Check Out Twenty-Plus New Restaurants That Opened in August (and Six That Closed)

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Denver blog posts know the difference between open and shut cases.

Our Cafe Society blog's August restaurant roll call tallies up more than twenty openings in the Denver area during the month...and six shutterings.

The Colorado Independent's Mike Littwin: "So much money, so little speech."

Denver Egotist shares a late-summer update from Denver photographer Benjamin Rasmussen.

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Marijuana: Domestic Violence Lower Among Couples Who Smoke Pot, Study Shows

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Additional photos and more below.
Drug Warriors have long implied that marijuana causes violent behavior -- which explains why recent incidents such as the tragic killing of Kristine Kirk, who was shot to death by her husband after he'd consumed a marijuana edible, have been major talking points for opponents of pot legalization.

But now, new research offers evidence countering such theories. The study, on view below in its entirety, found that weed-smoking couples are less apt to engage in domestic violence.

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Update: Victim Dies in Colfax and Verbena Shooting, No Arrests Yet (13)

An image from the scene courtesy of 7News photojournalist James Dougherty. Additional pics and more below.
Update: Earlier today, we told you about a late-night shooting at a residence near the intersection of East Colfax and Verbena during which the victim was critically injured.

Now, the Denver Police Department has tweeted that the individual has been pronounced dead. As a result, the case is now being investigated as a homicide. Continue for our previous coverage, including additional photos.

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Reader: I Think Aurora Sucks -- and Here are Three Reasons Why

Our post featuring ten things only people from Aurora understand offered plenty of reasons why the often-maligned community is actually a great place to live, and quite a few of our commenters added more. But others weren't convinced, including this one, who supplemented the top ten with three additional picks that aren't nearly as positive.

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Photos: CSU Fans Care a Lot About Beating CU Footballers, CU Fans Just Want to Party

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Photo by Jake Shane. Click to see the complete CSU and CU Face Off at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Showdown slide show.
At Friday's Rocky Mountain Showdown, I was decked out in CU attire, since my daughters are students there. And when passing through the Rams' section of the parking lot, I tended to get one of two reactions. The first was: "Fuck you! Fuck CU!" And the second was "FUCK YOU! FUCK CU!"

Astonishingly, most CSU boosters maintained this level of passion throughout the game, during which CU blew a 17-7 third quarter lead by giving up 24 unanswered points to lose 31-17. The contrast between them and CU fans was illustrated by a series of Jumbotron juxtapositions. Shot of CSU section: Everyone going crazy! Shot of CU section: Bro looking at his phone.

Jake Shane captures some of these differences in photos on view below. Check them out here -- and click to see the complete CSU and CU Face Off at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Showdown slide show.

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Christina Jahnz Becomes Internet-Famous After Impaling Butt During Texting-Aided Crash

A photo strategically blurred in 7News coverage. More photos and details below.
These days, a lot of people spend all their time figuring out how they can become Internet-famous. But Elizabeth's Christina Jahnz managed to do so in seconds -- by revealing that her butt had been impaled by a pole when she crashed her car while texting.

There's been a lot of exposure for Jahnz over the last few hours, in more ways than one. Details, photos, a video and even a meme below.

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Photos: Twenty Posters and Prints That Make Colorado Look Amazing

The full-size version of this poster and nineteen more below.
We're constantly amazed at how inspirational Colorado can be. And here's proof: twenty eye-popping posters and prints that capture and celebrate the beauty of the state you're in -- we hope. Check out the collection below, and be sure to click on the caption-links; many of them are available for sale.

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Tipsy's Liquor Arrest Tied to C-470 Shutdown, Menacing Busts Before OneRepublic Concert?

Categories: Colorado Crimes
A photo from the scene courtesy of 9News' Jessica Oh. Additional images and more below.
It was a bizarre scene whose timing couldn't have been worse. Toward the end of the Labor Day holiday weekend, with thousands of concert-goers streaming into the area in order to catch a Red Rocks show headlined by OneRepublic, law enforcers from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office shut down C-470 near the Bowles intersection on a report of armed shooters with long guns. In the end, no such weapons were found and no shots reportedly fired, but the JCSO confirms that two people were taken into custody -- and a report maintains that a third arrest at nearby Tipsy's Liquor World may be connected. Additional photos, a video, an interactive graphic and more below.

See also: State Patrol Targets Tipsy's Liquor World

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1921: Pill Dealing in Downtown Denver

Here's a tale of illegal pill dealing from 1921 in Denver, though frankly it could be from any Thursday afternoon walking through Civic Center Park or parts of the 16th Street Mall today.

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Reader: Pot Profilers in Nebraska Don't Need a Reason to Pull Over Colorado Cars

A Nebraska highway checkpoint.
In our post about the arrest of two Coloradans in Nebraska for transporting 99.6 pounds of marijuana, we noted previous reports about pot profiling in which folks driving cars with Colorado plates were pulled over for extremely minor infractions. In response, one reader tells the tale of a traffic stop with even less of a pretext.

See also: Santiago Adame-Melchor and Anahit Conejo-Galicoa: Nebraska Cops Find 99 Pounds of Pot

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