Butcher shop-and-counter takeover: a second Western Daughters will set up shop in the Source

Lori Midson
Kate Kavanaugh and her fiance, Josh Curtiss, are bringing butchery to the Source.

When butcher Kevin Klinger, one of the original tenants of the Source, Denver's airy indoor food-beer-wine-and-restaurant emporium in RiNo, closed Meat Head last month, there was, not surprisingly, a lot of interest in the diminutive square footage that shares real estate with Comida, Acorn, Babettes Artisan Breads, the Proper Pour, Crooked Stave and several more independent businesses that specialize in craft-driven culinary artistry.

And a pair of those interested parties, namely Kate Kavanaugh and her fiance, Josh Curtiss, the two of whom own Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe, a new-school, artisanal chop shop of saws, hatchets and butcher blocks, meat hooks and hand hooks, cut-and-slash gloves and chainmill aprons, whole beasts and beautiful cuts of meat, has been tapped to take over the butcher shop (and its counter) -- at least through August of this year.

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Colorado Mills food court expands its dining options

Shoppers at the Colorado Mills Outlet Mall in Golden will soon have several new dining options to choose from: The food court is slated to open three new restaurants next month.

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The Abbey Tavern slakes a thirst in one of Denver's restaurant deserts

Categories: Review Preview

Danielle Lirette
People talk about grocery-store deserts -- but what about restaurant deserts? Park Hill isn't exactly a desert, but it's pretty arid. Sure, there are some places to eat -- Solera, Tables and Oblio's, to name a few -- but openings are few and far between. That's one of the reasons why The Abbey Tavern has created quite a buzz.

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Photos: A delicious preview of Linger's new spring menu

All photos by Lori Midson.

"During the winter season, we hibernate inward," says Daniel Asher, culinary director of Root Down and Linger. But spring? Spring, he counters, "represents turning outward, feeling the sunshine on our skin and setting the tone for seasonality that takes us through the rest of the year." Spring, he adds, "gives us all an opportunity to eat food with beautiful tones and colors -- food that makes us feel energized, happy and free."

And Linger is celebrating the start of spring with a new menu -- and a collaborative kitchen crew that's no longer helmed by an executive chef.

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The twelve best pizzas in Denver

Categories: Cafe Society

Danielle Lirette
Pizzeria Locale's oven: This place is hot!
Want to provoke a fight? Just start a discussion of where to find the best pizza in town. First you have to weigh the merits of thin/thick crust. Then you consider geography, and the benefits of Connecticut, New York, Chicago and even St. Louis styles. But once you're done chewing over all the possibilities, you can't beat the following dozen locations* for the best pizzas in metro Denver.

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Reader: Rachel Weisz is possibly sexy enough to turn me vegan

Just in time for Earth Day, PETA has released the finalists in its PETA's Sexiest Vegan Next Door 2014 contest, and Jeb Brovsky, a 25-year-old Lakewood resident -- when he's not playing soccer for the Montréal Impact of Major League Soccer -- is one of ten male finalists. "I am a fun-loving optimist and animal lover who just happens to kick a ball for a living," he says. And when he's not kicking a ball, he's fighting for animal rights, running his own non-profit called Peace Pandemic, and name-checking PETA on social media.

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Dig this: a free movie for Earth Day!

Categories: Culinary Events


Most Denverites are familiar with the concept of sustainability, and Denver's culinary scene is quite eco-conscious. From homegrown chains like Chipotle to higher-end dining options, the Mile High City is full of restaurants that look for locally grown food sources that have minimal environmental impact. But even as the sustainable food movement grows, there's always room for more growth. Every year Earth Day is a reminder to keep fighting that good fight -- and eating good food. Here are two ways to do your part today.

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Will Lakewood's Jeb Brovsky score as PETA's Sexiest Vegan Next Door?

Categories: The Dish

Is Jeb Brovsky the sexiest vegan in America?
The race to find PETA's Sexiest Vegan Next Door 2014 is down to the wire, and Jeb Brovsky, a 25-year-old Lakewood resident -- when he's not playing soccer for the Montréal Impact of Major League Soccer -- is one of ten male finalists. "Being vegan has helped me greatly on and off the field," says Brovsky, who credits his diet with ending severe asthma and food allergies. "I have found that my recovery times between training sessions have decreased and my energy has increased."

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Ty Lyson, tattooed Nuggets point guard, stars in "Ink Not Mink" campaign for PETA

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Boulder Farmers' Market, week three: Salad days bring back memories of my mother

Categories: Cafe Society

Juliet Wittman
When I was little, my mother used to send me to the fishmonger to pick up fish heads and other piscine waste. This was during the postwar years in London, when food was on the ration and Englishwomen were struggling to make cakes out of dried egg powder and pretend cream from margarine, milk and cornflour. They got one egg a week per child (none for adults); used carrots as sweetener, sugar being almost unobtainable; and found dozens of uses for Spam. Fortunately, my mother was a country girl from Czechoslovakia, and she knew how to make do: She jellied pigs' feet, made risotto with chicken giblets (I swear, given a few handfuls of rice and some offal, my mother could feed multitudes), and cut whatever flesh could be salvaged from a calf's head. We not only never went hungry at our house, we ate deliciously -- except for the time I came home from school, glimpsed a poor denuded head on the kitchen counter, burst into tears and refused to eat for days.

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Project Angel Heart, burgers and a free movie on the culinary calendar this week

Categories: Culinary Events

Thumbnail image for Marczyk burger.jpg
This week's forecast looks warm -- especially with the twentieth annual edition of Dining Out for Life, a benefit for Project Angel Heart, on the calendar for April 24. But there are other opportunities to do good while enjoying good food this week; keep reading for a taste of culinary events around town.

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