The Urban Hippie Goes Back to School

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and we are all racing out to do our back to school shopping. It's important to keep in mind your own unique style, while also nodding to the fashions and styles of fall.

If your style is: “Urban Hippie”

Look for Hippie inspired tops that are oversized creating a flow.

Cross Stitch Accent Tunic - $27.80 Forever 21

With an oversized, flowing shirt, you don’t want to add any more volume. Look for a skinny jean to wear on the bottom.

Urban Skinny Jean - $15.80 Forever 21

If your shirt has embroidering on it, don’t wear a chunky necklace, this will only add chaos! A sweet chain with some beads will be perfect!

Ambra Vintage Charm Necklace - $4.80 Forever 21

During daytime, pick a casual shoe, like a sandal for comfort and style!

Tease Floral Sandal - $14.80 Forever 21

-- Sarah Bolliger

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