New Year's Eve: Twenty places to dine and unwind

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Happy Monday! Restaurants and bars around town are hosting a variety of celebrations for the new year. Keep reading to see just some of the options; find more in our online calendar listings calendar. And if you know of still other worthy end-of-the-year events, share the info in the comments section below:

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New Year's Eve celebrations: sixteen sweet options


Still trying to decide what you're doing on New Year's Eve? Restaurants and bars around town are offering celebrations large and small, extravagant and intimate. Keep reading to see just some of the options (and if you know of other worthy end-of-the-year events, share the info in the comments section below):

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New Year's Eve: Where will you ring it in?

Want to get lucky as you ring in 2013? The Westword New Year's Eve Guide will be inserted in our December 13 issue and will include information on select December 31 entertainment options to ensure that when the clock strikes twelve, you don't strike out.

If you know of any particular happening that should be considered, send details to (or just put it in the comments section below) by noon tomorrow.
But if you miss that deadline, don't despair: We'll be adding events to our online New Year's Eve listings through the month and highlighting some of them on Cafe Society; send info to

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Mo's is no no'; Music Bar and Rex Lounge may rise again

Our Backbeat blog just reported a trio of bar closings.

Mo's has gone dark at 1037 Broadway after two-plus years. "It's been a long run and something new is always on the horizon," reads the Mo's Facebook page. "Change is good and we want to thank all those that have made this small/quaint little neighborhood bar a little home away from home. We will miss seeing all our wonderful patrons. Keep in touch and we will keep you posted on new developments."

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Top five food resolutions you should make -- and keep -- for 2012

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It's a new year, and 2012 should be another rich, full year of food, drink and, with any luck, a few more naked photos of Anthony Bourdain.

It's time to kick 2011 in the gnocchi and usher in a brand-new 365 days of fresh foodie resolutions. We all know that willpower can wane with the first plate of poutine or the first banana malt, so let's all skip the fad diet fap and make some resolutions that will keep us all fed, keep local shops in business, and keep us the hell away from lousy lasagna.

Here are our top five food resolutions that you should make for 2012 -- and keep.

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St. Kilian's Cheese Shop: a new year with new owners

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J. Wohletz
St. Kilian's new owners: Jon Marsh and Veronica Martinez.
St. Kilian's Cheese Shop is a boutique-style gem within walking distance of Mondo Vino and The Denver Bread Company -- making Highland Square a convenient stop for gathering party supplies -- and it specializes in French, Spanish and Italian cheeses, with a few select Swiss and Dutch wheels, and cheddars from Ireland and the U.K.

Former shop owners Hugh and Ionah O' Neill sold the shop in November 2011 to nine-year customer and cheese enthusiast Jon Marsh and his fiancé Veronica Martinez. It was a fairly seamless changeover, and Hugh even helps out at the store from time to time.

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New Year's Eve 2011 Denver: ten best food and drink events

Categories: New Year's Eve

Once January rolls around, you'll be working hard on those resolutions -- and your food and beverage consumption will probably decrease as a result. So why not make your last meal of the year really count?

Keep reading for our top ten food and drink events for this New Year's Eve -- and make sure you've got an extra notch on your belt buckle. You'll need it.

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