Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Five Years Later at Walking Raven in Denver

Like most people, I fondly remember losing my virginity -- not that things went perfectly the first time out. The experience was stumbly, fumbly and over in less time than it took to write this sentence. But still, somehow in my mind, it was one of the greatest life moments ever. Even now that our paths have diverged, with me married and the young woman in question probably living in a trailer somewhere in west Texas, borderline obese and stripping for redneck oilfield workers, there's still a soft spot in my mem'ried mind for her, to paraphrase a great hero of mine, Willie Nelson.

I look back on my first review -- published exactly five years ago today -- of Denver's Walking Raven dispensary in much the same way: Even if the shop isn't exactly how it used to be and I've found plenty of better places to shop in five years, it still stands out.

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Reader: The Amount Denver Rents Have Gone Up in a Year Is Insane

Talk about striking a chord. A recent Comment of the Day in which a reader argued that Denver's rent prices are so high they're pushing people into homelessness attracted hundreds upon hundreds of responses, with most of those weighing in sharing their own rent-hike experiences. Here's a telling example.

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Five Kid-Friendly Denver Restaurants

Categories: Denver Blogs

Photo by Mark Manger
Denver blog post and nutritious, delicious and kids like them, too.

At our Cafe Society blog, Gretchen Kurtz features five Denver restaurants that are good for kids -- and the grownups who love them.

Colorado Peak Politics on John Hickenlooper rebuking Mark Udall's campaign strategy.

Denver Stiffs' Dontae Delgado on the Nuggets' second win in a row over a quality team, this time the Oklahoma City Thunder. What the hell?

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Is the New Homeless Solutions Center Really a Solution?

Categories: The Latest Word

Britt Chester
A proposed homeless shelter that will sleep nearly fifty people faces stiff opposition in the Athmar neighborhood. Dubbed the "Solutions Center," the shelter would provide short-term housing for individuals dealing with mental-health issues and chemical dependency. But residents aren't happy about its proposed location, which is near a neighborhood park that's getting a $5.5 million renovation.

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Nyeesha Gonzalez, Habitual Drunk Driver, Tries to Punch Cop in Face After Hit-and-Run?

Categories: Colorado Crimes

A MySpace photo of Nyessha Gonzalez. Additional images and more below.
What's among the worst ways to convince a police officer you're completely innocent of a hit-and-run crash? Trying to punch him in the face after admitting you're a habitual drunk driver. That's among the alleged reasons Gonzalez has now been charged with hitting and running in a violent weekend smash-up. Continue for photos, details and the police report.

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Transgender Day of Remembrance Event Aims to Stop the Violence

Categories: Politics

Courtesy of CAVP
Colorado Anti-Violence Program and TransAction are co-hosting the Colorado Transgender Day of Remembrance.
In June, Eleanor Dewey learned about the murder of Zoraida Reyes. For many, Reyes was a statistic, just another name on a growing list of transgender women killed in the United States -- at least eleven in 2014. But Dewey remembers Reyes as a friend, a fierce immigrant-rights organizer who had volunteered at the Denver-based organization Rights for All People and worked on the Undocuqueer campaign in California.

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Harold Henthorn May Have Tried to Kill Wife Before Fatal Hike Marked With "X," Docs Say

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Harold and Toni Henthorn during much happier times. Additional photos, plus a video and more below.
Update: Last week, bond was rejected for Harold Henthorn, a Highlands Ranch man who's been formally charged with killing his wife, Dr. Toni Henthorn, by pushing her off Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park; see our previous coverage below.

Now, two new documents in the case have been unsealed, and they suggest that Harold may have tried to eliminate Toni once before, in an "accident" of the sort that killed his first wife, as well as implying that the fateful hiking trip was meticulously planned, right down to a map marked with an "X" near where she died. Continue to see those documents, plus additional photos, a video and the troubling details.

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Photos: Ten Colorado Businesses That Sound Like Dispensaries But Aren't
Photo by Adam Roy
More photos below.
Our Adam Roy recently came upon this sign, which stresses that Genesis Health Wellness Centre "is NOT a marijuana dispensary." But it sure sounds like one -- and plenty of other Colorado businesses do, too.

Continue to count down our photo-illustrated list of the top ten Colorado businesses that sound like dispensaries but aren't.

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Janice Dickinson's Bill Cosby Rape Claim Like One by Denver-Raised Barbara Bowman

Janice Dickinson during an appearance on "Entertainment Tonight" this week. More photos and a video below.
Barbara Bowman's rape allegations against Bill Cosby, which we shared in this space late last month, have led to blizzard of allegations and castigation for the veteran entertainer. The latest to come forward is former supermodel Janice Dickinson, whose story of sex assault echoes one told by Bowman, who was raised in Denver and first met Cosby here.

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Brandon Crawford Killed by Fellow 15-Year-Old Who Carried a Gun "For Protection"

Categories: Colorado Crimes

A family photo of Brandon Crawford. More images below.
The death of Brandon Crawford, fifteen, offers yet another cautionary tale about guns. If the .22 caliber revolver hadn't been present, reports suggest he'd still be alive. But the fellow fifteen-year-old who allegedly shot him to death told authorities he carried a weapon with him "for protection." Photos and additional details below.

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