Our apple pot pie won second place at the Denver County Fair

Denver County Fair
Our apple pot pie looks even better with a ribbon next to it.
Yesterday, we told you about our pie -- a pot-infused Dutch treat -- that we entered into the Denver County Fair's new marijuana category. Today we received word that our stoner slice earned a second-place ribbon from the judges in the "Best Sweet Infused Recipe" category (other than brownies, that is, which have their own category).

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Photos: All aboard for the restaurants of Union Station

A Colorado craft-beer at the Terminal Bar is just the ticket.
Have you seen the renovated Union Station yet? If not, you might be the only one -- the place has been packed since the restaurants started rolling out, attracting everyone from suburban lookyloos to Alton Brown, who was eating at Stoic & Genuine on Wednesday. With the grand-opening festivities over, this weekend would be a good time to drop by the station, where you can grab an ice cream cone or a beer -- or maybe even a dinner reservation, if you're really lucky.

And there are still more to come: The Cooper Lounge is waiting for its furniture, and chef Alex Seidel is hoping to open his Mercantile right after Labor Day. In the meantime, we sent photographer Jake Shane to Union Station; keep reading for pictures that are sure to whet your appetite.

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Mistakes happen at restaurants -- it's what happens next that's more important

Mistakes happen -- that's part of life. So it's what happens next that matters most.

When mistakes happen in restaurants, I'm always curious to see how the front of the house will react. In my review of The Kitchen Next Door Glendale, I write about one such mistake, the time a busser splattered mussel broth all over my husband's shirt. "Oh, God! I'm sorry," he gasped, then walked away. The server didn't come by, nor did the general manager, which wasn't the reaction I would have expected from the Kitchen Next Door.

Turns out it's not what Nick Doyle, executive general manager of all three Kitchen Next Door locations, would have expected, either.

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Kolache Cabin again rolling in dough on South Santa Fe

Kolache Cabin.
It's been a wild ride since the Kolache Cabin rolled onto a vacant lot at Alameda and South Santa Fe Drive last month. The mobile food joint quickly found fans who'd been craving kolaches since the area's last major purveyor, Kolache Factory, closed a few years ago. But then last week, the Kolache Cabin itself disappeared.

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You'll go hog-wild for the barbecue sauce at Ragin' Hog

Danielle Lirette
When I eat barbecue, I often skip the sauce so that the meat's smokiness can come through. But when I do squirt on sauce, I don't always want the sweet, thick version that's common in these parts. Colleen Van Tuyl, chef-owner of Ragin' Hog BBQ, understands this. "Colorado is a state of transplants," says this mom-turned-business owner, herself a transplant from Little Rock. "North Carolinians want something completely different than what people from Kansas City want."

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Oskar Blues helps the Lyons and Longmont communities with Can'd Aid Foundation

Thumbnail image for OskarBluesGrowler.jpg
Oskar Blues is about more than just canned beer.
Kiernan Maletsky's cover story, "Rock On," focuses on the town of Lyons and the music scene's efforts to recover from last fall's devastating floods. Oskar Blues has played an instrumental role -- not only in the economic growth of Lyons, but in the recovery efforts there and in Longmont. Here's a little more detail on what the brewing and restaurant company has done in addition to supporting the music community through financial assistance, events and venues.

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Udi's updates restaurant names at all locations

Lori Midson
After doing business for twenty years under his first name, Udi Baron and his family sold Udi'sFoods (the gluten-free and granola portion of their bakery empire) earlier this year, and with it the name Udi's. The company held a contest to pick a new name for its cafes and bakeries, but instead selected three -- one for each of the food-service styles that operated under the Udi's banner. Although announced in April, they waited until this month to implement the changes.

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A Welcome Conference for restaurant managers would be welcome in Denver

Danielle Lirette
Jeff Osaka helped bring chefs together -- should there be a front-of-the-house gathering, too?
At a recent dinner, the plates were being cleared when a utensil dropped and broth splattered all over my husband's shirt. The busser apologized but didn't offer to pay the dry-cleaning bill. Neither the server nor the general manager came over, so the matter ended there, with my husband blotting stains as best as he could. This blunder, on the heels of some service mishaps I've encountered lately, left me thinking about hospitality, which has been in the spotlight recently, thanks to last month's Welcome Conference in New York.

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Update: Oskar Blues Liquids and Solids to reopen for lunch today

Oskar Blues Liquids and Solids was closed yesterday after noxious fumes sickened multiple employees during lunch service on Sunday. But management quickly found the source of the problem and is re-opening the Longmont restaurant today at 11 a.m. "Our first priority was the safety of our employees and guests," says Oskar Blues spokesman Chad Melis. "After that, we were able to fix the problem."

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Pizza and beer: A match made in heaven -- or somewhere lower?

Danielle Lirette
An unbeatable combination at LowDown Brewery + Kitchen.
At LowDown Brewery + Kitchen, which I review this week, pizzas make up nearly half the food sales, which can easily be chalked up to the crisp crusts and creative toppings that executive chef Brendon Flood heaps upon them, everything from pulled pork to pickles and ground beef. But I had a hunch there was more to the attraction between beer and pizza, so I reached out to Pat Fahey, one of seven Master Cicerones in the world and content manager for the Cicerone Certification Program, which doles out what might be thought of as associate, master's and doctorate degrees to beer-loving professionals around the world.

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