Reader: Best Thai in Denver Has One of the Worst Parking Situations

Rick and Noy Farrell opened Taste of Thailand twenty years ago this month. The restaurant has remained true to its goals -- authentic dishes made with fresh ingredients -- for the past two decades. But over that same period, dining habits have changed a lot (few people linger over lunch, for example), and so has the Englewood neighborhood where this Thai spot is located.

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Denver Botanic Gardens Has a Growing Roster of Classes, Including Chef's Pantry Tonight

Categories: Culinary Events

The Denver Botanic Gardens features much more than flowers. It also hosts classes that teach you what to do with what you grow, including tonight's Chef's Pantry cooking class, where students can learn to use herbs for healthy and delicious cooking.

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Denver Pearl Brewing Changing Name to Avoid Confusion, Possible Legal Action

Categories: Beer Man

Denver Pearl Facebook page
Just three months after opening in the Platt Park neighborhood, Denver Pearl Brewing is changing its name in order to avoid confusion and the possibility of legal action from two other breweries, one local and one in another state.

Denver Pearl has selected a new name -- one that avoids the words Denver and Pearl -- but doesn't plan to reveal it until a party on September 6, says founder Colby Rankin.

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100 Favorite Dishes: Ceylon Curry Dosa at Khazana

No. 82 Ceylon Curry Dosa at Khazana
9234 Park Meadows Drive, Lone Tree

They say we eat with our eyes first; if that's the case, we would be full before we even took a bite of Khazana's immense dosa. Thankfully, the crisp lentil crepe with its curry filling -- goat, in this case -- is as good as it looks, with flavors as big as the arm-length roll dominating a plate that seems tiny in comparison.

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Proud of Colorado: Chef Jason Morse Has a Bounty on His Hands

Categories: Chef and Tell

5280 Culinary
Chef Jason Morse teaches Douglas County school kids about nutrition.
Colorado Proud, the Colorado Department of Agriculture's food-promotion wing, is highlighting the harvest season this month with a 27-day, eleven-city "Choose Colorado" tour of the state, showcasing its best products. The tour will culminate with a private lunch for state dignitaries on August 27 featuring ingredients gathered by the Colorado Proud team and Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture John Salazar. Chef John Morse, along with fellow chef Kurt Boucher, will be cooking for invited guests. Morse is still working on the menu, but a cheesecake featuring Haystack Mountain goat cheese is high on his list, and he's excited about some of the other products he'll be working with: potatoes from Alamosa, tomatoes and rhubarb from Boulder, roasted green chiles from El Paso County, beets from Durango, and onions and scallions from Fort Collins, to name just a few.

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Beer calendar: The Boulder Craft Beer Fest, New Holland, and a Top-Secret Wild Ale

Oskar Blues Facebook page
Oskar Blues said last week that it has lowered the alcohol content of its newest and most unusual craft beer, Old Chub Scotch Ale Nitro, at the request of bars across the OB's 35-state distribution network, where the beer will be rolled out in coming weeks. Old Chub will now weigh in at 6.9 percent ABV, rather than 8 percent.

The change means that these bars can offer traditional full-pint pours rather than eight- or ten-ounce pours, the Longmont brewery says. OB debuted the beer -- the first American-made nitro beer in a can -- in Denver in April at the Craft Brewers Conference. Regular, non-nitro Old Chub will remain at 8 percent ABV.

Turn the page to see all of this week's craft beer events.

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Taste of Thailand Turns Twenty With Fresh Spirit and "Beautiful Fish"

Categories: ethniche

When Taste of Thailand opened, there were a total of five Thai restaurants in Denver. In the intervening twenty years, Thai cuisine has blossomed in town, but Taste of Thailand has stuck close to its time-tested formula of garden-fresh cuisine, traditional Thai recipes (with a few Colorado twists), friendly service -- and "flu shot" soup, a Thai take on curative chicken soup. And owners Noy and Rick Farrell aren't about to change that formula now, as Taste of Thailand marks its twentieth birthday this month.

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Brunch Is Just Late Breakfast at the Butcher Block Cafe

Categories: Out to Brunch

Sometimes brunch is just a time of day and not a fancy meal with morning cocktails. The Butcher Block Cafe sits within stumbling distance of my apartment in the shady part of RiNo; it's a "love it or hate it" dive that serves its purpose with cheap, greasy, hearty meals for under $10.

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Reader: I'm not going anywhere with a godawful literary hipster ampersand in its name

Mark Antonation
No matter what you call the place, the rooftop deck is a real amenity at Ignite.
The Ballpark neighborhood is changing fast, and so is the dining scene there. Three years after it opened as Ignite!, the restaurant at 2124 Larimer Street has renovated both its interior and its menu. It's also given its name an update, to Ignite Burgers & Lounge -- but one reader is concerned about another joint jumping into this town's trendy name game...

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Mellow Mushroom Throws Prices Back to 1974 on Way Back Wednesday

Categories: Culinary Events

Thumbnail image for Mellow Mush opening day.jpg
Mellow Mushroom says it was "born out of the free-wheelin' hippie culture of the 1970s" -- 1974, to be exact. Today the restaurant chain is celebrating its fortieth birthday, and in true hippie form the restaurants are sharing the love and giving gifts to their guest. As a result, on this Way Back Wednesday you can save some serious dough.

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