Happy Hour at City, O' City: Cheap and Filling Vegetarian Eats, Even for Omnivores

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Patrick Langlois
City, O' City's happy hour sheds new light on a iconic restaurant.

Denver has lost touch with its grungy roots. The city's pre-boom years may not have seen as many amazing eating experiences as we have now, but what we had was character, damn it! At least, that's what the old timers tell me. City, O' City, the unofficial vegan capital of Denver, is an icon in Capitol Hill for many reasons: chiefly for serving dignified, satisfying food for any dietary need (except paleo, of course), but also for its loose, Bohemian feel that screams "hip." Happy Hour at City, O' City is a little more bougie than the restaurant overall, but it's a great way to remind yourself of the place's unique charms.

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Reader: We Can Have Legal Cannabis But Can't Keep a Waffle Shop in Business?

Bruxie has turned off the waffle iron in Colorado.
The sign outside Bruxie promised "Sweet Treats," but the waffle sandwich shop, one of our ten best new fast-casual restaurants in 2014, just met a sour end. Bruxie has closed up shop on Colorado Boulevard "due to unforeseen circumstances," according to a message you reach when you dial the place. While the chain is still in business in California, it's out of Colorado.

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Bordeaux Wine Tasting, Yoga + Wine Tonight

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Lori Midson
Prestigious French wines are in the offing tonight at the Seawell Ballroom.
Billing itself as "the greatest wine event to have ever been presented in Colorado," Union Des Grands Crus de Bordeaux Vintage Wine Tasting promises a special evening filled with some of the most prestigious French wines. Sixty wine makers from the Bordeaux region will be presenting their best 2012 vintages, giving sippers a chance to taste the 2012 harvest before it goes on the market. (You can view a list of participating Châteaux here.) This gala starts at 6:30 p.m. tonight in the Seawell Ballroom in the Denver Performing Arts Center; you can get tickets for an early tasting or general tasting at the link above.

Keep reading for more tastes of what's on today's culinary calendar.

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"What Is Sancocho?" Project Enye Short Provides the Answer -- and a Recipe

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Just Media
Fidel Paulino stars in Project Enye's microdocumentary "What Is Sancocho?"
Sancocho is a stew that originated in the Dominican Republic. Its ingredients come from Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, and are a reflection of the many cultures that make up Dominican identity. The stew offers a taste of how complex the Latino experience can be in this country, and one version is featured in one of the micro-documentaries produced by Just Media for Project Enye, which is aiming the spotlight on the 16 million first-generation Latinos living in this country.

For that short, the Project Enye team organized a night of cooking with drummer and community organizer Fidel Paulino, who made sancocho for the gathering. Keep reading for the recipe.

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DJ's 9th Avenue Cafe Gets Brunch Right -- With or Without Bacon

Lauren Monitz
DJ's 9th Avenue Cafe wants you to eat more bacon, but the other brunch items are good too.
DJ's 9th Avenue Cafe hopes your New Year's resolution is to eat more bacon (instead of, or at least in addition to doubling up on the gym hours). Quirky drawings on the message board outside the second outpost of the beloved Tennyson Street breakfast joint remind you not to break that resolution -- and to make the breakfast meat a bigger part of your life in general, with catchphrases like "Bacon Should Be Part of Your Walk of Shame" and "Bacon is Cheaper than Therapy." Although the Denver-born Stallings brothers' homage to America's favorite breakfast food is endearing, the menu focuses on far more than just bacon.

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Kitchen Table Cafe Named the Only Colorado Eatery on Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat for 2015

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Lori Midson
The Kitchen Table Cafe makes comfort food that's getting national attention due to Yelp.
Yelp released its second annual list of the Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S. last week, compiling user data of the most popular and well-reviewed eateries of 2014. And according to Yelp users, the one place in all of Colorado worthy of national attention is the Kitchen Table Cafe, a comfort-food eatery near City Park that opened at the end of 2013. Owner Dave Kilroy's cozy lunch and dinner eatery landed at number 37 on the list, maintaining a five-star average with nearly 200 reviews posted.

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Beer Calendar: Former Future Goes Big, Jagged Mountain Goes Small, Stout Month Begins

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Dad & Dude's Breweria Facebook page
Dad & Dude's Breweria in Aurora/Parker has been growing and changing quickly. The brewery said this week that it produced 1,016 barrels in 2014, a 116 percent increase over the previous year. The majority of that was Dad & Dude's three canned flagship beers, Leaves of Lemongrass Wit and Ryeot Red Ale, which are brewed at Rockyard Brewing in Castle Rock. The rest was made in-house on the brewery's 1.5-barrel nano system. The progress was led by Brian Connery, the brewery says, formerly of Dogfish Head, who became Dad & Dude's brewing director in early 2014.

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Reader: Katsu Ramen Crowds Make Miso Ho Ni!

Mark Antonation
Crowds lined up for the opening of Katsu Ramen.
The Denver ramen scene has been heating up, with high-profile noodle-house openings late last year, and more to come soon. But in Aurora, a deep demand for Japanese noodle bowls has apparently been bubbling beneath the surface, because when Katsu Ramen opened Monday at the corner of Havana Street and Jewell Avenue, Aurorans showed up in force -- such force that the place ran out of broth, a reader reports.

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Chef Will Tuggle of Stout Street Social Talks Kitchen Brigades and $900 Guest Checks

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Stout Street Social
Chef Will Tuggle of Stout Street Social.
Will Tuggle
Stout Street Social

1400 Stout Street

As a kid growing up in Virginia Beach, Will Tuggle liked good food but didn't have much exposure to cooking. Since his mom and grandmother were Polish, homemade pierogi and cabbage soup were among his childhood comfort-food standards. He was generally shooed from the kitchen, though -- if not by his mother, then by the aroma of the cabbage cooking. (He loved to eat it but hated the smell.) As for his father, "My dad was a god-awful cook," Tuggle remembers. "His only dish was spaghetti." But on a trip with his father to Aspen when he was ten, he ate an escargot dish that ignited a passion for fine cuisine.

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Review: Brazen Could Be Your Golden Ticket to a Great Meal

Danielle Lirette
Vegetables get lots of love at Brazen Neighborhood Eatery, as evidenced by these roasted Brussels sprouts with candied bacon.
Brazen Neighborhood Eatery
4450 West 38th Avenue

Given the excitement that chef's counters can bring to dining rooms, it's hard to believe they weren't always a staple of restaurant design. Rather than being separated from the kitchen by solid walls and a swinging door, a chef's counter lets diners perch on stools just feet from the line, feeling the heat of the flames, hearing the sizzle of ingredients in a hot pan, and taking in the cues -- "Four salmon, all day!" -- that keep the show running.

Not every chef's counter is successful, of course. I've sat at some where the cooks kept their eyes averted, as if they'd rather chop onions all day than make eye contact with a guest. I've had questions answered with a stiffness that says, "Please leave me alone," and been made to feel like a third wheel, tolerated but unwelcome. Counters like these are really booby prizes for diners arriving after all the other tables are full.

But at Brazen Neighborhood Eatery, which owner Chris Sargent opened this fall in Berkeley with chef Lance Barto, the chef's counter isn't a booby prize; it's the golden ticket.

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