Will Del Taco's 50th anniversary "Throwback Classic" bun taco resurrect Taco Bell Beefer?

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Del Taco's bun taco, available now as a "Throwback Classic."
Fifty years have come and gone since Del Taco was born in sunny California, the cradle of fast-food civilization, and the company is celebrating its big five-O with some keen retro menu items -- including something with a bun that could, maybe, possibly resemble an old-school Taco Bell favorite that should have made a comeback years ago.

Well-played, Del Taco. Maybe now Taco Bell will rise to the competition and bring back one of its greatest retro menu items ever: the Bell Beefer.

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Our ode to the McRib, now on the endangered species list

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For the last few years, McDonald's has given its fans an annual holiday present: the McRib, a porkorific product that returns to menus across the country for a few weeks. But this year, the fast-food chain has decided against a national rollout; instead, local franchises can decide whether they want to offer the sandwich. The company had "other national priorities" this year, such as its new Mighty Wings, a McDonald's spokeswoman told USA Today. And there's no question those Mighty Wings, which Jenn Wohletz discovered are mighty expensive, need help.

Still, we have our fingers crossed that local stores will be in a giving spirit this year and wrap up the McRib. And to help inspire them, we're reprinting our Ode to the McRib:

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Has Good Times gone bad in a good way?

J. Wohletz
A good meal at Good Times.
Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard was born in Boulder in 1987 as Good Times Drive-Thru Burgers. Those were good times, indeed: '87 was a good year for banana hair clips, jelly shoes and skinny ties. But how on the burger-bombarded earth did Good Times manage to survive with the staggering amount of competition that's come up over the past 25 years? By adding frozen custard, for one. And now Good Times is pushing growth by pushing more burgers, but with a twist: It's partnering with Bad Daddy's Burger Bar, a small, little-known but feisty gourmet burger chain out of North Carolina.

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7-Eleven's Diablo Chicken Ranch Sandwich is actually tasty

J. Wohletz
The Diablo Chicken Ranch sandwich from 7-Eleven. Tasty bun.
There is no haute cuisine at 7-Eleven. Unless, of course, you count hard-boiled eggs swimming in misty liquid packs, gigantic "beef" and bean burritos, and those somewhat unethical "nachos," for which you take the chips out of the plastic tray, fill the tray with free chili sauce, then try to get it past the clerk. So hearing that 7-Eleven had a new Diablo Chicken Ranch Sandwich, I headed to the closest store out of sheer curiosity, figuring the worst that could happen was I'd take a couple bites of a bad sandwich, then leave with my favorite Eleventy-meal: a big-ass burrito (which really does look the same going in as coming out -- woefully quick timing on that, BTW), garlic bread-flavored potato chips and a blue cherry Gatorade.

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Bad Daddy's Burger Bar moving into former Tony P's in Cherry Creek

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A bacon cheeseburger from Bad Daddy's Burger Bar.
Bad Daddy's Burger Bar is coming to Cherry Creek, moving into the former home of Tony P's, at 240 Milwaukee Street. Tony Pasquini had originally opened his restaurant there in early 2012 as Pasquini's, then changed the name because of a family dispute. This summer he closed the Cherry Creek spot altogether (he still has Tony P's spots in Uptown and Highland), and now the space is in the hands of a much larger Colorado-based chain: Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard.

Good Times plans to turn it into a Big Daddy's, an offspring of a deal cut with the founders of Bad Daddy's Burger Bar, a North Carolina company with four stores.

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Del Taco, the friend-zone Mexican fast-food restaurant

J. Wohletz
The Del Taco CrunchTada pizza.
It had been a few years since I'd cheated on Taco Bell with Del Taco -- and even then, I'd smuggled in Taco Bell sauce packets to use on my Del Taco food. It's not that I thought Del Taco was that inferior to the Bell; I'd just somehow fallen into treating it as the backup guy, the permanently friend-zoned spot that never gets a chance to be my number-one taco squeeze. Could Del Taco ever escape that friend zone? When I heard about the new, kickass dollar menu and something called a CrunchTada Pizza, I decided it was time to give Del Taco another twirl. Besides, I was hungry -- and I realized the Del Taco at 14400 East Colfax Avenue in Aurora was closer than the nearest Taco Bell.

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McDonald's Mighty Wings are mighty expensive -- and the McFlurry is just nuts

J. Wohletz
McDonald's Mighty Wings have their own box.
McDonald's new Mighty Wings -- bone-in, breaded chicken wings -- have finally made it to Denver area stores, along with some fall-themed goodies. So I made a beeline to the nearest golden arches at 1444 South Havana Street in Aurora, to see if the buzz over the wings is deserved -- and also to test the brand-new Pralines & Crème McFlurry.

The verdict? One of these items is possibly the best McDessert ever created -- and the other is a spicy shakedown.

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Captain D's is better than Long John Silver's -- but still stuck on the shore

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J. Wohletz
The stuffed crab shells at Captain D's.
A lone Captain D's Seafood Kitchen somehow stays afloat in metro Denver -- at 605 South Havana Street in Aurora. But while there are four more Captains in Colorado Springs and one in Pueblo, Long John Silver's has fourteen locations in Denver alone. Why all the local love for Long John, when the Captain actually has much better food?

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Happy McRibmas! Five fun-in-a-bun facts about the McDonald's McRib

Today is McRibmas -- one of the most important holidays on the calendar. That's because the infamous, sauce-slathered, probably-mostly-pork sammie is now back on the McDonald's menu -- for a limited time, of course. The McRib enjoys a crazy cult following not at all unlike the devotion shown to some actual cults, and to those devotees I say, "F*ckin' A -- there are worse things you could worship!" In honor of this year's McRibmas, I've compiled the top five fun-in-a-bun facts about the McDonald's McRib.

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At Colorado's first Steak 'n Shake, a lawsuit may be the least of the problems

J. Wohletz
Welcome to the Centennial Steak 'n Shake--ewww!
When I walked into the Steak 'n Shake at 8271 South Quebec Street -- the first Steak 'n Shake to open in Colorado -- I was greeted by a host stand holding a dirty tray with trash on it, with no host in sight. And my visit only got worse from there. Steak 'n Shake Enterprises Inc. and Steak 'n Shake LLC are suing the local owners of the two Steak 'n Shake restaurants in Colorado, this one included, asking the judge to prevent them from operating the spots as Steak 'n Shakes and citing franchise-agreement failures.

Franchise agreement failures or no, the Centennial Steak 'n Shake is definitely failing customers big time with horrible service and sub-par food.

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