The 13 best dessert stops in Denver

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Shades of Yellow at Sugarmill
I've always had a sweet tooth, and was a baker long before I learned to cook -- or drive, for that matter. So you might think that I like every dessert I meet, but the opposite is true. If I had a dollar for every dried-out layer cake, leaden pie crust and gratuitously sweet concoction I've eaten over the years, I'd be rich. But in honor of this week's review of Sugarmill, here's a baker's dozen of great spots for desserts (in alphabetical order by restaurant) were worth saving room for.

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Croc's Mexican Grill closes in LoDo

The former home of Croc's Mexican Grill is now for lease.
Long before Coors Field opened in 1995, one of the first blocks of LoDo to be renovated was a line of turn-of-the-last century brick buildings along the1600 block of Market Street, which attracted pioneering restaurants like Brendle's, the Manhattan Cafe, Ivory's and Alexander Graham Bell's. Those were replaced by next generation spots: Brendan's (which moved out a decade ago, and is now at 404 Broadway, Sonoda's and Croc's Mexican Grill. But after almost two decades, Sonoda's dried up in February, and now Croc's Mexican Grill has closed, too.

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Guess where I'm eating cheap sushi rolls...that taste cheap?

Lori Midson

It's an attractive offer: all sushi rolls priced 50 percent off, all day long. But like a lot of things in life, you get what you pay for, and aside from the fact that the fish tasted faded and the rice was even duller, with no hint of the obligatory tang of vinegar, when I asked if freshly grated wasabi was available, the server looked at me as though I'd lost all my marbles. Short, curt answer: "No, it comes out of a bag." Truth be told, I'm inclined to wonder if the fish does, too.

Can you guess where I'm eating?

Special bonus: Anyone who gives the first correct answer to a Guess Where post -- on the Cafe Society blog, not on Facebook -- is entered into the contest pool, and every Monday, we select one lucky winner who'll receive a 2014 EatDenver dining deck, worth up to $520 in discounts at independent restaurants.

LYFE Kitchen -- where everything is under 600 calories -- opening in Park Meadows

Lori Midson

When I was in my late twenties and early thirties, I avoided eating meat. The reasons why aren't important, but looking back on that phase, I wish I'd chosen a different time in my life to go meat-free, because I was living in Chicago, where militant vegetarians were few and far between. This isn't to say that I ate particularly healthy. In fact, on my way to work each morning, my must-have habit was an egg McMuffin -- just egg and cheese -- from McDonald's. And sometimes, a hash brown. My metabolism was much better then; I was skinny -- super-skinny -- but I was still eating junk.

During those years, there was no True Food Kitchen or Native Foods Cafe, no Chipotle or Maoz Vegetarian, and certainly nothing like LYFE Kitchen (the acronym stands for "Love Your Food Everyday"), a restaurant that opened its first store late last year in, coincidentally, Chicago. And in mid-June, as part of an ambitious growth spurt that will spawn 250 locations nationwide over the next five years, LYFE Kitchen will open in Park Meadows Mall, in the space vacated by California Cafe.

The owners-operators of that location? Rachel and DJ Mitchell, a married couple who grew up together in Chicago and worked for McDonalds and McDonald's Corporation.

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Matt Stein, chef of Bruxie, pleads for a seat at Work & Class

Lori Midson

Matt Stein
1000 South Colorado Boulevard, Glendale

This is part two of my interview with Matt Stein, chef of Bruxie; part one of our conversation ran yesterday.

Most memorable meal you've ever had:
I had dinner in a seafood restaurant in Bari, Italy, with my partners, my wife and a couple of people who worked for us, and we wound up having about twenty courses, including fish species from both the Adriatic and Mediterranean: squirrel fish with the roe; a huge, wild, salt-roasted spigola; sea urchins; oysters; sea dates -- everything you can think of. Needless to say, we also drank too much, and the van we had rented almost got stolen, but aside from that, it was a dinner that was memorable to me on so many different levels.

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Sexy Pizza opens third location in Jefferson Park
Sexy Pizza in Jefferson Park.
Just in time for 4/20, a third Sexy Pizza has opened in Denver -- this one in Jefferson Park, at 2460 Elliott Street, right across the street from the new Jefferson Park Pub and what will one day be the home of Brian Laird's Sarto.

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Kayvan Khalatbari bankrolls comedy with pot and pizza

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Reader: Oshima Ramen was sorta Soup Nazi meets Mr. Miyagi

Reaction to the news that Noboru Muraishi has closed Oshima Ramen, the very authentic Japanese noodle bar that Jason Sheehan raved about in "Finding My Religion," has been swift, with diners wondering where they will get their ramen now -- and hold the dirt.

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The Taste in Fort Collins tonight, to help fight hunger

Categories: Culinary Events

The Taste -- not to be confused with the Taste of Fort Collins (the eighteenth annual edition of that event comes down June 13-14) -- will land in Fort Collins tonight. A benefit for the Food Bank of Larimer County, the Taste will feature food, drink and music -- but the real draw is the chance to reduce hunger along the Front Range.

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The twelve best stoner spots to cure the munchies in Denver on 4/20

Categories: Best of Denver

In Denver, 4/20 is a special holiday -- and no, we don't mean Easter. It's a day to partake in a certain herb that Coloradans seem to love. With parties all over the city and a big rally at Civic Center Park pushing legalization -- oh, wait --- well, a big rally pushing something, there are few better ways to enjoy a sunny Sunday than loading up a bowl. Since doing so is almost inevitably followed by cravings for cheap, delicious food, we decided to fill your basket with a dozen places where any stoner can satiate a case of the munchies.

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Duffeyroll Cafe is on a roll, with a new store off the 16th Street Mall

Duffeyroll Cafe, a Denver institution for close to three decades that's renowned for its cinnamon rolls, is opening its fourth Denver location at 16th and Blake streets today.

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