Cannabis Time Capsule, 1921: Pill Dealing in Downtown Denver

Here's a tale of illegal pill dealing from 1921 in Denver, though frankly it could be from any Thursday afternoon walking through Civic Center Park or parts of the 16th Street Mall today.

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Reader: Pot Profilers in Nebraska Don't Need a Reason to Pull Over Colorado Cars

A Nebraska highway checkpoint.
In our post about the arrest of two Coloradans in Nebraska for transporting 99.6 pounds of marijuana, we noted previous reports about pot profiling in which folks driving cars with Colorado plates were pulled over for extremely minor infractions. In response, one reader tells the tale of a traffic stop with even less of a pretext.

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Is the McRib Your Idea of Good Barbecue, Denver? Really?

Categories: Denver Blogs

Denver blog posts almost never grimace.

At our Cafe Society blog, Patricia Calhoun spotlights the view of a reader who thinks people in Denver consider the McRib to be good barbecue.

Mile High Report shares everything you need to know about the Broncos 27-3 victory over the Cowboys in the (meaningless?) final game of the 2014 preseason.

Colorado Pols: Immigration protesters confront Paul Ryan in Thornton.

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Robin Kniech on Condo Construction, Revisions to City's Affordable Housing Ordinance
Last year, we told you about the dearth of condo construction in the Denver metro area. Some say the reason that developers are steering clear of building condos is that most projects end up as the subject of costly construction-defect lawsuits. One of the local policy makers concerned about this issue is Denver Councilwoman Robin Kniech, who spearheaded a recent push to revise the city's Inclusionary Housing Ordinance to encourage developers to build more affordable units.

Does she think the revised ordinance will result in more condos in Denver?

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Don't Bend Over: Michael Schwairy Busted for Taking Photo Up Teen's Skirt

Michael Schwairy. More photos below.
When we told the disgusting story of Joshua Vohs, whose crimes included using a shoe camera to take photos up women's skirts, we hoped we'd heard the last of this particular offense. But no: Michael Schwairy, 27, has been charged with doing the same thing, albeit using a higher-tech device: an iPhone. And to make the alleged crime that much creepier, the victim was a seventeen-year-old girl.

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Photos: See Aurora Cops Repeatedly Attacked by Police Dogs -- For a Good Cause

Categories: Photos

A photo from the Aurora Police Department Facebook page. More images below.
The folks who manage the Aurora Police Department Facebook page have built a reputation for sharing unusual and interesting pics, including the ones that inspired our galleries spotlighting badass Aurora cops of the '50s, the '70s and the '80s. But its latest collection may its quirkiest yet -- photos from a recent fundraiser at Dora's Mexican Restaurant & Lounge for the APD's K9 unit in which officers are repeatedly attacked by the police dogs with which they work. Check out a sampling of the action-packed shots below and click here to see the complete album.

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Photos: WOLF Sanctuary Facebook Page Hacked Via NSFW Posts

Categories: Tech
Part of a photo posted on the Wolf Sanctuary's now-former Facebook page. NSFW images and more below.
Nonprofit organizations must work long and hard to create sizable Facebook followings. So imagine the distress of the folks at Colorado's WOLF Sanctuary when they discovered that their page, which earned more than 277,000 likes, had been hacked via risque photos that seemed to have been placed by the organization itself. The NSFW images and details below.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers' Road Warrior Riders Enjoy the Apocalypse

Photo by Jake Shane. More pics below.
This week's Denver Cruiser Ride theme was "Road Warriors," and that was appropriate, since the weather was positively apocalyptic -- or at least it rained a bit. That didn't stop the Cruisers, though, and as a bonus, their end-of-the-world costumes helped repel the moisture. Check out Jake Shane's photos of the fun below.

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Twenty Reasons Why Denver Sucks and You Shouldn't Move Here -- Please!
More images below.
We're pretty sure the hater whose thirteen reasons why Colorado sucks elephant balls we recently shared wasn't joking. In contrast, the folks who created the "Denver Sucks, Don't Move Here" poster for sale on Etsy seems to realize the Mile High City is a great place -- so great, in fact, that it's necessary to pretend it sucks to prevent too many people from moving here.

The poster features so many funny reasons why folks shouldn't relocate that we decided to spotlight them one at a time. Count down our twenty favorites below, and to get a copy of your own (they're available for just $15), click here.

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George Graham ID'd as CU Boulder Student Found Dead, Cause of Death Unclear

George Graham in a Facebook photo. More images below.
On Tuesday, as we've reported, a CU Boulder student died at Stearns West, part of the Williams Village dormitory complex. That student has now been identified as George Graham, 21, but a cause of death has not yet been determined. Here's what we've learned thus far about a promising young man who lost his life much too soon.

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