The Cupcakes Keep on Coming: Smallcakes to Open a Second Colorado Location

Smallcakes Lone Tree Facebook
Cupcakes from Smallcakes Cupcakery
Some dessert devotees may be hailing the end of the cupcake, which seems to have wormed its way into every strip mall (and TV channel) in America by now, but that certainly isn't stopping the bakers behind them. After our recent story on cupcake chain Sweet Arleen's Bakery looking to dip its toes into the Denver market, reader response ranged from excitement over more of the frosting-topped treat in the Mile High City to mere boredom with cupcakes: one reader commented, "sorry girl, everyone over here is still tweaking over voodoo doughnuts."

Despite potential sugar saturation in Denver's cupcake market, Arleen wasn't scared. And it seems neither is Heidi Hamilton, the co-owner of Smallcakes Cupcakery in Lone Tree. She's set to open up a second location of the bakery in the Belmar district of Lakewood this September.

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Three-time Cupcake Wars champion Sweet Arleen's hopes Colorado still loves cupcakes

Categories: Sugar High

Arleen Scavone, businesswoman turned baker
You may have heard about the demise of Crumbs Bake Shop, the Manhattan-based bakery that had 48 stores in 10 states and one of the primary leaders of America's Great Cupcake Craze. Despite its renown, Crumbs shut off the mixers and closed its doors on Monday after years of declining sales and local competition. Many have heralded this downfall as the watershed moment for the "cupcake bubble"; the frosting-topped treat has had its heyday, been flooded into markets everywhere, and now must face defeat at the hands of lively pastry upstarts like the humble doughnut. But Arleen Scavone, founder of Sweet Arleen's bakery in suburban Los Angeles, doesn't believe a word of it. The baker is a three-time champion on the Food Network show, Cupcake Wars, and has now moved on to planning her domination of the Colorado market with locations in Aurora, Glendale and Broomfield.

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Glazed and Confuzed moves storefront opening date to April

Glazed and Confuzed plans to open its storefront in April.
Those who were eager to visit a Glazed and Confuzed doughnut shop this fall, when the brick-and-mortar version of the truck was originally scheduled to open, will have to wait until the new year. The process of getting permits and then doing build-up have delayed the opening until at least next spring. But in the meantime, fans of owner Josh Shwab's doughnut creations can get their fix at various coffee shops around town.

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First look: Sugarmill opens on Upper Larimer with sweets galore

All photos by Lori Midson.

Upper Larimer is experiencing a serious case of sugar shock now that Sugarmill, a new dessert bar and lounge from Noah French, pastry chef of TAG, is teasing everyone who walks through the door with extravagant display cases of cookies and cupcakes, French macarons and fat muffins, cakes and croissants, parfaits and tarts. The alluring sweets, all of which are created in an open display kitchen where French is front and center, are complemented by a lunch menu of sandwiches and salads and a dinner menu that highlights heartier dishes like turkey pot pie and short-rib tortellini. The temple to all things sweet and savory, which opened over the weekend, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and dinner only on Saturday.

Last week, we gave you a preview of the still-under-construction quarters, along with several of French's dishes. Here's a second photo journey of the finished space and the sugar highs.

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Pizzeria Locale's surprise bestseller -- budino!

Aanielle Lirette
Budino at Denver's Pizzeria Locale, in handy $1.50 portion.
Whoever would've guessed that Pizzeria Locale's Neapolitan pie might get upstaged by ... pudding? The butterscotch budino layered with chocolate ganache, caramel and whipped cream has surprised even co-owner Lachlan Patterson by how well it's selling at the Denver outpost, which I review this week, especially since it's not visible from the line. (Unlike desserts at many fast-casuals, which are placed as an impulse buy at the register, budino must be kept out of sight in the fridge.)

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Glazed and Confuzed Doughnuts opening a shop this fall

Photos by Nathalia Velez
Glazed and Confuzed "Oh My Pecan Pie" doughnut.
Josh Schwab's doughnuts may be glazed, but he's not confused about where his business is going. After nearly a year of selling doughnuts at farmers' markets and a few cafes, the owner of Glazed and Confuzed Doughnuts is ready to open the doors of a new brick-and-mortar shop this fall. And as his doughnuts grow in popularity, Schwab feels confident that his enterprise is on a roll. "I wasn't trying to be this huge company so quick, but everybody has responded so well to everything that I've done," Schwab says. "I'm blown away."

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Racines dishes up classic desserts -- including this banana cream pie recipe!

All photos by Kate Gibbons.
A few short months after Racine's opened in 1983, it won the Best Dessert award in Westword's very first Best of Denver. The dessert was the Triple Crown, similar to a Dobos torte with layers of chocolate frosting, cake and ice cream. That dish is no longer on the menu, but diners still have plenty of desserts to choose from at Racines -- fourteen in all. "There is always room for dessert," says co-owner Lee Goodfriend.

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Little Man on Wheels makes the 16th Street Mall sweeter with a new bike cart

Categories: Sugar High

You can't miss Little Man Ice Cream, that giant milk can in LoHi with a welcoming patio and lines that wind down the street, has been scooping handcrafted, locally sourced ice cream since 2008. And now, it's are opening a pop-up shop on the 16th Street Mall.

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Elway's Ding Dong (including a recipe!) and other desserts

All photos by Kate Gibbons.
The dessert menu at Elway's Cherry Creek is quite the mouthful. If somehow you've saved room, an almost overwhelming sixteen choices await diners who want to satisfy their sweet tooth after a New York strip or salmon filet.

Combining classics like signature cheesecake and crème brulee with the more whimsical Ding Dong and do-it-yourself s'mores, the assortment at Elway's has something for everyone.

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Boulder Ice Cream puts Figo Organic Gelato on grocery shelves

Categories: Sugar High

Brownie topped with a combination of Boulder Ice Cream's Island Coconut and Chocolate Pudding.
July is National Ice Cream Month, and in honor of that manufactured holiday, Boulder Ice Cream is rolling out a new line of gelato. Figo Organic Gelato is made with "only the finest gourmet organic ingredients," according to the Figo website, in seven flavors ranging from Figo's Vanilla Trio (a blend of Tahitian, Madagascan and Bourbon vanillas) to Cool Limone and Coconut Almond Chip.

In honor of the rollout, the Fresh Ideas Group hosted an ice cream social yesterday, where we sampled Figo as well as many of Boulder Ice Cream's signature flavors.

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