Photos: Most wanted DEA fugitives in Denver, part two

Additional photos and more below.
Last week, we shared part one of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration's most wanted fugitives list for its Denver office -- a roster from Colorado and several neighboring states that includes 51 men and women wanted for narco-crimes typically involving heroin, meth, cocaine and marijuana. As you'll notice, the vast majority of them are from Mexico -- although there's at least one Slovenian.

Continue to see the 26 additional fugitives on the roster, featuring photos, descriptions and details about their alleged crimes.

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Interim sheriff Elias Diggins's criminal record adds to 5 incidents spelling Gary Wilson's doom

Interim Denver sheriff Elias Diggins. More photos plus videos and a document below.
As we've documented in a series of blog posts over the past year or so, the Denver Sheriff's Department has been beset by scandals -- so many that yesterday, Mayor Michael Hancock accepted Sheriff Gary Wilson's resignation and appointed Division Chief Elias Diggins to fill the job on an interim basis.

But this attempt to smooth the waters wasn't wholly successful: Last night, news broke that Diggins has a criminal record. Continue for details about that revelation, following a recap of five incidents that helped seal Wilson's fate.

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Marijuana membership clubs supported by two-thirds of respondents in new poll
A photo from the Facebook page of Maryjane's Social Club. More images and a document below.
Earlier this month, we told you about what customers at Maryjane's 420 Shop and Social Club characterized as a raid on the establishment by the Denver Police Department. The DPD doesn't refer to the action this way, but whatever's the most accurate definition, Maryjane's remains closed weeks after the fact.

Such a policy may be tougher to justify in the face of public support for members-only pot clubs -- and in a new poll, a large majority of respondents backed the concept.

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Reader: Rainbow Family members range from sweet souls to criminal douchebags
Our post about a quadruple stabbing tied to a Rainbow Family gathering highlighted the disconnect between the benign, nature-loving image pushed by members and law-enforcement's concern that the group is populated by plenty of criminals and creeps. Our readers had a variety of opinions on the topic, with this comment being among the most evenhanded.

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Denver area's ten best kid-friendly restaurants

Categories: Denver Blogs

Denver blog posts are young at heart.

Our Cafe Society blog lists the ten best metro-area restaurants for diners who want to bring their kids along.

The Colorado Independent: "Desperate fight to save the republic comes to the Western Conservative Summit."

Mile High Report's Bronco Mike asks: "In Brock you trust?"

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Photos: Gruesome Colfax-Speer crash injures seven

Categories: News

A cropped version of a photo tweeted from the scene by 9News. Images and more below.
Update below: A short time ago, a half-dozen Denver police cruisers were crowded into the emergency-center parking lot of Denver Health -- a sure sign that something very bad had just happened. And sure enough, a gruesome crash had taken place near the intersection of Colfax and Speer just prior to 3 a.m., seriously injuring four to five people and closing a major intersection during the lead-up to the week's first rush hour -- although (update at 6:24 a.m.) it's just been reopened. Here's what we know thus far.

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James Holmes videotaped 24 hours a day, seven days a week since his arrest, letter says

Thumbnail image for
Andy Cross/Denver Post
James Holmes in court in June 2013.
Aurora theater shooting gunman James Holmes has been videotaped 24 hours a day, seven days a week since he was detained, according to a letter from the psychiatrist appointed to perform Holmes's second sanity evaluation (on view below). Holmes was arrested on July 20, 2012 in the parking lot of the Aurora Century 16 theater, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting that left twelve people dead and seventy wounded.

See also: James Holmes case: Death penalty foe Bob Autobee's letter to victims stirs controversy

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Photos: See why this year's Colorado Springs PrideFest was the city's biggest ever

More photos below.
Against the backdrop of court rulings striking down same-sex marriage bans comes another indication of change in Colorado: The PrideFest celebration in Colorado Springs was reportedly the city's largest by a very wide margin; police estimate 50,000 attendees this weekend, as opposed to 35,000 last year. To get a sense of the event, check out the following images, culled from KXRM-TV coverage.

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Woman killed near West 14th and Knox Court involved in Fatal Attraction relationship? (7)

Photos from 9News coverage. See more below.
The Denver Police Department hasn't exactly issued a gusher of information about a weekend homicide near the intersection of West 14th Avenue and Knox Court. But reports suggest that the victim is a woman in her thirties who had been involved in what one neighbor characterizes as a Fatal Attraction-style relationship.

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Update: Nancy Styler affidavit suggests William Styler needed help killing Nancy Pfister

A Facebook photo of William and Nancy Styler. Additional images, videos and documents below.
Update: In our most recent coverage of the investigation into Aspen socialite Nancy Pfister's murder (see it below), we noted that the conviction of frail-looking 66-year-old William Styler as the sole person responsible for the killing -- and prosecutors' decision to drop charges against Styler's wife Nancy and a friend, Kathy Carpenter -- had raised questions in part because "the physical actions William described seem to be beyond his capabilities." Now, with the release of Nancy's arrests affidavits, we know law enforcers felt the same way. Continue for more details and the complete document.

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