven in May (a second Il Vicino is still open in Littleton), Philip Failyou, owner of Park Burger, jumped at the chance to take it over for "a family-friendly place with wood-fired, thin-crusted classic and modern pizzas, pastas, antipasto, salads, a couple of main dishes -- think brick chicken -- and a great beer program."

He signed the lease in May and Homegrown Tap & Dough opened this past weekend. Lori Midson was there to photograph the action; keep reading for a taste.

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Table Top sets the table for tonight's soft opening

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Mark Antonation
Contractors put finishing touches on the exterior before the soft opening.
If you live in an area that you love but have to leave every time you want a quality drink or meal, you know how Sita Kedia and her husband, Dipesh Amin, felt as they looked around their East Colfax neighborhood, always feeling like something was missing. But rather than mope or drive to a hotter restaurant area, they and their business partners decided to do something about it. They found a location within a mile of their home that could become a place where neighbors could meet and share craft beer and food. The result is Table Top, a beer-centric American eatery with smoke-touched food from chef Brady Marcotte, late of Acorn and Oak at Fourteenth.

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LOCAL Eat + Drink freshens up the flood-damaged town of Lyons

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Photos by Matt Twing
The flood that raged through Lyons last fall left the town temporarily isolated from the outside world. So when the waters receded and the rebuilding began, restaurateurs and Lyons residents Katie Baum and De'Anna Duncan wanted to bring a new community space to Main Street, restoring some of what had washed away.

"We wanted to create an artistic space where we could educate people about the local food movement and the providers in the area -- and really just give back to this community that needed something so badly," Baum says. LOCAL Eat + Drink is a neighborhood eatery with an unyielding commitment to locally sourced ingredients, but it's also a place of education: your dinner tells a story of where it was grown, or your neighbor might tell you all about their life before they ask you to pass the salt.

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Sassafras now has a location in Capitol Hill -- with a liquor license!

Sassafras found a second home on East Colfax Avenue.
A second location of popular breakfast and lunch joint Sassafras opened last week at 320 East Colfax Avenue, bringing its laid-back yet inventive Southern-inspired dishes to Capitol Hill, and closer to home for many of the restaurant's devotees.

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First Look: Tofu House Korean Restaurant now open in Aurora

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All photos by Lori Midson
The little brick storefront tucked under a looming tan awning at Iliff and Havana isn't exactly an eye catcher. Perhaps that's why restaurants -- including Sumo Sushi and Seoul Dook Baegi -- haven't had much success gaining a foothold. Newcomer (at least to Denver) Tofu House is the latest to hang its shingle here, offering a modern, clean-lined interior and a menu of Korean classics and modern creations. A history of the company captured on a wall placard describes its beginnings in a Seoul neighborhood in 1962 and the more recent spread to the U.S., starting in Los Angeles and now here on the Front Range.

We stopped in at the restaurant, which is now open, to get a glance of the updated interior.

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First Look: Ella, a "fine diner" from the owner of Zoe Ma Ma, opens in Boulder

All photos by Lori Midson.

Even the co-owner of Boulder's best Chinese restaurant knows his limitations. "I knew that I had to come clean with a secret: I'm not Italian," quips Edwin Zoe, who, along with his mother, owns Zoe Ma Ma, a stellar Chinese restaurant in downtown Boulder and, up until quite recently, Radda Trattoria, a popular Italian restaurant in north Boulder, which Zoe assumed ownership of in December of 2012, after the original owner, Matt Jansen, sold the space. Last month, Zoe closed Radda, after realizing, he admits, that "preserving an Italian legacy" wasn't in his best interest.

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First Look: Salt & Grinder opens tomorrow in Highland

All photos by Lori Midson.

The perfect deli sandwich, says Frank Bonanno, goes something like this: "a ton of meat, sliced to order and paper-thin; shredded iceberg lettuce; paper-thin, sliced tomatoes; and a slightly crunchy, soft and toothsome hoagie roll." That's the kind of sandwich that Bonanno, who will open Salt & Grinder, a New Jersey-style deli, tomorrow in Highland, grew up eating in his home town of Demarest, New Jersey -- and it's the kind of sandwich that's also his muse at Salt & Grinder.

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