CNN at the DNC: delicious!

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Belly up to the bar.

After getting through the security line outside the Pepsi Center on Wednesday afternoon with much more ease than had been the case the day before, I decided to try out the pass I'd obtained for the CNN Grill, located in the Brooklyn's restaurant space. At first, my laminate seemed far less than magic; the guy at the door told me the main space was at capacity, but I could feel free to hang out on the patio -- which was a lot like lingering on the sidewalk, only with catering. Fortunately, the guard's supervisor gave me the nod when I told him I only wanted to look around for a few minutes, as opposed to sitting down and ordering a nine-course meal. And what did I discover? No broadcasts underway and no CNN celebrities (although I did spot Anderson Cooper on the way out). Instead, the place was a lot like going to Brooklyn's. Sometimes it's better to settle for your imagination... -- Michael Roberts

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