Photos: I, Too, Am CU Shatters More Stereotypes One Sign at a Time
More photos below.
This past April, we told you about I, Too, Am CU, a powerful tumblr and Facebook campaign that features photos of students from underrepresented groups posing with signs to both highlight and undermine the most prevalent stereotypes they confront on a daily basis. Since then, the messages have been amplified by more posts celebrating differences at an institution that's more diverse than it may seem at first blush. Check out twenty fresh examples below.

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Good Parenting? See Facebook Video of Mom Following Truant Daughter to School

Categories: Videos
Rickilee Durrant in a Facebook video made by her mom, Jeannie Crutchfield. Clips below.
Is posting a humiliating Facebook video okay if it's done by a mom trying to get her allegedly truant daughter to stay in school? That's the question posed by a clip shared by Jeannie Crutchfield, a mom in Casper, Wyoming, that shows her trailing daughter Rickilee Durrant through her high school while declaring that she's going to sit beside the teen during the day's classes to make sure she sticks around.

No surprise that the video went viral and attracted the attention of outlets such as 7News, which racked up around 30,000 views for the three-minute opus on its own Facebook page. But is this the kind of parenting that should be encouraged? Decide for yourself: Below, see the original video (if the box is black, a click should start it playing) and a 7News piece featuring Crutchfield explaining her motives.

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Marijuana: Getting the MMJ Basics From Cannabis Pharmacy

Categories: Marijuana

Photo by Robert Fisher
The author of Cannabis Pharmacy, Michael Backes, will be discussing and signing the book at 7 p.m. this evening at the Tattered Cover LoDo, 1628 16th Street. So what can readers expect from this "sensible guide to medical marijuana?"

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Reader: Jeffco's Julie Williams Using Texas as a History Curriculum Role Model is Frightning
Jefferson County School Board member Julie Williams in a photo tweeted by 9News.
In our coverage of the controversy over a proposed Jefferson County Schools history curriculum committee tasked with emphasizing patriotism and downplaying civil disorder, we shared school board member Julie Williams's press release citing the Texas State Board of Education's actions along similar lines. This suggestion didn't thrill a number of our readers, including this one.

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Ello: The Next Facebook or a Pretender to the Social Media Throne?

Categories: Denver Blogs

Denver blog posts are all about socializing.

At our Show and Tell blog, Bree Davies tells the origin story of Ello, a new social network created right here in Colorado.

Big Media: "Gardner cites nonexistent entity as backer of his contraception proposal."

Colorado Peak Politics charges Senator Mark Udall with lying about the specifics of a 1973 bust for marijuana and, reportedly, amphetamines.

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Donna Gregory Masterminded Home Invasion in Which Her Grandfather Was Assaulted?

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Donna Gregory. Additional photos and more below.
Donna Gregory is just eighteen, but she's already being called a mastermind, albeit of a crime that injured her own grandfather.

Continue for details about the home invasion that led to Gregory's arrest, as well as pending charges against her and three older cohorts who are said to be members of a "break-in group."

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The Sand Creek Massacre Is a Textbook Lesson in What Happens When History Is Rewritten

National Parks Service
Living history: The site of the Sand Creek Massacre.
References to the Sand Creek Massacre are everywhere these days, including page 55 of the new AP United States History course, one of the most controversial -- if unread -- documents in Colorado and the focus of the proposed curriculum review committee that a few members of the Jefferson County Public Schools Board of Education would like to start. They'll be discussing that proposal, as well as the temerity of the students who've walked out in protest, at tomorrow night's meeting. Not on their agenda: the dangers of rewriting history.

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Macyo January Found Guilty of Killing Pregnant Newlyweds Whitney Butler and David Dunlap

A family photo of Whitney Butler and David Dunlap. More images and a video below.
Macyo January was four months shy of eighteen when he allegedly murdered David Dunlap and Whitney Butler; she'd recently married the Fort Carson soldier and was pregnant.

Prosecutors ultimately decided to try January as an adult for the shocking crime -- and now a jury has found him guilty on all counts. Details, additional photos and more below.

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James Holmes Trial Can Be Televised, Judge Rules, But No TV Cameras in Courtroom

Andy Cross/Denver Post
The courtroom where the trial will take place as it appeared in June 2013.
The media can broadcast the trial of accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, the judge in the case has ruled. But the television stations won't be able to set up their own camera in the courtroom, as they'd requested. Instead, they'll be allowed to broadcast footage captured by a closed-circuit camera mounted to the courtroom ceiling.

Judge Carlos Samour explained why he's allowing the trial to be televised in an order on view below: "While the media can generally serve as the public's surrogate, members of the public should have the opportunity to see firsthand their justice system at work."

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Rocky a Republican? Nuggets Mascot Appears at GOP Event, Pissing Off Team

Categories: Politics, Sports
Rocky at a Monday event in a photo tweeted and then deleted by @ColoGOP. More images below.
Is Denver Nuggets super-mascot Rocky a Republican? Signs point to "yes." On Monday, @ColoGOP tweeted a photo of Rocky at an event for the Grand Old Party. Only problem: Ken Solomon, the man inside the Rocky suit, didn't get an okay from his bosses about the gig -- and afterward, they weren't happy. Photos and details below.

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