All-V's sub shop reopens on Eighth Avenue with new owners

All-V's, a 45-year-old sandwich shop that was forced to close earlier this year, reopened this week with new owners, Karen Jacobs and her son, John.

"We are alive and well and slinging the best darn sandwiches in Denver," Karen Jacobs said in an e-mail. The family promises that the sandwiches and their ingredients, from steak to avocado to turkey and cheese, will stay the same.

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The venerable All-V's sandwich shop gets new owners, a new lease on life

"People came here as kids with their parents, and now those people are grown up and bringing their own kids. There aren't many places like that any more, but a community needs them." Those are the words of John Jacobs, who plans to reopen the 45-year-old All-V's sandwich shop with his mother, Karen Jacobs, sometime in late April or early May. The family bought the restaurant at auction in March after it was seized from the previous owners for nonpayment of taxes.

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No whey! Hacienda Maize, chef Michael Long and Marczyk Fine Foods were the cheese knees at Saturday's grilled cheese battle

All photos by Lori Midson.
The winners of the Grilled Cheese showdown at Steve's Snappin' Dogs: Darci Harat (Hacienda Maize), Michael Long (Chef & Brew) and Chauncey Hutton (Marczyk Fine Foods)

Seventeen chefs -- amateur and professional -- convened at Steve's Snappin' Dogs on Saturday afternoon for the hot dog joint's inaugural grilled cheese competition, a spirited face off that ended with nothing but de...brie, thanks to the cheese-chomping crowds who ate everything but the rind. A panel of judges, including yours truly, judged the battle, as did the public, and there was mutual agreement on both sides of the bread: First place went to Darci Harat, founder of Hacienda Maize, whose grilled cheese sandwich was heaped with caramelized bacon, Gouda, sharp cheddar and Camembert and smeared with Harat's bracing jalepeƱo jelly. Second place was awarded to Micheal Long, whose sandwich trumpeted two fennel-scented, sourdough waffle halves stuffed with fontina and apples; and third place went to Chauncey Hutton, the deli manager of Marczyk's. His sandwich, paved with muenster, Vermont cheddar and brown mustard, also included fire-roasted tomatoes. If you're feeling nostalgic for a grilled cheese, the photos on the following pages, all of which were the sandwiches we judged, should inspire you to make your own.

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Not tired of leftovers? Thanksgiving sandwiches abound at Denver delis

Categories: Sandwiches

Marczyk Fine Foods Facebook page
This. But on a sandwich.
Thanksgiving is over, and maybe you had enough turkey and stuffing to last you until next November. Or maybe you haven't, and even worse, you got screwed out of the leftovers by your drunken uncle, who loaded everything into one of your mom's nice Tupperware pieces and took off -- just like he did last year, and the year before that.

If that's the case, then you need a Thanksgiving sandwich, that delightful combo that slaps the entire holiday dinner (or at least parts of it) between two pieces of bread and calls it heaven. In past years, not many Denver delis were making these treats (sometimes called Pilgrim sandwiches), but that has changed recently.

Here's a list of a few of the places that serve them up year round.

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Vert's Grab&Go line, a conscientious take on quick food, hits Natural Grocers

Vert Facebook Page
Noah Stephens, the mastermind behind Vert Kitchen, has expanded his business once again, this time taking his unique brand of slow-cooked, farm-fresh, French-inspired culinary goodness to local Natural Grocers stores.

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Little Carmine's Italian Sandwiches opens on Penn

Little Carmine's 1.jpg
Byron Graham
Little Carmine's Italian Sandwiches.
For nearly twenty years, Carmine's on Penn Italian Restaurant has been stuffing Denver with its heaping bowls of gourmet pasta. Though Carmine's pricing is often as bloated as its patrons' bellies -- largely due to serving sizes that are injurious for a single person to consume -- the restaurant jas always focused on high-quality, often locally sourced ingredients.

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Five Denver delis where you can get your Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich fix

Categories: Sandwiches

Which Wich Facebook page
While there are many sandwiches in the world, there is only one that achieves perfection without even trying: the Thanksgiving sandwich. And while it's difficult to argue with Thanksgiving dinner -- turkey, stuffing and cranberry -- on a bun, it has been hard to find Thanksgiving sandwiches (also know as Pilgrim sandwiches) in Denver. But that has changed recently. Here are five places where you can get your Turkey Day leftover fix without having to clutter up your fridge. (And to make your own sandwich, check out this obscenity-laden post from our sister paper in Dallas.)

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Elvis's beloved Fool's Gold Loaf sandwich was born in Denver

Dave Herrera
You can still order a Fool's Gold Loaf sandwich from Nick Andurlakis,
Did you know that Elvis, who left the building for good 35 years ago today, once flew all the way to Denver in the middle of the night just for a sandwich? Well, he did -- true story. But this was no ordinary sandwich. This was the Fool's Gold Loaf, a ginormous, artery-hardening contraption conceived and featured at the long-defunct Colorado Mine Company in Glendale, a restaurant run by Buck and Cindy Scott that was once a prime hangout for media types, politicians, cops... and Elvis.

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Five chicken sandwiches to eat in Denver while you're boycotting Chick-fil-A

The Franklin from the Denver Biscuit Company.
Odds are good that "chicken" isn't the first thing most people think of when they consider a sandwich. After all, there are so many other kinds of sammies that get higher billing: pastrami and Italian sandwiches, turkey and egg salad, meatball, roast beef and BLTs. Even peanut butter and jelly.

But still, there are plenty of chicken-sandwich fans out there, judging from all the white-breast-beating over Chick-fil-A these days. If you're one of those who's boycotting the chain, here are five chicken-sandwich alternatives:

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Backcountry Provisions dishes Pilgrim sammies and will soon be pouring Colorado beer

The only thing that could possibly have made the discovery of a new Pilgrim sandwich any better is that fact that I'll soon be able to wash it down with a cold Colorado beer.

Backcountry Provisions, the oddly-but-rustic-and-poetically-named LoDo sandwich shop, plans to start serving two beers on tap alongside a lineup of five or six canned Colorado brews sometime in the next month; Backcountry's liquor license application was recently approved.

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