Denver's Top Ten Dog-Friendly Patios

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Denver blog posts love all creatures great and small.

At our Cafe Society blog, Isa Jones counts down the ten best dog-friendly patios in Denver.

Colorado Peak Politics has another poll to celebrate -- one showing Cory Gardner leading Mark Udall by 8 percent.

Coyote Gulch: "Study: We found the evidence suggested that fracking was not to blame...was actually a well integrity issue."

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Sand Creek Massacre: Petition Demands Change at Ghost Town Named for John Chivington

Colonel John Chivington.
On Wednesday, September 24, members of the Sand Creek Massacre Commemoration Commission will head northeast from Eads along Chief White Antelope Way to the banks of Sand Creek, where 150 members of the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes were killed by volunteers led by Colonel John Chivington on November 29, 1864. Ten miles short of the site, they'll pass through the dusty, emptied-out prairie town of Chivington.

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Grant Tupper Accused of Drunkenly Stabbing Guy at a Urinal

Grant Tupper. More photos below.
One of the most important rules of Dude Etiquette is: Don't bother a guy when he's taking a leak. Even if you have a beef with him, it can wait until he's done draining the lizard, for Christ's sake.

Grant Tupper is accused of breaking this rule in a big way, and the wounds to his face seen in his booking photo aren't the only possible repercussions. He's due in court this morning after being arrested for stabbing man who'd been using the urinal.

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Photos: Peyton Manning's Pot-and-Pizza Comment Proves Meme Makers Were Right
More memes below.
Ever since Peyton Manning bought a slew of Papa Johns franchises, meme makers have linked the purchase to Colorado's legalization of marijuana -- and now Manning has, too. In an interview with MMQB's Peter King, he said, "There's some different laws out here in Colorado. Pizza business is pretty good out here, believe it or not, due to some recent law changes."

Congratulations, Meme Nation! You were right! Check out some of the most memorable Peyton-pot-pizza memes below. Hopefully they'll help get you through this Sunday's Super Bowl rematch with the Seattle Seahawks feeling satisfied and mellow no matter what happens.

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Shotgun Willie's Strip Club Finds Legal Way to Serve Alcohol Past 2 a.m.

A photo from Shotgun Willie's Facebook page. More images and a video below.
In an August 2013 profile, Melanie Asmar described Mike Dunafon and Debbie Matthews as the king and queen of Glendale: He's the mayor, while she's the owner of Shotgun Willie's, one of Colorado's most iconic strip clubs.

Now, this power couple has scored another coup: They found a legal way for Shotgun Willie's to serve alcohol past 2 a.m., when state regulations call for bartenders to put away their bottles. How did they do it?

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Photos: Denver Cruisers Take Ariel to a Place She's Never Been Before

Photo by Marissa Shevins. Click to see the complete Denver Cruisers as Pirates and Mermaids slide show.
For this week's ride, the Denver Cruisers brought back a favorite theme: Pirates, Sea Men and Mermaids. Photographer Marissa Shevins captured the wild results. See a sampling of her shots below and click to see the complete Denver Cruisers as Pirates and Mermaids slide show.

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Photos: Ten Colorado Counties With the Drunkest Drunk Drivers

Photos and more below.
The website is out with its latest statistics about driving under the influence in the state. Included is data featuring the average blood alcohol content of DUI arrestees in every Colorado county, and the numbers in the top ten are all more than twice as high as the legal limit -- figures that are truly disturbing.

See photo-illustrated listings for each of the ten counties with the drunkest drunk drivers, featuring graphics. Note that when multiple counties registered the same average, we used the number of DUI busts as a tiebreaker.

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Jack Elway Pleads Assault-on-Girlfriend Charge Down to Disturbing the Peace

A cropped version of Jack Elway's booking photo. The full-size shot and more below.
There are definitely some advantages to being John Elway's son. Example: If you land in trouble, as 25-year-old Jack Elway did in late May, the lawyer you get to use is Harvey Steinberg, who's spent years helping Broncos players such as Perrish Cox skate in the face of serious charges (in Cox's case, rape).

As for Jack, he was arrested on suspicion of assault in an incident involving his then-girlfriend. However, he eventually pleaded guilty to a much lesser beef, disturbing the peace. Get details about the accusations against him and how they were resolved below.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Golden Meds in North Denver

The thing that's going to turn people away from Golden Meds isn't the shop or the herb. It's the parking lot. Even with nobody around, it's a mess of broken concrete, potholes filled with oily water and bags' worth of garbage blowing around and stacking up on the curbs. Neither does it help that Golden Meds' neighbors include a cut-rate pawnshop and the center as a whole is in a forgotten corner of Montbello on the north side of I-70 that seems to be mostly populated by big rig trucks, fast food joints and gas stations. You probably wouldn't have moved to this area of town to buy cannabis before a state-legal medical cannabis dispensary opened up. That is, unless you had a sketchy dealer who liked to meet in what he thought was a stereotypically sketchy drug-dealing spot.

All of which doesn't set up high expectations for the dispensary itself, frankly. But that's also what made finding the surprisingly high-quality buds inside that much more rewarding.

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Reader: Boulder Is Cool If You Like Rich White People
When we shared Livability's list of the ten best places to live in 2014, we asked Facebook followers if Boulder, which made the cut, deserves to be number one. Responders included Boulder lovers, Boulder haters and folks whose opinions fall in between. Here's one memorable example.

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