Photos: Kassia's Pasta Farm celebrates the season at Infinite Monkey Theorem
Scott Lentz
Kassia Koukari of Kassia's Pasta Farm plates up some kale pesto noodles at Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery.
Before Kassia Koukari parks Roberto, the three-wheeled delivery bike for Kassia's Pasta Farm, for the season, she wheeled him to the Infinite Monkey Theorem on Thursday night for the kickoff of Operation: Turkey Raisin', a food/fundraiser for Denver Rescue Mission's Thanksgiving Turkey Drive. Through November 23, a portion of all Kassia's Pasta Farm's sales will be donated to the cause -- and customers who donate a can of food will get a dollar off a pasta dish.

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After one last bash, the Justice League of Street Food will end the party

August 3 marks the finale for the Justice League of Steet Food.

Judging from the notes of woe on the Justice League of Street Food's Facebook page, where it was announced earlier today that the coalition's food truck parties will come to an end on August 3, there are an awful lot of saddened loyalists. "What a downer," wrote one disheartened fan. "What. The. Fuck." wrote another. "Why stop a good thing?" wondered someone else.

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Photos: Justice League of Street Food kicks off 2013 season

justice league april 2013 1.jpg
All photos by Christopher Morgan.
The Justice League of Street Food hopped on board the opening of the West Line this weekend to set its 2013 summer season in motion. The featured vendors included theBiscuit Bus, Sully's Slice Truck, the Denver Pie Truck, Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs, Quiero Arepas, Yatai Food Cart and Capt'n Crabby.

Keep reading to see photos of all the delicious action.

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Comedian/restaurateur Will White on his paleo-diet truck, Kickstarter and standup

caveman food truck.jpg
Will Will White consent to an interview? "Gee, let me think, um..fuck, yeah, man!" says the up-and-coming comedian and restaurateur. White's exuberance has reached a fever pitch lately, as his bourgeoning standup career dovetails with a new chapter in his business career -- as owner of the Caveman Cafeteria.

In the following interview, White discusses the advantages of a paleolithic-style diet, getting out of the Army, support from Denver's standup community and the final week of his Kickstarter project.

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Baba's Falafel takes to the street with fried vegan goodness

baba's falafel.jpg
Chris Hernandez and Dalia Hannah.
Falafel is like fried chicken for non-meat-eaters. It's crunchy and flavorful and filling. And there are many, many different ways to serve it.

Dalia Hannah and Chris Hernandez are experimenting with as many of those ways as possible in their new food truck, Baba's Falafel, which took to the streets in October. They plan to keep it running all winter, and all in the name of falafel.

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Announcement: We have a winner of our Food Truck Renegade party contest

Thumbnail image for FTRlogo.jpg
Tonight, at 4 p.m., on the corner of Ninth and Bannock, a fleet of food trucks and carts are gathering for the season opener of the Food Truck Renegades, a coalition of mobile vendors that includes Crock Spot, the Steuben's food truck, NZ Smoking Guns, Mikes2Kitchen, Sweetness, Brava! Pizzeria, Stick It To Me, Mythos Greek, the Biscuit Bus, and more.

And earlier this week, we offered one Cafe Society commenter the chance to eat and drink for free at the shindig. In order to win, you had to answer the following question: How many pounds of pork has Crock Spot served since January 1, 2012?

The correct answer is 2,416 pounds, and the person who came the closest without going over (yes, that was our rule), is...

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Contest: Eat and drink for free at the Food Truck Renegades party on Friday


The Justice League of Street Food hosted its first bash of the season last weekend, and on Friday, the Food Truck Renegades will follow up with a street-food party of their own.

Twelves trucks and carts -- Crock Spot, Street Eats, NZ Smoking Guns, Mikes2Kitchen, Sweetness, Brava! Pizzeria, Stick it to Me, Mythos Greek, the Biscuit Bus, Steuben's, Chef Driven and Coaches Scoop -- plan on planting their wheels in the parking lot at Ninth and Bannock beginning at 4 p.m.

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Photos: Justice League pavement bash attracts a huge crowd (and some theatrical footwear)

Lori Midson
It appeared that Saturday's downpour would dampen the first Justice League soiree of the season, but at the last minute, Mother Nature cooperated, and right before the ticker struck 6 p.m., the clouds sailed off into the sunset, giving way to a sky of cobalt blue, making the League's spring kick-off pavement party one of the best blowout food orgies of the year.

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Drum roll: Announcing the winner of our Justice League contest

Thumbnail image for Justiceleage2012.jpg

On Saturday night, the season's first Justice League of Street Food party will take over the pavement at TAXI, and earlier this week, we held a contest, giving one Cafe Society reader the opportunity to eat and drink for free.

Ten trucks will be at the bash, including Manna from Heaven, the Vietnamese food truck that slings some of the best bánh mì in Denver. And we asked readers to correctly answer a question about Manna from Heaven: How many bánh mì did the truck serve between May 1 and May 13?

We got low answers and we got high answers, but no one nailed it on the head. Still, one reader came the closest without going over. And that person is...

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Patrick Creager ramps up Follow That Cart, a mobile soda fountain

follow that cart.jpg
Follow That Cart
Someday, Patrick Creager and his wife, Ari Murdock, would like to open up a soda fountain. "I love the concept of a modern soda shop," he explains. "I really delved in behind the bar at Olivea, and I found ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables and spices and herbs with sugar as a medium. Then I turned them into sodas."

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