The Bear & the Rat Makes Frozen Yogurt for Dogs

Marshall the bulldog enjoying some bacon and peanut butter frozen yogurt.
Like many Coloradans, I'm a little obsessed with my dog. He sleeps on my bed. He's attended concerts with me and even come on a vacation or two. And of course I'm obsessed with what he eats (or, rather, what I feed him). I won't bore you with the details, but it should suffice to say that my husband and I make his food ourselves rather than buy the high-quality kibble or even the raw-food options available at the store.

But I typically don't make his treats myself -- and I definitely don't have time to whip up frozen yogurt for the little dude. I might be obsessed, but my obsession only goes so far. That's where the Bear & the Rat comes in, a company run by a local husband-and-wife team who will go where obsessive dog-owners can only dream of going. Luckily for us, we can reap the fruits of their labors.

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Marg's Expanding Into New Territory and Concepts -- and Adding Lamb Tacos (Recipe Here!)

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Marg's World Taco Bistro in Uptown.
Another one of those national food days is coming up, the kind of celebration cooked up by a promotional board to sell more almonds or goat milk. This Saturday it's National Taco Day, which appears to be fabricated with the sole intention of selling novelty calendars. According to, Americans ate more than 4.5 billion tacos last year. To put that in more visual terms, imagine holding one taco in your hand, and then imagine that you have 4.5 billion hands. Marg's World Taco Bistro, with locations in Cherry Creek, LoDo and Uptown, hopes you use at least a couple of those hands to shovel some of its tacos into your mouth. Maybe even braised lamb tacos, which Marg's has been testing at the Cherry Creek location. And that's not all that's new at Marg's: The company is also expanding into new markets with two new restaurant concepts.

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Em's Ice Cream Freezes Production Due to Organic Milk Shortage

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Photo courtesy of Em's Facebook page
Most of us don't think much about the supply chain; grocery stores and restaurants just put the food out for us and we buy it. But every once in a while, something happens to remind us that there are farmers, ranchers and living plants and animals at the beginning of that chain. Bad weather or syndicated crime in Mexico can cause the price of limes to jump tenfold. Or, as is the case with Em's Ice Cream, whose mobile carts can be found on the 16th Street Mall and at farmers' markets around town, drought conditions in California mean that ice cream-maker Andrew Silverman may have to halt production because his milk supplier has cut off shipments.

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Lechuga's Has Been Sold, Owners Retiring

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for lechuga's outside.jpg
Lechuga's, one of the last old-school red-sauce joints lingering in the once Italian-heavy Lower Highland neighborhood (LoHi to hipsters, but simply the northside to longtime residents) has been sold and is throwing a retirement celebration for owners Chuck Lechuga and Rachael Vigil tomorrow. The Lechuga's building -- with its parking lots -- was advertised for sale at $3 million a year and a half ago, but at least one sale fell through. Now, however, it's apparently a done deal.

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A Bird or a Plane? No, Just the Pierce Brothers at Stoic & Genuine

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Mark Antonation
This guy would look good in tights, says Jorel Pierce of his brother Kael at Stoic & Genuine.
Chef Jorel Pierce of Stoic & Genuine is no stranger to publicity, with an appearance on season ten of Bravo's Top Chef as well as additional camera time as Jen Jasinski's sous chef on Top Chef Masters. But if you've been to the new oyster house in Union Station, you may have been confused by a sighting of Pierce -- or someone who looks enough like him to cause a double-take -- working the front of the house. It's actually his brother Kael, who's on the waitstaff there and was also on the opening team at Euclid Hall and at Rioja before that. Fans of the Superman comic book and movies franchises may also notice their names have a familiar ring.

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Chef Hosea Rosenberg Talks Blackbelly Market and Free Tacos

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Lauren Monitz
Hosea Rosenberg at Blackbelly working with a whole hog.
Like tacos? How about free tacos? We do too. Sea Cuisine -- a packaged frozen fish company -- is bringing its mobile taco truck to various markets across the country and pairing with notable local chefs to help develop the recipes. They'll be in Denver through August 14 in various locations, handing out the goods to engage the community and push the brand. More interesting that frozen fish, though, is the guy you may find serving the tacos. Top Chef winner and Boulder catering-company owner Hosea Rosenberg says he'll be "helping out at the taco bar at Coors Field on Wednesday afternoon from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m."

In advance of tomorrow's appearance, we caught up with Rosenberg to see how he got involved with Sea Cuisine and, more importantly, to find out about the big things on the horizon at Blackbelly Market, where he's ramping up for a new restaurant and butcher shop to complement the catering business.

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Watching the World Cup with the American Outlaws at the British Bulldog

British Bulldog's Facebook profile.
There's no room inside the British Bulldog by kickoff, but luckily for you, the party spills outside during the World Cup.

The British Bulldog may be the most American bar in Denver during the FIFA World Cup. Go to one its parties during a USA match through July, and prepare to be serenaded by multiple Bruce Springsteen songs, stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the sun and get an occasional drop of beer spilled on you.

You'll love every minute of it.

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Empanada Express Grill closes original location in Golden

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Some of Denver's most popular South American restaurants are devoted to empanadas -- but they're going through a few changes.

Empanada Express Grill started as a cart that served up fluffy empanadas on the streets of Golden, then opened a brick-and-mortar location in a quiet spot in that town. Too quiet. That restaurant, as well as a second location that opened last year on East Colfax Avenue, is now closed. "Our owner had a baby and didn't have enough time for all three locations," explains a server at Empanada Express's' northwest Denver location, the last one standing. It continues to serve up its namesake empanadas, plus an array of such Venezuelan specialties as hallacas, tostadas, griddled arepas, paella, a variety of fresh chilled juices, and tropical milkshakes.

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In the kitchen with Carrie Shores, exec chef of Table 6: summer heirloom tomato salad


"This heirloom tomato salad represents me as a chef, pure and simple," says Carrie Shores, exec chef of Table 6 and the subject of this week's Chef and Tell interview. The salad, a dish on the restaurant's current menu "is how I eat every day, and now is the perfect time to make use of the state's tummy tomatoes," she adds, noting it's a "perfect celebration of summer." Included, too, is a recipe for the gluten-free kalamata olive flatbread at Table 6. "The dough is so versatile that it'll become a staple in your kitchen, even for people who typically don't eat a gluten-free diet," insists Shores.

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Five reasons why it's perfectly okay to breastfeed in restaurants

Annnnnnd Chick-Fil-A is in the news again...
In yet another demographic-alienating screw-up, an employee at a Tennessee Chick-Fil-A approached a woman who was breastfeeding in the store's play area and asked her to cover up. The woman said didn't want to throw a towel over her child because the hungry tot would just push it away -- and by law she didn't have to cover up, anyway, because breastfeeding is perfectly legal in Tennessee. With or without cover.

The Chick-fil-A employee apologized. Smart move, because Chick-fil-A is obsessed with reminding us how family-friendly it is. And that means it should be best friends with breast-feeding mothers. Here are five reasons why:

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