First look: Comrade Brewing welcomes you to the Party on April 26

All photos by Jonathan Shikes
Comrade Brewing's David Lin.
With a head brewer named Marks, a red and yellow logo, and a flagship beer called DEFCON Red, it's not hard to figure out the theme at Comrade Brewing.

But owner David Lin says the references to Communism at the brewery, which will open on Saturday, April 26, at 7667 East Iliff Avenue, are all tongue in cheek.

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First look: Mile High Italian Deli opens in Highland

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All photos by Lori Midson.

The concept behind Mile High Italian Deli, a small, 800-square-foot storefront in Highland, is sandwiches, panini, salads, and, on Saturday, pizzas, the latter of which is an extension of Mile High Pizza Pie, a pizza joint that rose -- and fell -- downtown, after the landlord threatened to raise the rent through the roof. That increase in dough resulted in owner Howard Ellis selling the spot in September of last year following a four-year run -- and inking a lease on the former In Season Local Market, which he operates with business partner Dino Marchig, whose grandmother owns the space, along with Cebiche next door.

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First look: Le Rendez Vous opens in Cherry Creek

All photos by Lori Midson.

It's been fifteen years since Olga moved to Denver from Russia and began a career as an accountant. But the grind of crunching numbers all day, plus working for other people, she says, wasn't giving her the fulfillment she was looking for. "I was a CPA and working in the corporate world, but I dreamed of working for myself and doing something unique -- something that lent itself to spending time with friends and having a good time," she notes. And late last week, on Friday, that dream became a reality when she opened Le Rendez Vous, a restaurant and Champagne lounge in Cherry Creek.

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First look: A charming new Maria Empanada opens on South Broadway

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All photos by Lori Midson.

It's normal for a restaurant owner to be nervous on opening day -- even if it's not your first rodeo and you've assembled an experienced staff. There's often chaos, flared tempers and a general reaction of palpable fretfulness. But this morning, at the new Maria Empanada, the vibe was pure joy. Five minutes before opening the doors at 11 a.m., owner Lorena Cantarovici gathered her staff in a circle, wiped the tears from her eyes and quietly thanked her staff (more times than most of us get thanked in a week) for "creating a little bit of Argentina on South Broadway."

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Photos: Pizza Party at Denver Beer Co for Craft Brewers Conference

Categories: Photos

All photos by Marissa Shevins
As part of the ongoing Craft Brewers Conference celebrations, Denver Beer Co hosted a pizza part at its Platte Street taproom. With live music, plenty of brews and two Denver pizza trucks, Basic Kneads and Brava! Pizzeria, parked outside, this was not a party to miss. We sent our photographer to capture the fun, and you can view the whole slideshow here.

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First look: Michael Bortz's City Bakery Cafe opens today

All photos by Lori Midson.

Despite the fact that it wasn't even open, zealous bread heads -- 250 of them to be exact -- rose to the occasion yesterday, forming long lines at master baker Michael Bortz's City Bakery Cafe, the restaurant-retail offshoot of City Bakery, Bortz's bread-baking emporium in north Denver, which supplies loaves of lovely bread to numerous local restaurants. The Golden Triangle cafe, located in the former home of Lenny's Sub Shop, spent the past few days doing trial runs -- and turning out sandwiches and baked goods for free to eager neighbors -- and today, at promptly 11 a.m., City Bakery Cafe opens to the public.

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First look: Jamaican Grill opens on the fringe of the Santa Fe Arts District

All photos by Lori Midson.

Denver lays claim to a lot of different cuisines, but the foods of the Caribbean, namely Jamaican, are woefully few and far between. But last week, in Lincoln Park, just on the fringe of the Santa Fe Arts District, a small storefront called Jamaican Grill opened on Eighth Avenue in a former weed dispensary. And while at least one woman who walked in while was there could have could have possibly been stoned, the space is now enchantingly permeated with the exotic spices that rub the jerk chicken, the sweet scent of caramelized plantains and the perfume of rum-spiked cocktails. The color-washed walls are devoted to Bob Marley memorabilia; a stunning, hand-painted mural of reggae musicians, including Queen Ifrica, surface nearly the entirety of one of those walls; and the chairs and tables are tinged a bright lime green. Reggae tunes pulsate from the speakers, and the back bar is as good a place as any to imagine yourself on an island with a parrot on your shoulder and hurricane in your hand. Jamaican Grill, which is family owned, is open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner; happy hour goes from 5 to 8 p.m. daily.

Here's a first look at the quarters, the menu and the food.

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First look: Iain Chisholm's DADA Art Bar opens next Friday

All photos by Lori Midson.

"The whole point of this is to be the neighborhood tree-house -- the go-to spot to hang out and have fun in a comfortable and entertaining environment," says Iain Chisholm. "This" refers to DADA Art Bar, the art gallery-coffeehouse-bar that Chisholm, the owner-chef of Amerigo, will open next Friday directly behind his neighborhood Italian restaurant.

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Photos: Babajoon's Kabobs now open in Westminster

Categories: Photos

All photos by Ursula Romaine
The northern suburbs just got another ethnic option when Babajoon's Kabobs opened Westminster. We sent photographer Ursula Romaine to capture a taste of this fresh, fast-casual Middle Eastern food spot.

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First look: Mayan Manjar Yucateco opens in the former Maria Empanada space

Four partners -- Araceli Reynos, Ezzie Dominguez and brothers Isaias Poot and Juan Bootista, all of whom hail from the Yucat√°n Peninsula, in southeastern Mexico -- have joined together to open one of Denver's only Yucatanian restaurants: Mayan Manjar Yucateco, which unlocked its doors last Friday, taking over the space that formerly held Maria Empanada, which is relocating to the old Buffalo Doughboy digs on Broadway.

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