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On August 24, the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee will throw 24 parties for the 54 official delegations to the Democratic National Convention. If you do the math, you’ll see that some delegations are doubling, even tripling up. In some cases, the delegations requested their partying partners. In others, the committee grouped delegations together because they were staying at nearby hotels.

As for Florida and Michigan, the disgraced delegations, there are no official festivities in their honor. But if those delegates want to meet us at Lola -- whose deck looks off on the Pepsi Center, where they will go unrecognized the next day when the convention starts -- we'll buy the margs! -- Patricia Calhoun

The complete list of party venues (in alphabetical order) and the delegations assigned to them:
Belmar Center : Alaska, Indiana, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Tennessee
Blair Caldwell Library: Democrats Abroad, Virgin Islands
Botanic Gardens: South Carolina
Center for the Visual Arts: Georgia
Colorado History Museum: Arkansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin
Denver Art Museum: Illinois
Denver Chophouse: Kansas
Denver Public Library: Iowa
Denver Zoo: Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota
Downtown Aquarium: Connecticut, Delaware, Missouri
Exdo Event Center: California
Grant Humphries: Minnesota
Governor's Mansion: Colorado
Hudson Gardens: New Jersey
The Lab at Belmar: American Samoa, Guam, Idaho, Hawaii
Museo de las Americas: District of Columbia
Museum of Nature & Science: Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah
Palazzo Verdi (Tech Center): Nebraska, Oklahoma
Phipps Mansion: New Hampshire, Vermont
Phipps Pavilion: Mississippi, Montana, Wyoming
Pinnacle Club: New York
Red Rocks: North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
Wildlife Experience: Texas
Wings Over the Rockies: Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Oregon, Washington

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