The Big Wonderful Is the Ultimate Patio Experience

Kristin Pazulski
The Big Wonderful unites music, food, craft beer and lawn games to create a fabulous outdoor party.

I've lived in Denver for four years and in that time we've never had a traditional autumn. By traditional I mean a crisp, cool, bright falling-leaves, East Coast-style fall. So I took full advantage of this nostalgic (to me) weather, and went to The Big Wonderful at Sustainability Park last weekend.

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Kobe An Closes in Lakewood, Will Resurface in Cherry Creek

Categories: Review Preview

Kobe An will bring its sushi to Cherry Creek North.
Changes are afoot -- er, make that afish -- at Kobe An. This past weekend, the long-running Japanese restaurant served its last meal in Lakewood, shutting down prior to an upcoming move to Cherry Creek North early this winter. It's taking over the former home of Cherry (and Bar Luxe, the Milwaukee Grill and Bay Wolf before that) at 231 Milwaukee Street.

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World of Beer Plots New Location on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall

Danielle Lirette
"World of Beer is taking on the world." That's the mission statement of the Tampa-based brew and restaurant chain that has opened locations in Belmar, Cherry Creek and LoDo in the past few years. The company's bid for world-beer domination continues, with another location planned for Boulder's Pearl Street Mall, in the former home of Bacaro Venetian Taverna.

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Five Reasons Why Halloween Won't Be the Cannapocalypse for Trick-or-Treaters

Every single person who's been spreading the rumor that because recreational cannabis is now legal in some places, trick-or-treating kids will suddenly be loaded with THC-infused edibles needs to sit down, shut up, quit scaring the fuck out of everyone, and just do what they would normally do on Halloween. Carve some pumpkins, bake those cheap Pillsbury sugar cookies, buy a few bags of Hershey's minis to give out, Netflix a Tim Burton movie made prior to 1994 -- and ignore the constant stream of fake news about imaginary villains getting your tots baked. Because it's not going to happen.

Here are five reasons why Halloween won't be the cannapocalypse for trick-or-treating children. Trust me: The only thing that the shorties will be getting wasted on this year is sugar. You know, like every other year.

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Reader: If You Want Non-GMO, Go Overpay for It at a Hippie Store

Anthony Camera
The original Chipotle location on East Evans -- is this an overpriced hippie store?
Last week Chipotle Mexican Grill officially endorsed Proposition 105, the Colorado ballot initiative that would require food that has been genetically modified or treated with genetically modified material to be labeled, "Produced With Genetic Engineering." Although Chipotle -- and other restaurants -- would not be subject to the regulation, the homegrown burrito chain is already listing menu items that contain genetically modified ingredients on its website. And although Chipole had warned that food costs are rising, partly as a result of the attention it pays to using quality ingredients, yesterday the company reported that sales had risen 19.8 percent in its third quarter -- beating Wall Street expectations.

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Golden Europe Has More Schnitzel Than the Rest of Denver's Restaurants Combined

Categories: ethniche

All photos by Mark Antonation
Wedging four people into a tiny booth at Golden Europe was no easy task: accommodating the lefties in the group, making sure I had room to take photos of my food, sitting comfortably without becoming entangled in the lace curtains above the table. It was a tight fit, and made me wonder why people built so big -- the Czech owner and his son were both a good head taller than me -- would put such tiny booths in their restaurant. That is, until one of my dinner companions mentioned that the restaurant had once been a Pizza Hut (or some similar corporate food entity). That made a little more sense, but it didn't make things any easier once the platters of food began to arrive, contending for space with half-liters of beer, bottles of Gewurztraminer, side dishes and gravy boats, while the four of us attempted to pass bites around and grapple enormous portions without spilling anything.

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Crown the Town During a Bar Crawl Through Baker Tonight

Categories: Culinary Events

Adrift is just one of the stops on today's cocktail crawl.
The second edition of Crown the Town Denver will offer participants a chance to take a self-guided bar crawl through the Baker neighborhood tonight. Each of the four participating pubs and restaurants will be creating one-of-a-kind cocktails created especially for Crown the Town.

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Photos: A Sweet Time at Choctoberfest

Categories: Photos

All photos by Jake Shane.
Choctoberfest hit the Denver Tech Center over the weekend offering sweet samples of gooey goodness to guests who also got the chance to experience beer and wine pairings with and chocolate, cooking demonstrations, chocolate contests, and kids' activities at the Denver Marriot Tech Center. Photographer Jake Shane came away from the event with dozens of tasty photos.

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Photos: It Takes Guts and a Little Heart to Dine With the Denver Adventurous Eaters Club

Categories: Photos

All photos by Mark Antonation
That snake is an adventurous eater.
The Denver Adventurous Eaters Club may be calling it quits, but there are still plenty of places for adventurous eating in Denver. From the pho houses of Federal to the fine dining establishments offering offal in many forms, the variety and quality of unusual eats has never been better in Denver. P17's chef and owner Mary Nguyen put together a globe-trotting menu of animal parts, insects and unusual produce to give the club and its founder, Project Angel Heart executive chef Jon Emanuel, a dazzling send-off last night.

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Denver Restaurant Week Won't Be Two Weeks in 2015

Categories: Culinary Events

Visit Denver
Denver Restaurant Week started more than ten years ago to showcase the metro area's dining scene in February -- the time of year when restaurant traffic is generally at its slowest. A half-dozen years ago, to boost business at the beginning of the Great Recession, a second week was added. But in response to complaints from both employees and eaters that two weeks straight was definitely too much of a good thing, this year the event was split into two separate weeks -- one in February and the other in August, to give harried staffs a break from fourteen straight days of deal-seeking Denverites. Now Visit Denver, the group that organizes Denver Restaurant Week, is moving back to a February-only format, citing logistical difficulties with scheduling during the peak summer restaurant season. Additionally, the 2015 version will be a ten-day affair as part of what Visit Denver calls a compromise between restaurant owners, restaurant employees, diners, and sponsors.

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