Cannabis Time Capsule, 1896: Mescaline Similar to Marijuana, But Not Really

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This January 15, 1896 story, "Joy for the Topers" (old-timer slang for drunks), mentions cannabis in passing, but the majority of the piece is on the wonders and joys of eating peyote and mescaline -- notable, mostly, because it was written some seventy years before Hunter S. Thompson and his peyote-clutching fist iconography nearly took over in the area.

So here is the one-sided, slightly racist account of mescaline in America, according to the Aspen Daily Times.

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Take Your Pick From the Ten Best December Events in Comedy, Film and Geekdom

Categories: Denver Blogs

Denver Blogs are in a food coma, but they're starting to wake up.

Here are our ten best geek events, ten best comedy events and ten best movie events for the upcoming month.

Westword's Backbeat writers pick five great shows to see this weekend instead of shopping.

And the Cafe Society blog lists its five more best -- and worst -- new food products to get you through the holidays, including Sriracha pizza.

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Reader Says: Denver Doesn't Have to Do Garish, Tasteless and Riotous

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And that means that people will be heading downtown to look at all the lights; the city will switch on the annual extravaganza at 6 p.m. today, and it will continue downtown through the new year -- and at the Denver City and County Building through the end of January, until the National Western Stock Show leaves town. This year's display is the culmination of a trend that began a century ago, when the first illuminated outdoor Christmas tree was created in Denver. But traditional doesn't equal tasteful.

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Top Ten Colorado Inventions, From Christmas Lights to Getting Lit

The best version of one of Colorado's best inventions: The Humboldt cheeseburger.
From its rolling prairies to its purple mountains majesty, Colorado is full of natural beauty. But this state is also home to many manmade marvels, too, including the some of the country's best craft beer and numerous inventions. Here are our ten favorites...

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Denver Showed It Had the Light Stuff a Century Ago, With the First Christmas Tree

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Colorado Inside Out Travels Back in Time for Four Episodes Tonight

Colorado Inside Out, 1951-style.
Travel back in time tonight on Colorado Public Television, which will be reprising four of the Emmy Award-winning Time Machine shows that the crew behind Colorado Inside Out, the Friday night public affairs program, creates every year. The weekly, Friday night CIO usually focuses on current events; these Time Machine shows, under the careful guidance of co-producer and CIO sound designer Larry Patchett, transport the concept back in history.

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Sand Creek Massacre: 150th Anniversary Events Begin Tomorrow at National Historic Site

Joe Big Medicine and other tribal descendents on the steps of the State Capitol in 2013.
On Wednesday, December 3, after five days and 170 miles, the fifteenth annual Sand Creek Massacre Healing Run will end with a ceremony on the steps of the State Capitol, where descendants of Arapaho and Cheyenne tribe members killed at Sand Creek will join with more tribal representatives, historians, politicians and other supporters in commemorating the 150th anniversary of that dark chapter in Colorado history.

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Photos of the 2013 Sand Creek Massacre Healing Run

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The $6 Million Narc: What Trinidad Could Learn From Botched Texas Drug Stings
This week's Westword cover story, "The Snitch Who Stole Christmas," examines the aftermath of a 2013 police investigation that led to the arrests of forty people in Trinidad for allegedly selling heroin, meth, and other drugs to two undercover informants. The cases were so riddled with legal and procedural problems -- having to do with lax police work, fake drugs and informants with multiple motives for staging buys that may not have happened -- that all of them were eventually thrown out of court, but not before several of the accused had lost jobs and suffered other damage from the operation.

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Pot-Related Souvenir Sales Decision Could Take a Few Weeks at DIA

Thumbnail image for pot.shirts.dia.565x300.jpg
Denver International Airport is suffering through one of its busiest weeks of the year as Thanksgiving travelers jam the ticket and security lines, baggage claims and cab stands, and the restaurants and souvenir shops. And while their suitcases may be full of warm sweaters, early holiday presents and leftover pie, travelers won't be able to find many last-minute marijuana-themed souvenirs while they're waiting for a delayed flight.

And soon, DIA may not allow the sale of any pot-themed merchandise at all.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Cannabis For Health in Denver

For being so out in the open, the dispensary is really quite hidden on a small retail stretch of Pearl Street at East Alameda Avenue, anchored by a convenience store across the street that doubles as the cash-only dispensary's ATM. I've probably driven past it 1,000 times in the last five years and never noticed the tiny, two-story gingerbread house -- which I realized instantly was a real shame when I finally stepped inside.

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Colorado's Cannabis Credit Union Moving Forward

Categories: Marijuana

For years, financial hassles have forced a multimillion-dollar industry to rely almost entirely on cash and to keep any bank accounts under hush-hush names because fed-fearing financial institutions are wary of doing business with state-legal pot shops. But dispensaries in Colorado are finally seeing a ray of hope, now that a marijuana banking co-op that received its charter from the state is moving forward with plans to open in the new year.

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