Update: Clifton Ray Williams, Convicted Taser-Aided Kidnapper, Reportedly Kills Himself

Clifton Ray Williams. More photos and a video below.
Update:Last week, we told you about the search for Clifton Ray Williams, who walked out of his trial for allegedly kidnapping a woman at taser point for sexual purposes; see our previous coverage below. Williams was convicted by a jury in absentia -- and then, over the weekend, he reportedly took his own life as police moved in to capture him. Photos, video and details below.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1948: Comic Books Are "Dope" for the Human Mind

Dope! That's what comic books are! Dope! And those dirty books should be scrubbed, put through the wringer and have the dirt squeezed from them!

At least, that's the gist of this December 30, 1948 column in the Steamboat Pilot by George Bowra, an (at the time) relatively well-known figure in the American West. The tone of the article is over the top, bordering on satire -- which might make sense considering Bowra's history as a colorful character. But we're not so sure he was joking.

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Reader: Does Ebola Scare Mean It's Time to Put a Quarantine Wall Around Texas?

Our post about the Frontier plane taken by an Ebola-stricken healthcare worker winding up in Denver was a definite conversation-starter, with some people arguing that the media is overplaying the story and others genuinely alarmed by the prospect of the virus spreading. And then there was this reader, who uses the current situation to reference other hot-button issues.

See also: Update: Frontier Plane Taken by Symptomatic Ebola Patient Now in Denver

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Twenty Best Halloween Parties for Adults Only

Categories: Denver Blogs

Photo by Brandon Marshall
Denver blog posts don't think kids should have all the fun.

At our Show and Tell blog, Bree Davies lists twenty of the best adults-only Halloween parties in the Denver metro area.

Mile High Mamas' Amber Johnson touts the best pumpkin waffles ever.

Mile High Hockey's Sandie Gauthier on the MASH unit that is the Colorado Avalanche.

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Free & Equal's Third-Party Gubernatorial Debate Doesn't Have Everyone at the Party

Room for Arvada High students, but not Paul Fiorino.
The Colorado gubernatorial debate hosted by the Free & Equal Elections Foundation on October 8 at Infinity Park Events Center in Glendale wasn't all that equal. While the organizers were bemoaning the current two-major-party system and decrying the failure of incumbent governor John Hickenlooper (Democrat) and two-time gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez (Republican) to accept an invitation to participate, there was a cry from the back of the room: "Where's Fiorino?"

See also: Public Enemy, Dynasty and Third-Party Politics in Colorado Campaigns

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Bob Autobee: Parents of Murdered Officer Protest Prison Policies

Bob Autobee protesting outside the Douglas County courthouse in February.
This weekend marks a grim anniversary in the Autobee household. It was twelve years ago -- October 18, 2002 -- that Eric Autobee, a 23-year-old correctional officer, was murdered in the kitchen of the Limon Correctional Facility. His killer, Edward Montour, was a mentally ill inmate who was off his meds, trying to get a cell move after being denounced as a snitch, and may have been wrongfully convicted of the crime for which he was already serving a life sentence: inflicting fatal injuries on his infant daughter.

See also: Bob Autobee on Son's Killer: "I Don't Want to See Anybody Die"

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Anne Kasprzak Murder: Grand Junction Teen Busted for Utah Girl's Brutal Killing

Categories: News

A family photo of the late Anne Kasprzak. Images from coverage by Fox13 in Salt Lake City.
A seventeen-year-old currently living in Grand Junction is being held in a detention center there on a $1 million bond for the 2012 murder of Riverton, Utah's Anne Kasprzak. She was fifteen at the time of her death, while her alleged killer was fourteen -- but there's already speculation about whether he could be charged as an adult for a crime whose investigation has had plenty of ups and downs over the past two years-plus. Photos and details below.

See also: Matthew Trujillo, Seventeen, Charged as Adult in Murder of Fellow Teen Athony Benavidez (30)

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Photos: Arapahoe Basin Officially Opens the 2014-2015 Colorado Ski Season

Categories: Things to Do
Photo by Camera Photography LLC, courtesy of Arapahoe Basin
Photos and more below.
The 2014-2015 Colorado ski season is officially open. Once again, Arapahoe Basin was the first resort to open, and shushing is underway at this writing. Continue for additional pics and more.

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Jack Gardner, Cop, Charged With Spoiling Sting of Man Seeking Underage Kink/Bondage Girl

Jack Gardner. Additional photos and more below.
Did Jack Gardner, a longtime detective with the Boulder Police Department, warn a child-luring suspect in advance to prevent him from becoming ensnared in a sting operation? Prosecutors think so, and if they're right, Gardner has definitely landed in schmucky territory. We've got photos, details about the man Gardner's accused of helping (he wound up getting busted anyhow), and the arrest affidavit that led to charges against the detective and his subsequent resignation from the force.

See also: Joseph Ellsworth, Ex-Denver Cop Turned Sex Offender: Attempted Child Sex Assault Bust

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Photos: Hilariously Untrue "Facts" About Denver on Uncyclopedia, Parts 1-10

More photos below.
If you like learning from Drunk History, you'll be thrilled by the details about Denver offered on Uncyclopedia, which describes itself as "the Mother Ship of amateur comedy writing! (Amateur means we don't pay you to do it.)" The site's Denver page reveals fascinating information, such as that the local economy is heavily reliant on "high-tech industry, tourism, crack and selling sexually explicit magazines to Oklahomans who want to look at nasty cooters but can't buy such things at home without a permit from the governor."

There's a lot more "wisdom" where that came from. Continue to check out the photo-illustrated ten-part journey through Denver lore, featuring excerpts from Uncyclopedia text -- and to see the original item, replete with lots of additional "facts," click here.

See also: Photos: Ten Weirdest Events in Denver History on History.orb

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