Fall Has Arrived at Local Kitchens -- Including Mine

Danielle Lirette
Fall has arrived at the kitchen of To the Wind Bistro.
This year, just as I've done for as long as my kids can remember, I joined a local farm share. Flush with produce for nearly five months, I made zucchini bread, seared green beans, melon aguas frescas, panzanella, turnip puree and fennel-and-orange salads, cooking my way from early summer to fall with whatever the farmer felt like growing. But this week the bag of dirt-covered produce -- the last of the season -- looked different. Instead of tomatoes there were onions, instead of melons there were potatoes and carrots. Despite this streak of warm weather, fall is really here.

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Infinite Monkey Theorem Takes Canned Wines Nationwide, Hosts Halloween Can Debut

Categories: Booze News

Infinite Monkey Theorem
The canned craft-beer craze has overtaken the packaged beer market to the extent that it's no longer shocking to see barleywines, imperial stouts and double -- or even triple -- IPAs in 12- and 16-ounce cans in liquor-store cold cases and even at upscale bars and restaurants. But wine drinkers are a little more traditional in their consumer habits; if it doesn't come in a corked bottle, the product can seem suspect. But Infinite Monkey Theorem's CEO and winemaker Ben Parsons revels in poking tradition with a sharp stick. The winery prides itself on representing "a counter culture in winemaking"; there's no vineyard and the tasting room is an urban warehouse instead of a well-appointed estate in wine country. IMT bucked tradition further in 2011 when it introduced canned wines to Denver. Now the urban winery has redesigned the packaging to distribute the cans nationwide.

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Happy Hour at La Biblioteca: Study Hard

Categories: Happy Hour

Alex Dodd

Despite the name, La Biblioteca, the tequila bar next to Zengo and Riverfront Park, is not an ideal place for study. It's a sexy library of agave-based -- rather than paper-based -- knowledge, with more than 300 tequilas, mezcals and other liquors. The sort of people who drop hundreds of bills on esoteric tequilas might not be interested in the restaurant's happy hour, which runs from 4 to 7 p.m. daily, but for me it was certainly an education.

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Reader: The Food Network Should Be Beating Down My Door

Colorado's own Howie Drummond stirred up the seventh series of Food Network Star.
Do you have what it takes to be the next celebrity chef? Our announcement that the Food Network would be holding a casting call for Food Network Star in Denver on November 1 inspired a number of Howie haters to pop up -- and several people to toss their toque in the ring....

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First Look: Work Options for Women Now Pouring at Cafe United

Categories: First Look

All photos by Danielle Lirette
Coffee's on at Cafe United, in the new Mile High United Way Morgridge Center for Community Change. This is the latest open-to-the-public spot run by Work Options for Women, a local nonprofit that trains at-risk women (and men) for careers in the food-service industry. WOW already runs the cafeteria at the Denver Department of Human Services, at 1200 Federal Boulevard, giving its clients real on-the-job training. And it also operates Cafe Options, a charming breakfast/lunch cafe at 1650 Curtis Street that's been wowing downtown diners for a half-dozen years.

All three give diners a real taste of what a smart program can do to help cook up career opportunities...and good food.

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Whiskey, Wine and Walking on the Culinary Calendar Today

Categories: Culinary Events

Mark Manger
Ace is a stop on tonight's Hoofin' It restaurant crawl.
Today you can join participants in the Uptown Neighborhood as they are treated to treated to a walking culinary crawl through some of the area restaurants, you can taste single malt whiskey in a castle, or you can pick from two wine dinners. Keep reading to find out more about todays events.

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Brew 'n Q Homebrew and Barbecue Supply Shop Opens in RiNo

Categories: First Look

Mark Antonation
Craig Singleton is a do-it-yourself guy. "I like self-sustenance, DIY," he says. "Mom and Dad are that way." So Singleton brews beer, hunts, fishes, barbecues and cures his own meats. He's both passionate and enthusiastic, traits that sometimes earn people the label "nerd" or "geek" -- but in a professional setting often result in well-served customers. That's Singleton's hope for Brew 'n Q, his new homebrew and barbecue-supply store that opened this month in a warehouse space in rapidly developing River North neighborhood.

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Beer Calendar: Count Chocula, New IPAs, Pumpkins and Hot Wings

Courtesy of Sanitas Brewing
Who knew that a cereal could capture the world's attention? On Monday, the Fort Collins Coloradoan posted a story about how Black Bottle Brewery had bought up all of the Count Chocula cereal in two stores and used it for a Halloween beer. Over the next few days, that story went viral, appearing on websites across the spectrum and in newspapers internationally. "That got out of hand quick. We have been getting calls from everywhere. Radio stations in Canada, NPR talked about it this a.m. on air, etc.," says brewery general manager Steve Marrick.

Cerealiously Count Chocula will be tapped on October 30. You'll have to go to Fort Collins to try that one (for now), but there are few other new or newly packaged beers (sorry, without cereal) that you can buy off liquor store shelves right now or in the near future. They include a new brew from Boulder's Sanitas called Sanitas IPA; a canned version of Grimm Brothers' GABF award-winning Fearless Youth dunkel lager; and Slope Style Winter IPA, a new seasonal release from Boulder Beer Company.

Turn the page to see all of this week's craft-beer events.

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The Bear & the Rat Makes Frozen Yogurt for Dogs

Marshall the bulldog enjoying some bacon and peanut butter frozen yogurt.
Like many Coloradans, I'm a little obsessed with my dog. He sleeps on my bed. He's attended concerts with me and even come on a vacation or two. And of course I'm obsessed with what he eats (or, rather, what I feed him). I won't bore you with the details, but it should suffice to say that my husband and I make his food ourselves rather than buy the high-quality kibble or even the raw-food options available at the store.

But I typically don't make his treats myself -- and I definitely don't have time to whip up frozen yogurt for the little dude. I might be obsessed, but my obsession only goes so far. That's where the Bear & the Rat comes in, a company run by a local husband-and-wife team who will go where obsessive dog-owners can only dream of going. Luckily for us, we can reap the fruits of their labors.

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New Owners for an Old Favorite, Closings and Re-openings in West Highland

Mark Antonation
The West Highland neighborhood and Highland Square complex have experienced ups and downs as gentrification continues and tastes change. Frasca duo Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson recently opened Pizzeria Locale on West 32nd Avenue not far from Frank Bonanno's Salt & Grinder, bringing new energy to the street. But there's also action at established eateries, too. The Coral Room, Highland Pacific Restaurant and Oyster Bar, and the double Victorian mansions that once housed Highland Garden Cafe are all seeing change.

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