Fractured Prune Doughnuts Set to Break Into the Denver Market

Doughnuts have become a big business in Denver since Dunkin' Donuts made a comeback in Colorado and Voodoo Doughnut opened its first non-Oregon store on East Colfax last year. Now a new national player in the fried-dough game is coming to Denver -- and it may just have the worst name of any eatery around. Fractured Prune Doughnuts, a chain out of Ocean City, Maryland, will open its first Denver shop on South Colorado Boulevard in late January or early February, according to a Fractured Prune spokesperson. The company has a story to go with that name, though, and a unique way of serving doughnuts.

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Happy Hour at the Truffle Table: Chairman of the Cheese Board

Categories: Happy Hour

Chris Utterback
Sure, Rob and Karin Lawler know cheese. The Truffle Cheese Shop on 6th Avenue became a foodie destination with the two forces of the Lawler's friendliness and their knowledge of good cheese and practices. But is it easier to go from being a cheesemonger to a dinnermonger than it is to make that a word? The Truffle Table, a casual charcuterie restaurant with an unconventional happy hour, manages to set itself apart from the LoHi hustle.

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Cafe of the Week: Spend the Day Hooked on Colfax

Categories: Cafe Society

Kristin Pazulski
Hooked on Colfax has coffee, tea, house made pastries, beer, wine and whiskey -- quite a treat!
When Malissa and Scott Spero came back to the states after a year of teaching in Korea, they were ready for a change. Before the trip, Malissa had worked at the China Center at the University of Denver and Scott was a graphic design student. "We realized we could do anything we want. We had quit our jobs and sold our car, and were basically starting from scratch," says Malissa.

While deciding what to do, the couple saw a for-sale ad on CraigsList for a Brazilian bookstore. Scott went and checked it out, loved it, and the couple put their savings into purchasing what would eventually become Hooked on Colfax. "It could have been a disaster," Malissa adds.

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The Fifteen Best New Restaurants in Metro Denver in 2014

Categories: The List

Danielle Lirette
The slow-cooked meats at Work & Class are a labor of love.
This year may have set a record for new restaurant openings in metro Denver. Trendspotting became difficult, as so much volume led to multiple variations of almost anything good, whether it was fast-casual service, tiny dining rooms, fried chicken, wood-fired everything, restaurants with their own attached markets, or simple typographical symbols representing a common conjunction (we're talking about you, ampersand). Still, our favorite new restaurants of 2014 started trends or elevated them to the highest form, rather than merely following the pack. Among them you'll find two fast-casual joints turning out creative and delicious dishes worth of fine-dining establishments, several kitchens relying on wood-burning ovens and grills, some of Denver's smallest bistros, a couple of eateries peddling house-made products from their own mini-markets -- and even a sprinkling of ampersands. Because whatever the trend, it's the chefs, restaurateurs and staff that truly make a restaurant great, not the concept -- or the typography. Keep reading to see (in alphabetical order) the fifteen best new restaurants of 2014.

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Reader: Sunrise Sunset Is My Favorite Breakfast Spot, But the Coffee Is Awful

Danielle Lirette
Coffee's on right now at Sunrise Sunset.
While brunch has become a popular hipster meal, breakfast remains a meal for traditionalists. And it doesn't get more traditional than at Sunrise Sunset, a three-decade-old, three-spot chain that Gretchen Kurtz visited for this week's review. She found a lot to like at the Wheat Ridge location -- but not the coffee, even though it comes to your table in a big thermos.

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Try Chocolate Raspberry Porter or Have a Hoppy Christmas Today

Categories: Culinary Events

Michelle and Kevin DeLange welcome you to the Canoe Room.
Sure, you have a lot to do today -- cook, shop, maybe even go to work. But that doesn't mean you don't have time for a beer. Or two. Or three. After all, when you down a local brew, you're also supporting Colorado's craft-beer industry. Keep reading for two of the more tasty options today.

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Crash 45 Hits the Wall, Will Close After Saturday

Brandon Marshall
After the Portulaca Cafe, a decades-old Slavic speakeasy in Globeville, closed in 2008, the White Owl moved in and transformed the space into a cozy dive bar. In 2011, metal artist Shane Evans took it a step further, dubbing the spot Crash 45 and making such improvements as expanding the patio, adding a room for music and DJs, fitting the space with his own works made from vintage motorcycle parts, recycled objects, discarded bicycles and old truck bodies, and putting a real chef in the kitchen.

It was fun while it lasted -- but Crash 45 is closing this weekend.

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Brik on York to Open in Former Movie House on Colfax

Mark Antonation
Over the last century, the space at 2223 East Colfax Avenue has been a movie theater and a watch-repair shop and not much else. But the watch shop closed earlier this year when the 92-year-old owner retired after four decades in business, and wine aficionado Travis Gee decide it was time for something new. With a level-two certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers and extensive travels in many of the world's great wine-producing regions, Gee realized he wanted to share his knowledge and travels by opening a wine bar with a neighborhood vibe and a wood-burning pizza oven. Construction on his new eatery, Brik on York, began earlier this fall; he plans to have the doors open to the public by March of 2015.

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Elitch Lanes Sold, Yard House Intruder Charged, Source Bathroom Mystery Solved

Elitch Lanes, a mainstay in Berkeley, has been sold, our Show and Tell blog reports this morning. Cal Eichinger, who's owned the bowling alley for thirteen years, hopes to relocate somewhere nearby. And in the meantime, the building at 3825 Tennyson Street that Elitch Lanes will vacate in May has been sold -- but not to Punch Bowl Social, although that's certainly been rumored. Punch Bowl owner Robert Thompson, who's busy opening a spot in Detroit, had definitely been looking at the space, but says the landlord told him another group made an offer that was "too good to even ask me to counter."

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Beer Calendar: Doughnuts, Eggnog, Peanut Butter and Raspberries Are in Your Beer

Ken Hamblin
Breweries opened at a rate of 1.5 per day in the United States in 2014. Broomfield's 4 Noses Brewing, which debuted in May, was just one of them.
New breweries opened at a stunning rate of 1.5 per day across the United States in 2014, bringing the total number to more than 3,200 by the end of November, according to the Brewers Association, the Boulder-based trade group that covers the craft-beer industry. And there are another 2,000 breweries currently in planning.

The volume of beer produced also rose by 18 percent over the first half of 2014, led by IPAs, which continue to be the most favored craft=beer style. "According to retail scan data, IPA is up 47 percent by volume and 49 percent by dollar sales, accounting for 21 percent volume share of craft and 23 percent dollar share of off-premise beer sales," the Brewers Association said last week.

And finally, roughly 38 percent of U.S. households bought a craft beer in 2014, up from 29 percent in 2010. And while a lot of those purchases were made by men, women -- in particular, women aged 21-34 -- made up 32 percent of craft-beer volume.

Turn the page to see all of this week's craft-beer events.

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