David Gregory at the DNC: at last, you're mine

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NBC's David Gregory.

During the Democratic National Convention, the back corridors of the Pepsi Center didn't only serve as a staging area for carefully planned "spontaneous" demonstrations. They also led to green rooms and dressing rooms for assorted media organizations -- and lucky thing. Over the past two days, I tried to take photos of a number of broadcast personalities with my bottom-of-the-line cell phone as I was being jostled on the arena floor, with predictable results. Did I capture Wolf Blitzer? Nope -- both shots were too blurry. Anderson Cooper? Saw him outside the CNN Grill, but when I snapped, my finger was partly over the aperture. Professional! Worst of all, my second attempt at memorializing the glory that is Fox News' Shepard Smith failed miserably. So thank you, David Gregory, of NBC fame, for standing still long enough to stay in focus. You're The Latest Word winner by default. -- Michael Roberts

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