Larry Church's Alleged Molestation of Sleeping Woman Leads to More Victims, Including Kids

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Mesa County Sheriff's Office
Larry Church. More photos below.
On Wednesday, January 28, Grand Junction's Larry Church turned 53 -- and was placed under arrest. Authorities have accused Church of sexually assaulting at least eight victims, with the youngest being just six years old. And the details are beyond shocking.

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Everett Kirby Busted for Biting a K-9 Officer
Call us crazy, but we always assumed that K-9 officers were most in danger of getting bitten by dogs. But that wasn't the case with our latest Schmuck of the Week. Meet Everett Kirby, who's accused of chomping into the sort of cop who's presumably very accustomed to avoiding teeth.

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Marijuana a Factor in 12.2 Percent of DUI Citations, State Patrol Says

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Photos and more below.
Has marijuana legalization made our roads more dangerous? At least one report maintains that Colorado's pot laws haven't led to more highway fatalities. But the Colorado State Patrol remains concerned based on statistics showing that 12.2 percent of all DUI citations issued last year involved cannabis -- although weed was often only one of the factors.

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Ten Kinds of Crimes That Have Gotten Worse in Denver -- and Ten That Have Gone Down

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Photos and more below.
The Denver Police Department has released crime statistics for 2014, and in comparison with the numbers from 2013, the news is mixed. Many of the most serious crimes have gone down, but plenty of others have increased in frequency -- sometimes by a little, sometimes by a lot. Continue to see our photo-illustrated breakdown of twenty offenses: ten that went up, followed by ten that went in the opposite (and better) direction. And to see all the data, click here.

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The Ten Patriots and Seahawks Figures Most Broncos Fans Hate Most

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Daily Snark
Photos and more below.
We recently dubbed the upcoming Super Bowl the Intoler-a-Bowl, because it includes the two teams most Broncos fans dislike the most: the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. But who among the Super Bowl participants is the most unlikable? Here are our ten picks, all of them available for hating this Sunday. Count them down below.

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Jessie Hernandez Death: Monitor Questions DPD Policy for Shooting Into Moving Cars

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A Facebook photo of Jessie Hernandez. More photos and a video below.
The death of Jessie Hernandez, a seventeen-year-old shot and killed by Denver Police Department officers while she was behind the wheel of a stolen car, has resulted in a new focus on the DPD's approach regarding shooting into moving vehicles. Now, Westword has obtained a letter from Independent Monitor Nicholas Mitchell to Police Chief Robert White about a review of that policy. In the document, on view below, Mitchell calls shooting at moving vehicles a "potentially dangerous practice that can create significant public safety risks" and cites federal recommendations to numerous troubled departments to start doing things differently.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Nu Leaf in Denver

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Google Maps.
The building at 2527 Federal looks smooth now, sans the gaudy purple of the former tenant. If you drive down this stretch of Federal regularly, you'll remember the big Barney-purple gorilla and the long, purple shop of Kushism standing out. In contrast, the new shop blends in. Well, as much as a pot shop painted white with green lettering and green doors can. The gorilla is still there, over at the Checks Cashed place next door; he's been painted over and now has a more respectable gorilla hue. But with a simple paint job, Nu Leaf made the place seem brand-new.

I didn't realize how new the place actually was, though.

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Reader: Making Companies Pay for Contraception Care is a Bad Idea
Our post about a ruling that will allow three Colorado companies to opt out of Obamacare's contraceptive care mandate because their owner is an evangelical Christian prompted a strongly divided debate about the pros and cons of the decision. Here's a post by someone who feels the mandate is dubious for all firms, no matter the beliefs of their owners.

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Six Denver Super Parties for the Super Bowl

Categories: Denver Blogs

Soiled Dove Facebook
Denver blog posts are ready for kickoff.

At our Cafe Society blog, Chris Utterback tells you about a six-pack of Super Bowl Sunday parties -- plus a bonus.

Roundball Mining Company's Charlie Yao offers shocking news: The Nuggets won a game.

Denver Frank asks: "What the hockey shot?"

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Bill Teck's Generation N, a Label for Young Latinos, Gave Birth to Project Enye

Categories: Business, Media

Jacqueline Carini
Bill Teck (left) prepares to film an episode of Novela for
Back In the mid-'90s, Bill Teck got fed up with all the talk about Generation X. Between Douglas Coupland's book Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture and Richard Linklater's film Slacker, pop culture was failing to represent Teck's experience as a Latino living in Miami, surrounded by people from all over Latin America and the Caribbean. "It didn't resonate with my peer group," Teck says. "They were the first generation in the country and knew they must push things forward."

And he came to a realization about his peers: "I don't think we're Gen X. We're Generation Ñ."

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