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Cheap, Easy Web


While reading Seventeen’s latest issue, I found out about a website that has everything from apparel to costumes. The best part…great prices! We would all love to have the time to go out to shop, but with school, homework, studying, and jobs, it can be hard to find the extra time. Shopping on the web makes things a lot easier -- you can even pull up a separate window to shop while doing homework! So where do you find great shoes, clothing, and accessories at a great price? A little website called The site features both men's an women's clothing, and also has great Halloween costumes. For my money, it’s the best place to shop on the web!

-- Sarah Bolliger

Secondhand Sartorialism: Nothing New Under the Sun

%26.jpgMy obsession with vintage clothing has been a large part of who I am for about as long as I can remember. Sure, some could interpret such an obsession as my just being superficial, but I like to think of myself as someone who has an eye for quality and a love for pieces that have stood the test of time—pieces with history, with love literally worn into them. This obsession has given me quite the wandering eye over the years. I know that sounds naughty, but it really isn’t. It just means that I’ve fallen for pieces that I can never own. Pieces that I’ve glimpsed as their owner rode by on a bicycle, strolled by on the mall, or stood next to me at a bar. Sometimes, I have to say something, simply must let their wearer know how amazing their piece is-- which is what happened with Zed’s boots.

Zed is one of the students in the French class that I recently started taking, and it did not take long for a vintage lover like me to notice that he has a pretty darn impressive collection of great vintage pieces—especially his square-toed boots. Dark leather and worn in just enough to look worn without looking broken down, they are of a style that lends itself equally well to dressing up or down and, aesthetically, they are quite possibly perfect. Zed has such a knack for wearing vintage clothing, and for making it his own, that I simply had to ask him to share his thoughts on shopping, and wearing, secondhand. I’m glad that I did, because I believe that you’ll agree that he has quite an interesting take on the merits of secondhand sartorialism.

Name: Zed Ireland
Age: 22
Occupation: Full Time English Student
Hometown: Denver
Shirt: Vintage Shop
Jeans: Friend
Shoes: Vintage Shop

Do you wear a lot of vintage? A fair amount. Roughly half of my wardrobe is vintage or secondhand.

How long have you been into vintage? I got started off thrifting a few years ago but have really gotten into it in the past year.

When getting dressed, are you generally drawn to your vintage items first? Are they the “building blocks” of your wardrobe? Yes, I consider my vintage articles to be the staples of my wardrobe as well as the most fashionable.

When you go to a secondhand shop or sale what do you check out first? Sometimes I’ll have something specific in mind (i.e. a shirt or vest) but most often I just head towards whatever catches my eye.

Do you have a favorite piece that you ever found at a thrift store, yard sale or vintage shop? Yes, my red leather jacket. It’s absolutely my best find yet.

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Incroyables by Melissa May Spring 2009 Fashion Show


Melissa May, one of Denver's most talented local fashion designers, will be premiering her retro beach inspired Spring 2009 line tonight at 9 p.m. at the Colorado History Museum, 1300 Broadway.

Followers of the Denver fashion scene will no doubt have seen May's work by now, but this is her first solo show in Denver. She is known for her feminine frocks with gorgeous detail and I for one cannot wait to see what she has to show us. Tickets to the event are $10 at the door. For more information, click here.

-- Aubrey Shoe

Make fashion out of food for the Whole Foods Challenge

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Remember how the designers got all crafty and constructed sweaters out of mop heads and dresses out of plastic cups in the first episode of the current season of Project Runway? Well, with the Whole Foods Challenge you, too, can construct fashion out of food and food-related products and you'll even get the opportunity to have them judged at Tamarac Square's Fall into Fashion show on October 2.

How do you enter? Just head on down to the Tamarac Whole Foods, 7400 East Hampden, today, September 17, to register. You'll need a proof of purchase from the store, but you can shop confidently knowing that not only are you stocking up on useful projects for your future as a reigning couturier, but 5% of your purchase will benefit the Creative Expression Center. For more information, visit

-- Aubrey Shoe

Style Swap


Style trends are changing almost everyday. Five days a week, I am confined to the halls of my school, where I see teen fashion all around me. What happens when guys and girls swap their “norms” of style? I see the guys taking on skinny jeans -- tighter then the girls -- as well as wearing low v-cut T’s. They are fearless of color and patterns -- neon, argyle, and splatter paint are just a few of the designs seen on a guys clothing.


And the girls are sure adding a more masculine touch! Looser fitting clothes like the “boyfriend” jean -- a baggy yet comfy jean that we are used to seeing on guys is becoming popular for girls. Then there is the baggy sweaters and hoodies that have become popular in darker colors and simple stripes. This generation is fearless of challenging society's norms and willing to experience the other side!

-- Sarah Bolliger

The hipsters of Monolith

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monoliths-most-hipster-y-hipsters_2544637_36.jpg Slide show

Plenty of people had a fashion statement to make at last weekend's Monolith festival. Don't believe me? Check out the slide show and vote for your favorite hipster. Nothing like watching all the hipsters trying to out hip each other.

Film and fashion at the Toofy Film Fest

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If you like supporting local fashion designers and independent film makers, then this weekend's Toofy Film Festival in Boulder is for you. For only $20 you can get a pass for all 6 independent films to be screened, plus access to the Toofy After Party Fashion Show at 10 p.m. Saturday night at the Boulder Theater. The fashion show will feature work by Fallene Wells, Tricia Hoke, Carol Meir, Melissa May, Francis Roces, and Brenda B. Designs.

Oh, and did I mention that the $20 charge also includes a shirt! For more infomation, visit the Toofy website.

-- Aubrey Shoe

Let it rain

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I don’t know if my theory holds, but I think global warming signals a heavier chance of rain on the Front Range in the spring and fall. But if I’m right, we all need to buy a good pair of rain boots immediately. Luckily, deciding to do so is just half the fun. The choices out there are astounding.


To begin with, it’s only a short surf to, a website overflowing with adorable and guaranteed sloshable rain boots by a slew of manufacturers. There, I’m in love with Chooka’s Ed Hardy-style Koi boots ($59.99), a slick pair of Mondrian-esque kitten heels from Jeffrey Campbell ($39.99) and pretty much the entire rain boot line by Capelli New York (also $39.99). And for those with a lighter pocketbook, Target’s admirable knockoffs, including purple plaid, retro bird, and other fanciful designs, sell for only $24.99, and look just as hot. Look in-store or visit And by all means, surf further if you like, the water’s fine.


Just one more thing: If you’re out and about in the rain as I am, consider investing in a VERY GOOD UMBRELLA. Don’t even dream of picking up one of those accidents-waiting-to-happen they sell at Walgreen’s. Shell out and buy something extra large and very sturdy, or at least search the thrift shops for a used one. It probably belonged to someone dead, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (mine, a gift, once belonged to my friend’s father, and I always feel especially safe under its storied wing). Now you’re ready for anything.

– Susan Froyd

Celebrate local furniture and lighting designers

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Students from The Art Institute of Colorado's Industrial Design program will have a chance to exhibit their work alongside the masters of modern design tonight at the Design Within Reach studio in Cherry Creek North, 2500 East Second Avenue. The exhibit will feature 19 designs that were picked for their innovation and creativity. There will be a drink and hors d’oeurves reception from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight and fans of modern design can make a game of trying to distinguish the work of Saarinen, Starck and Noguchi from the student's offerings.

For more information on the Art Institute of Colorado, click here.

-- Aubrey Shoe