Five favorite stuffed-dough dishes in Denver

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Danielle Lirette
Buffalo empanadellas at Bocadillo.
The menu at Bocadillo, Derek Dietz's casual restaurant in Sunnyside, is short, with only a dozen or so choices. And while the lineup frequently includes soups, a salad and a few entrees along with the snacks, you never know what form these dishes are going to take, given how often Dietz changes things up. That's why I didn't hesitate to order the buffalo empanadellas when I saw them on the menu one night. They sounded terrific, especially to a stuffed-dough loving girl like me, and I didn't want to save them for another time and risk missing out. While I liked much about Bocadillo, I wasn't wowed by those empanadellas, which could've used more pop in both the filling and the sauce. But that got me thinking about other stuffed dough I've loved along the way. Here are five of my favorites.

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Ten best new Denver bars of 2013

Danielle Lirette
This year, Denver will undoubtedly welcome a slew of new Denver bars and breweries to an already burgeoning beer and cocktail landscape--but before we hail the next new thing, we should celebrate the newcomers that graced us in the last year. Here, in no particular order, are our favorite watering holes that opened in 2013.

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Top five ways to deal with the Srirachapocalypse

For those of you not keeping up on the latest news involving Sriracha, the versatile and beloved chili sauce may be getting scarce, thanks to some residents of Irwindale, California, who are petitioning the city to shut down the Huy Fong Foods factory, citing irritated eyes and throats and headaches due to cock-sauce production. As a result, there could soon be a Sriracha shortage, and this could bring about gloom, doom and an honest-to-gods Srirachapocalypse.

Here are five ways to survive the Srirachapocalypse:

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Twelve best Thai restaurants in Denver

Danielle Lirette
With the temperatures dropping, Thai food -- with all its fresh flavors and heat -- is sounding very appetizing. Thai Monkey Club, which Gretchen Kurtz just reviewed, is just one of the exciting new spots that's joined a line of favorite standbys. Spice junkies often quabble over the spots with the best pad thai, curry or tom kai gha in the metro area. Here, to settle some of those arguments and inspire new ones are our Cafe Society picks for the twelve best Thai restaurants in the Denver area.

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Five worst X-mas foods -- knock off the eggnog!

The holidays tend to bring out the very best -- and sometimes the dead worst -- in culinary acumen. In this age of gourmet foods and luxury drinks, it almost surpassed belief that there are still stale, tasteless and terrible tidbits adorning X-mas tables and sideboards in the misguided name of tradition. Almost, but not quite, because we know folks who continue to give out leaden fruitcakes and those repugnant chocolate oranges. And awful as those are, they don't even rate our list of the five worst X-mas foods.

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Egg turds and forky dumbells: Top five dumbest foodie X-mas gifts this year


Foodies tend to get the shaft during the holidays, because every year there is an increasing number of useless, gimmicky, and downright bizarre food-related gadgets available for purchase everywhere -- and non-food nerd friends and family just lo-o-o-ve to buy them. While it would be nice for non-foodies to cease and desist with the holiday gift swindles, that's probably too much to ask Santa for this year, but at least now you know to avoid these: the top five dumbest foodie X-mas gifts this year.

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Five spots to be cozy during this frigid weekend

Danielle Lirette
Warming trends: The oven at Denver's Pizzeria Locale.
This weekend will be so cold that you'll be tempted to hide out in your home...but there are a few spots around town that are ready, willing and able to warm you up. If you're brave enough to pull on your boots and head out the door, make sure you're on your way to one of these spots.

Here are five of our favorite places to hole up on cold winter days.

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Ten best Indian restaurants in Denver

Danielle Lirette
Denver has a vast array of Indian restaurants, everything from small, family-owned hole-in-the-wall spots to massive establishments with expansive menus and multiple locations. And with the temperatures plummeting, a hearty, spicy -- very spicy -- Indian feast could be just the thing to turn up the heat. Here, in no particular order, are our ten favorite Indian restaurants in the Denver area.

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Ten best hipster restaurants in Denver

Lori Midson
The Source opened a new chapter in hipster hangouts with Comida.
Mirror, mirror on the graffitied wall -- which is the hippest hangout of all? Denver is suddenly bursting with hipster neighborhoods, spiraling out from the longtime center in Capitol Hill to South Broadway, LoHi and the burgeoning RiNo area. And not only are these neighborhoods home to cool coffeehouses and watering holes, but increasingly they're attracting some of the most interesting restaurants in town. The lineup changes rapidly, but here's our list of the ten best hipster restaurants in Denver (presented in no particular order), right now!

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Ten best restaurants at Denver International Airport

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for RootDownDIA1.jpg
Lori Midson
Things started looking up when Root Down opened at DIA.
With the horrors of holiday travel just beginning, you might find yourself with time -- lots of time -- at Denver International Airport in the days ahead. Fortunately, the food at DIA has never been better, thanks to a conscious effort to improve the restaurant offerings there. As a result, DIA was recently named the country's airport with the healthiest food. But we also appreciate the healthy pours at some DIA bars, as well as the servers who will let you sit, and sit, while you wait for your plane to be called. So next time you're stuck at the airport, skip McDonald's and grab a seat in one of the ten best restaurants (listed here in no particularly order) at DIA.

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