Berkeley Untapped takes over former wine bar on Tennyson

Mark Antonation
The bunker-like space on the ground floor of a condo building on Tennyson Street wasn't very lucky for former tenants. Tastes Wine Bar lasted five years in the spot, but fizzled along with then-owner Daniel Kuhlman's short-lived Wild Catch on East 17th Avenue, while the art bar that took its place barely registered on the neighborhood's radar. Now new owners with a modernized concept have moved into the space, quietly opening Berkeley Untapped on July 11 with a carefully chosen list of craft beers, small-batch whiskeys and wines by the bottle or glass.

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Harold's closes in Longmont, and Smokin' Dave's steps in

Lori Midson
After two years, Harold's and the Bayonet Room, the farm-to-table restaurant in Longmont's Best Western Plaza Hotel, served its final dish this past Saturday. Fortunately for hungry Longmont residents, the space is now being renovated for a new concept from Dave Oehlman, owner of the two Smokin' Dave's BBQ & Taphouse restaurants.

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Coffee at The Point adds a patio to historic Five Points intersection

Kristin Pazulski
The new patio at Coffee at The Point.
Coffee at The Point, has a new look: Owners Ryan and Donovan Cobbins installed an 800 square-foot patio on the East 26th Avenue side of the restaurant last week. The addition was a good move for the cafe, which is on a busy Denver intersection in Five Points but partially hidden under an apartment complex; Ryan says he hopes the new space will encourage light-rail riders to stop and spend some time there, joining the neighbors who already hang out there.

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Reader: Chipotle versus Taco Bell -- one serves tasty food, one serves fuel

Does this look tough enough to take on Chipotle?
While Chipotle has been on a roll, with a fantastic quarterly earnings statement, Taco Bell is making a serious effort to get a chunk of Chipotle's customers -- adding a Cantina Power Menu to its healthier Cantina Bell menu. But as Jenn Wohletz notes in her top five reasons why Taco Bell won't kick Chipotle's ass, Taco Bell just doesn't have the muscle to take on the powerful, homegrown Chipotle.

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The eternal flame of saganaki burns on at Pete's Greek Town Cafe

Categories: ethniche

Mark Antonation
So far in a month of eating Greek, I've come across some filling and wolfable short-order sandwiches at Yianni's, a fresher and lighter version of similar food at Melita's, and an old favorite in a newish location -- Yanni's in Greenwood Village -- that's putting out plates of what's as close to coastal Greek cuisine as you'll find on the Front Range. I've had a few dishes that just weren't very good and some sides that were all but inedible, like a bowl of stewed green beans at Chef Zorba's. And because July has an extra week this year, I made one last stop where I found almost all of the above in a single location on Colfax: Pete's Greek Town Cafe.

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Tasty Colfax will offer a taste of Colorado's most famous strip tonight

Categories: Culinary Events

Colfax is notorious -- not just here in Denver, but across the nation. But while the longest continuous street in America has enjoyed a somewhat shady reputation in the past, today Colfax offers an incredible blending of cultures and some of Denver's most unusual culinary experiences. Tasty ones, too.

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Top five reasons why Taco Bell won't kick Chipotle's ass

Categories: The List

Taco Bell has been making a serious effort lately to get a chunk of Chipotle's customer demographic and failing at it, but the Bell's new strategy to beat out Chipotle may be as ineffective as it is cunning. Taco Bell, piggybacking on its healthier Cantina Bell menu, is rolling out a new high-protein Cantina Power Menu aimed right at men, cheapos, paleo diet nuts -- and Chipotle's deep pockets.

Here are the top five reasons why Taco Bell just can't kick Chipotle's ass right now. Taco Bell gets two headpats for trying, but Chipotle is still gonna eat them for lunch.

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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp was the best festival of the summer that nobody went to

Categories: Beer Man

Sierra Nevada Brewing didn't provide the double rainbow that arched across the sky above Civic Center Park last Friday. But the Chico, California-based brewery certainly took care of all the other details at Beer Camp Across America, a roving seven-city festival that will end in Mills River, North Carolina, on August 3.

There were celebrity brewers pouring their own creations, beers from more than 100 breweries, a mesmerizing circus-like marching band, tables, artwork, tulip glasses for tasting cups, a plethora of food trucks and restrooms -- all in Civic Center's stately, stunning setting between the State Capitol and the City & County Building.

As a result, Beer Camp may have been the best Colorado beer fest of the summer. But it was also fantastic for another, stranger reason: Hardly anyone came.

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Row 14 pours its last glass in the Spire Building

Thumbnail image for Row142.jpg
Row 14 Bistro and Wine Bar showed early promise when it opened in the glitzy new Spire Building in 2011. Arik Marcus, the restaurant's opening chef, was getting press and praise almost before he'd made his first knife cut; a few months later, our restaurant critic at the time, Laura Shunk, found plenty to like. But business was always uneven -- the Colorado Convention Center location made the place feast or famine -- and Jensen Cummings, next up in the kitchen after Marcus's departure, soon moved on to open his own fast-casual meatball eatery. And now the restaurant is dark and the phone is dead.

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Photos: Good beer rained down at Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America last Friday

Categories: Photos

Brandon Marshall
Sunshine, clouds, a little rain and a double rainbow that led directly to a golden pot of craft beer entertained beer drinkers last Friday in Civic Center Park, where California's Sierra Nevada Brewing hosted its traveling Beer Camp Across America beer festival. Attendees found beers from more than a hundred breweries (mostly from Colorado), along with a multitude of food trucks, live bands and celebrity beer pourers from famous breweries around the country. Westword's Brandon Marshall was there, and brought back photos. Check out the a few scenes of beer-sipping fun below and then see our full Sierra Nevada Beer Camp slide show.

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