Busting Cindy Adams' balls, and other WTF moments from the Democratic National Convention


We awoke this morning and wouldn't you know it: The stench has lifted. You know, that smell that hung heavily all week -- that subtle mix of patriotism (the proud delegates) and patchouli (the street whores), with a touch of bad-ass (Obama) and a slight whiff of bullshit (still Obama). It's wafting its way north now, through the plains to St. Paul, where it will crawl up the noses of every Republican in Minnesota and, if they're not careful, a few unlucky Canadians.

We, of course, are left behind to pick up the pieces, to try to figure out what the hell just happened. So, here, a look back at the week that was. After all, it was the only time in Denver's history that a white-haired, white-collared old man wearing coke-bottle glasses will sit at the bar at LoDo's swanky Spill, watching CNN and sipping Glenlivet. We better not forget it. -- Joe Tone

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Shepard Fairey, creator of iconic Obama 'Hope' poster, arrested at DNC

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Artist Shepard Fairey's images have been widely used throughout the campaign.

One hundred-fifty two people were arrested during DNC protest events in Denver this past week, for charges ranging from "assault on a police officer" to "throwing stones or missiles." But buried in the list is the name Frank S. Fairey, which contemporary art fans will recognize as the birth name for one of the most famous street artists in the world: Shepard Fairey.

While most of the individuals were in town to demonstrate against the Democrats, Fairey was in Denver as part of the Manifest Hope gallery show featuring art inspired by Barack Obama. The multi-toned poster Fairey created of Obama's face -- coupled with words like "HOPE" and "PROGRESS" -- have become ubiquitous icons of the campaign, appearing on billboards, t-shirts, hats and even the current cover of 5280 magazine.

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DNC Cops: Chillin' Like Villians

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I'll say this first: I walked and rode around downtown a lot this week, and every cop I saw -- including some being taunted by protesters -- were very chill, patient, and totally unlike the officer who struck the Code Pink protester in the face (allegedly). So this slide show of DNC cops is not intended to depict them as anything less than hard-working public servants.

Except maybe the dude macking on that lady. That guy should get back to work. -- Joe Tone

Protesters get hosed at anti-war march -- by a supporter.

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Marilyn Blackelk stepped out on the front porch of her small, weathered house in North Denver when she saw a massive anti-war march plodding down Brighton Boulevard. Over 200 cops, 50 police vehicles, a helicopter and a gigantic crowd control tank known as the “BEAR” had the procession of mostly young people surrounded as it moved toward the city in the blazing sun.

“I thought, if they’re marching, they must be hot,” Blackelk says.

Dressed in military uniform, the Iraq Veterans Against the War led the march, followed by 3,000 to 4,000 supporters, most of whom had just exited yesterday’s Rage Against the Machine concert at the Denver Coliseum around 2:30pm. An hour and a half later, the march had only made it about a mile – with three more to go to the Pepsi Center where delegates were arriving for the DNC.

Marilyn, who lives in one of the few homes along the industrial strip, decided to turn on her garden hose and offer to spray down anyone who might be hot. She had no idea how hot they were. In droves, marchers ran across the street for a quick spray in the face or to fill water bottles.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” a twentysomething female yelled as the hose was turned on her. “Now we can march.”

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Stop Bird Porn: The leading contenders for weirdest, most worthless DNC protesters

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Of all the rare birds gathered on the mall for the DNC, the Stop Bird Porn people may just be the strangest quacks out there. And while those are two brilliant, brilliant fucking bird puns I just hit you with, the fact remains, what the shit, man? I’ve yet to see them in person, but three different reports of their presence have come my way, as well as some of their propaganda. Seems word has gotten out that I’m quite the bird watcher, and seeing as I’m also completely sick, people seem to enjoy telling me that there exists a group out there calling all bird-watchers perverts, and then laughing in my smut-peddling face.

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Live Blog: Tent State University Music Festival to End the War

State Radio's Chad Urmston

UPDATES BELOW: With photos from Rage and the Flobots. Oh yeah, and the cops have the place surrounded.

It's just after 11 a.m. and things are just getting underway at the Denver Coliseum. State Radio just took the stage and is in the midst of playing an energetic set in front of a half-filled arena. Folks are steadily filing in, while members of the Iraq Veterans Against the War -- some in all black T-shirts emblazoned with their name and some in full military regalia -- are milling about backstage and gathering in clusters to organize themselves for the planned post-show march. The general vibe thus far is mellow. The overall feeling at this point among folks is mostly shared excitement to see Rage, with an slight, underlying sense of anxiety, wondering what, exactly, is going to happen later on in the day when the post-show march takes place. Between songs, State Radio's frontman, Chad Urmston, briefly engaged the crowd. "I think we all realize that this is the real deal," he said. "Not what's going on down at the Pepsi Center. If we hold Obama to a high standard, we can hopefully turn this country around... It's a dream for us to share the stage with Rage."

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Protesters to delegates: "Broncos suck!"

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Our man on the scene -- OK, he stumbled on the scene on his way to get a beer -- reports that a large group of delegates just ambled past the protesers' cage, where exactly four activists were holding things down. Their message to the passing delegates (none of whom, presumably, are from Denver):

"Broncos suck!"

Well said, folks.

Update: Cops trying to search anarchist headquarters

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At about 12:30 p.m. today, police officers showed up at the UnConventional Action Convergence Center near 44th Avenue and Brighton Street, a space the anarchist group has rented as a staging ground for its Democratic National Convention protest activities that's approximately a hundred yards from the Denver Colisieum, where Rage Against the Machine and other bands are playing this afternoon.

Activists say that three members of the anarchist group were on a dirt lot in back of the facility, painting large banners to be used in a protest march this afternoon being organized by the Iraq Veterans Against the War, when a police vehicle pulled up. Officers pointed to the PVC piping and bricks being used to hold down the banner for painting, then arrested two members of the group and took them away. Police also detained several other individuals as they exited the rear door of the building.

The police then asked to have access to the space but were denied. When Westword and other members of the media arrived at the scene, the police said they were attempting to attain a warrant to search the building.

Police have not yet arrived with a warrant, and all but four of the officers have left the scene. They confiscated the PVC piping,the bricks -- and the banner.

-- Jared Jacang Maher

New photos of protester being struck by police officer at DNC

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A photo of a woman about to be struck by an officer named Stewart.

A Westword staff member took photographs before and after a woman was struck by a police officer during an August 26 protest near Civic Center Park; They can be seen below.

In an August 27 Rocky Mountain News' report on the story, which includes a video that is also viewable by clicking "More," the officer in question isn't identified. However, an enhanced version of the photo seen here clearly shows the name on the officer's uniform to be "Stewart." It also includes the number "0520."

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Buddy Moore and the truth about 9/11

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The 9/11 Truth movement may have found a friend in Buddy Moore, who is running for the U.S. Senate as an independent.


Buddy Moore's bus.

Moore’s giant, and questionably road-worthy, bus led a contingent of Truthers down 14th Street Tuesday, while someone inside — likely Moore himself — shouted something unintelligible into the bus’s P.A.

It’s safe to say that Moore has now distinguished himself from Democratic and Republican candidates Mark Udall and Bob Schaffer on the issue of 9/11, and may have even come up with something those two can agree on. -- Jonathan Shikes