The twenty goriest and most gruesome Halloween cakes (and one very disturbing baby cake video)


There's gross -- and there's gross anatomy, the deeply gruesome and gory body parts that hit the table on Halloween, the one day of the year when demonic bakers emerge from their caldrons and devise recipes that make your stomach turn green. The cakes on the following pages, all allegedly edible, are not of the candy corn type. No, these are the twisted works of deranged minds, the kind who find morbid fun in making sure that the rest of us have reoccurring nightmares, even after the haunted houses have retired to the grave. These cakes are proof that bakers aren't afraid to glorify the creep factor. And the there's Dan Gentle, a cake designer who created the "baby cake" -- a cake that may very well be one of the most disturbingly good-in-all-the-wrong-ways works of diabolical art you've ever seen. Proceed with caution when you flip the page.

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Squeaky Bean honors the dearly departed with shrines -- and cocktails

Johnny Ballen

Leave it to Johnny Ballen, the eccentric (and innovative) owner of the Squeaky Bean, to honor the lives of those that have passed with more than just a obligatory R.I.P.

It all started years ago at the former Squeaky Bean with Farrah Fawcett (who died of anal cancer) -- and whose death was markedly overshadowed by Michael Jackson (who died of a drug overdose). Ballen, who had already given Fawcett -- leggy in that famous swimming suit poster -- a prominent place on the wall, insisted that the poster wasn't enough, and so he immortalized the actress by giving her a permanent shrine on a shelf. Ballen left Jackson's death, on other hand, to play out in the media. "Michael Jackson rained on poor Farrah's parade," deadpans an unapologetic Ballen.

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Can you down a Juicy Lucy burger in less than 39 seconds? Vesper Lounge issues a challenge

Frank Bonanno

Frank Bonanno still spends most of his time in the kitchen, cooking, hanging out with his chefs and, when the moods strikes, engaging them in battle -- in this case, a burger battle. Yesterday, Bonanno, who owns Mizuna, Bones, Luca d'Italia, Osteria Marco, Lou's Food Bar, Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria, Wednesday's Pie, Russell's Smokehouse, Green Russell and Vesper Lounge, corralled several of the chefs from Vesper, Mizuna, Luca and Bones into the Vesper kitchen -- and challenged them to eat a Juicy Lucy burger, a two-patty bomb encased with melted cheese that allegedly originated at Matt's Bar in Minneapolis.

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Booze bandits break into Central Bistro & Bar

Central Bistro & Bar, 1691 Central Street, was broken into earlier this morning, but all the assailants were interested in, apparently, was alcohol.

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The Punch Bowl gets in on the Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake -- an online dance phenomenon in which friends create goofy routines to the beat of a dubstep song -- has taken over YouTube. And the crew at Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink have decided to get in on the game with a dance of their own, choreographed in front of the restaurant's bowling alley. Keep reading for the very funny video.

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Photos: Ten epic Super Bowl meat stadiums

If you're one of those optimistic types who think that you can haul a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken to a Super Bowl shindig and generate a touchdown for your meager efforts, you might want to rethink your place on the playing field, because the people who created the ten epic Super Bowl stadiums on the following pages have your ass kicked from here to New Orleans.

These football fanatics have a fetish for pizzazz, a clear competitive edge, a serious obsession with the art of overkill and a manly enthusiasm for meat. These aren't sissy stadiums, people: They're strewn with stacked sandwiches the size of a linebacker's thigh; they pimp corn dogs, cigars of prosciutto and pigs in a blanket; pepperoni and salami sticks are piled high to the sky. Truth be told, there's enough pork in these stadiums to resurrect...Hamlet.

Behold the Super Bowl of meat-cheese-dip-and-chip stadiums.

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Photos: See Zanzibar Billiards Club before it gets a makeover from Spike TV's Bar Rescue

Kalen Deremo
Zanzibar on the eve of being renovated.
Festooned with random flags and boasting a food menu that includes such culinary delights as "Poppers," the "T-REX" hoagie and "West Side Story" sandwich (which we're guessing is delivered by a campy, gyrating food-runner), Zanzibar Billiards Club recently decided it was in need of a makeover. Luckily for the struggling establishment, Jon Taffer of Spike TV's Bar Rescue has come in to save the day.

Over the last four days Taffer and his crew have placed Zanzibar under the microscope, forcing it to undergo a brutal evaluation process that will culminate with a complete renovation of the bar's concept and design. Prior to Zanzibar's relaunching party on December 11, Westword stopped by to snap some last photos of the interior that partially contributed to the bar's downfall.

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Five weirdest food deaths of 2012: Killed by bugs, beans and empanada makers

We must eat to live -- but sometimes what we eat and drink also kills us. The oddest things can cook our goose. This past year saw many food-assisted expirations and accidents that were peculiar, creepy -- and very, very unappetizing.

Here's our list of the five weirdest food deaths of 2012.

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Blue Bear Farm moves plants indoors for the winter with "Adopt-a-Pot"

Adopt a Pot 6.jpg
Moving the plants indoors for the winter.
When the Colorado Convention Center created an urban farm on the piece of land between the complex and Speer Boulevard, it forgot about one minor detail -- the winter. But when cold weather descended, the fragile plants at Blue Bear Farm had to be relocated -- or die. Enter "Adopt-a-Pot," a program through which local businesses have been adopting the plants and giving them a warm home for the winter.

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Peyton Manning wants a slice of the pie -- Papa John's, that is

Jerome Bettis, John Schnatter and Peyton Manning celebrate their love of commercial food.
Peyton Manning is now officially a Papa. After making his first appearance in a Papa John's ad for Superbowl XLV in 2011, he inked a deal today to become the owner of 21 Papa John's franchise stores in Denver. Terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed.

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