Video: Bottling for Booze at Stranahan's Colorado Distillery

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Copper stills at Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey.
Stranahan's Colorado Distillery may be owned by spirits giant Proximo, but that doesn't stop the whiskey maker from continuing its tradition of bringing in volunteers to help with bottling. Rather than exploiting free labor, Stranahan's provides lunch and a bottle of the barrel-aged spirit to take home in exchange for the work.

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Video: How to make Denver's best burger

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Lori Midson
Chef DJ Nagle at Humboldt.
Denverites are mad about burgers. Both fast-casual counters and upscale burger restaurants keep opening around town, and most of them are packed on a regular basis. But we also know a good burger when we sink our teeth into one; the mediocre joints don't last long. Our current favorite, which we gave the Best Hamburger award in the Best of Denver 2014, is not from a burger specialty shop. It's from Humboldt, a seafood-oriented dining room that moved into the former home of Strings last year. Videographer Anthony Martin recently checked in with Humboldt chef DJ Nagle to see how that burger is made.

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Video: The challenging business of urban farming

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Westword's Anthony Martin visited two urban farms and Denver Urban Homesteading, a farmer's market in the heart of Santa Fe Boulevard's warehouse district, and talked to farmers and retailers attempting to make a living from reclaimed land, small spaces and a Denver client base looking for alternatives to industrially produced vegetables, dairy and meat.

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Make the perfect Irish coffee with Vesta Dipping Grill and Corvus

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Guinness and Jameson are the undisputed kings of St. Patrick's Day drinking, but Irish coffee comes in a close third -- and makes a good hair of the dog for the day after. Westword's Bailey Geoghan talked to two masters of the drink, bartender Kari Cummings of Vesta Dipping Grill and Phil Goodlaxon, brewmaster at Corvus Coffee, about how to whip up the perfect cup, and created this video. Sláinte!

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Callbacks for Denver reality show Mile High Social at Wazee Supper Club on Monday

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mile high social casting call screenshot.png
The Wazee Supper Club got a makeover last year, so it will be ready for its close-up at 6:30 p.m. Monday, when fifteen women will be there to audition for three spots on Denver's newest reality show, Mile High Social. This group of finalists has already been whittled down from more than fifty women who attended the show's first casting call at Ghost Plate & Tap on March 10. There, they talked about their goals, relationships and pet peeves on video during a brief getting-to-know-you session to determine the best candidates for the show's focus on Denver women making a difference. Continue reading for a sneak preview video of outtakes from the first round.

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Update:A Place at the Table director Kristi Jacobson with Coloradans Leslie Nichols and Rosie

Update: Corner House will offer a special screening of A Place at the Table on Sunday, March 3; the film opens tonight at the Mayan.

With appearances by Jeff Bridges and executive producer (and Westword favorite) Tom Colicchio, and music by T Bone Burnett and The Civil Wars, the documentary A Place at the Table has a lot of star power to drive home its urgent message about hunger in America. But the people who steal the show are the Coloradans who make the point by telling their stories in front of the camera.

The most affecting figure in the film is Rosie, a fifth-grader in Collbran, Colorado, who talks with heartbreaking sincerity about her food insecurity. Leslie Nichols is the teacher who delivers food donations to Rosie and other needy families in Collbran. Westword sat down with Nichols and Table's co-director Kristi Jacobson to talk about Colorado's hunger crisis, what's happened with Rosie since the filming, and what you can do to help.

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A Place at the Table documents hunger in Colorado

"Hunger is hard to recognize in America," CBS's Charles Kuralt intones gravely over images of malnourished children. "We know of it in other places, like Asia or Africa. But these children, all of them, are Americans. And all of them are hungry." That was the message of the landmark 1968 report "Hunger In America," which broadcast images of food shortages and outright starvation into millions of living rooms in the Land of the Free. The special, along with mounting concern over Americans living in poverty, prompted President Richard Nixon and Congress to overhaul the government's food-assistance programs the next year.

Filmmakers Lori Silverbush (On the Outs) and Kristi Jacobson (Toots) hope to ignite similar outrage over the dismal state of nutrition and hunger in America today with their new documentary, A Place at the Table.

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Denver Yelp reviews: Head brewer Andy Brown reads the complaints against Wynkoop

Andy Brown reads one of Wynkoop Brewing Company's funniest Yelp reviews.
Batter's up! Wynkoop Brewing Company, Colorado's first brewpub and winner of numerous awards and accolades, is next up to the plate for our new video series, in which local culinary personalities read their worst and weirdest Yelp reviews. Which, in the case of the Wynkoop, include yapping about the green chile beer and pool tables. But head brewer Andy Brown was up to the task of reading the reviews -- even those posted by people who don't drink beer. (Seriously.) Grab yourself a cold one, get comfortable and continue reading for the full video.

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Denver Yelp reviews: Pete Marczyk reads Marczyk Fine Foods' strangest on video

pete marczyk yelp screenshot.jpg
Pete Marczyk reads one of Marczyk Fine Foods' nastier Yelp reviews.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a beloved restaurant, brewery or shop in possession of a good reputation also has no shortage of negative Yelp reviews. Denver's best (and worst) have been served with plenty of them, with Yelpers yapping about everything from bad service to bad salsa, bad signage to bad attitudes. But real pros not only get bad reviews, they learn to take them in stride...and often good humor.

That stance inspired this new, and very occasional, series featuring metro-area restaurateurs, brewers and shop-owners reading their own Yelp reviews -- on camera, a la the YouTube trend. First to step up to the plate: Pete Marczyk, co-owner of Marczyk Fine Foods (and a very good sport).

Pete Marczyk, reading Marczyk Fine Foods'strangest Yelp reviews.

Continue reading for the full video.

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Masterpiece Cakeshop: Yelp removes negative comments, while supporters create Facebook group

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thinkstock gay wedding cake broken.jpg
Businesses across the country are coming out with stances on gay marriage, including Chick-Fil-A and Lakewood's own Masterpiece Cakeshop. The bakery does not create cakes for gay ceremonies.

The decision, publicized by rejected couple Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig, made waves across the Internet, where those who object to the restaurant's refusal of service made Facebook pages, wrote Yelp reviews and crafted an online petition decrying Masterpiece that collected more than 2,000 signatures. Over the weekend, more than thirty protesters picketed the bakery with signs reading "Love is sweeter" and "Let the gays eat cake," urging a widespread boycott of the bakery.

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