Santiago Adame-Melchor and Anahit Conejo-Galicoa: Nebraska Cops Find 99 Pounds of Pot

Santiago Adame-Melchor in a photo from his Facebook page. More images below.
Over the past several years, we've told you about alleged marijuana profiling -- drivers of cars with Colorado plates being pulled over by troopers in other states for what are often extremely minor infractions as an excuse to search for cannabis.

A lot of these stops come to nothing -- but every once in a while, cops hit the jackpot, as it were. Take this week's arrest of Aurora's Santiago Adame-Melchor and Anahit Conejo-Galicoa, who were allegedly caught with 99-plus pounds of weed.

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Ten Things Only People From Aurora Understand, According to Movoto

Visit Aurora Facebook page
More photos below.
Aurora doesn't always get a lot of respect, even from folks who live elsewhere in Colorado. But the folks at Movoto aim to amend this oversight via a post highlighting the ten things only people from Aurora understand. The result is intended to change doubters' minds even as it reminds Aurorans why they call the community home.

Below, count down the top ten, supplemented with photos and excerpts from Movoto text. To see the original item, click here.

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CU Boulder Student's Death Casts a Pall on Start of New School Year

Categories: News

Photos from the Williams Village Facebook page. More images below.
Tragedy struck the University of Colorado Boulder community on just the second day of the new school year: A male student was found dead in Stearns West, a dorm that's part of the large and iconic Williams Village complex.

Although there's no indication that a crime led to the student's passing, little information has been released about him thus far. But that hasn't prevented an outpouring of shock and grief among members of the campus community.

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Kristine Kirk Murder: Family Puts Focus on Victim and Kids, Not Pot Edibles Controversy
A family photo of Kristine Kirk. Additional images, a video and more below.
The April 14 murder of Kris Kirk immediately caused a media furor. For one thing, she had been on the phone with a 911 operator for an extended period of time when her husband, Richard Kirk, allegedly shot her to death. For another, a warrant revealed that Richard has consumed a marijuana edible prior to pulling the trigger. While other substances appear to have been in his bloodstream, too (namely prescription meds for back pain), their presence was mostly ignored as controversy over pot candy was heavily hyped.

Through it all, Kirk's family has remained silent. But now, they've spoken out, as well as releasing a moving statement that ignores the cannabis edibles debate to focus on Kris and the loves of her life -- the three sons she left behind. See the complete statement, new photos and more below.

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Marijuana: Fox News Tells Tourists to Trade Their Extra Pot for a Rockies Jersey

Categories: Marijuana, Media
A video and more below.
Given Fox News' conservative slant, it's no surprise that most of the network's coverage about Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana sales has been largely or wholly negative. Take Bill O'Reilly correspondent Jesse Watters's report about 4/20 in Denver, which sought laughs by characterizing attendees as clueless burdens on society.

It's surprising, then, to see Fox News essentially hyping marijuana tourism to Colorado in a new post with an unexpectedly positive tone. Get details below.

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Reader: NFL Thinks Domestic Violence Isn't as Important as Matt Prater Drinking Two Beers
Matt Prater.
Broncos kicker Matt Prater was suspended for four games after failing a test mandated by the NFL as part of his membership in an alcohol-abuse program he entered after a 2011 DUI; his attorney says he drank a couple of beers at home while on vacation. Our post on the topic riled up many of our readers, including this one, who points out that Prater's punishment is twice the length of the one doled out to Baltimore running back Ray Rice after allegedly beating up his then-girlfriend/now-wife.

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Five Great New Drinks to Help You Transition From Summer to Fall in Denver

Categories: Denver Blogs


At our Cafe Society blog, Kevin Galaba serves five new summer-to-fall drinks to try in Denver.

Mile High Mamas' Amber Johnson shares a video of must-watch William Tell mom-isms.

The Colorado Independent's Mike Littwin on death-penalty politics the gutsy and easy ways.

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Marijuana: Some Coloradans Have No Trouble Smoking Pot in Front of U.S. Census Workers

Categories: Marijuana

Westword slide show
Survey says: Many people have tried pot, but fewer light up in front of federal employees.
Have you ever used pot or hash? According to the U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Abstract of the United States, 41 percent of people twelve years and older responded in 2008 that they have -- at least once in their life. We're guessing that number is going to rise in the next report, though, thanks to legalization in Colorado and Washington and changing attitudes elsewhere.

But here's a more specific question. Have you used pot of hash in front of a U.S. Census Bureau employee? Anecdotal evidence would suggest that some of you have -- and at least one census worker is fine with that.

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Queen City Trading Is What LoDo Needs -- So Why Won't It Open in the New Union Station?

When one train pulls out of the station, another pulls in. That's how it seems to be working out for Stephanie Shearer and Chris Bacorn -- with a little help from "What Does LoDo Need," a contest we told you about earlier this year.

The two have figured out what Denver likes -- and how to make small business work in hip neighborhoods. That's why their jewelry store, Pandora on the Hill, has thrived in Capitol Hill for twenty years, and why they were able to open two more local-centric boutiques, Peppermint and Soul Haus, in the EZE Mop building on East 17th that they bought five years ago and renovated into a hip hangout.

See also: Photos: The Top Ten Things LoDo Needs -- According to You

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Knee Defender Spat on Diverted Flight to Denver: Who's the Bigger A$$hole?

Categories: News
The in-air spat that took place on a Denver-bound flight this weekend presents a classic conundrum.

The question: Who's the bigger asshole -- the guy who used a device called the Knee Defender to prevent the person sitting in front of him from reclining into his work space or the woman who responded to the situation so angrily that the flight had to be diverted.

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