Reader: Making Companies Pay for Contraception Care is a Bad Idea
Our post about a ruling that will allow three Colorado companies to opt out of Obamacare's contraceptive care mandate because their owner is an evangelical Christian prompted a strongly divided debate about the pros and cons of the decision. Here's a post by someone who feels the mandate is dubious for all firms, no matter the beliefs of their owners.

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Six Denver Super Parties for the Super Bowl

Categories: Denver Blogs

Soiled Dove Facebook
Denver blog posts are ready for kickoff.

At our Cafe Society blog, Chris Utterback tells you about a six-pack of Super Bowl Sunday parties -- plus a bonus.

Roundball Mining Company's Charlie Yao offers shocking news: The Nuggets won a game.

Denver Frank asks: "What the hockey shot?"

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Bill Teck's Generation N, a Label for Young Latinos, Gave Birth to Project Enye

Categories: Business, Media

Jacqueline Carini
Bill Teck (left) prepares to film an episode of Novela for
Back In the mid-'90s, Bill Teck got fed up with all the talk about Generation X. Between Douglas Coupland's book Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture and Richard Linklater's film Slacker, pop culture was failing to represent Teck's experience as a Latino living in Miami, surrounded by people from all over Latin America and the Caribbean. "It didn't resonate with my peer group," Teck says. "They were the first generation in the country and knew they must push things forward."

And he came to a realization about his peers: "I don't think we're Gen X. We're Generation Ñ."

See also: Project Enye Puts the Focus on 16 Million Young Latinos in the U.S.

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Frank Ruybalid, Trinidad District Attorney, Cops a Plea, Admits Misconduct

Categories: Crime, Politics

A photo of Frank Ruybalid from KOAA-TV coverage.
These are not the best of times for the criminal justice system in Trinidad. The city and two of its police detectives are being sued by the ACLU of Colorado, which claims the detectives fabricated and misrepresented evidence in a 2013 drug investigation that led to the arrests of forty people -- a misbegotten operation involving fake drugs and unreliable informants that resulted in all forty cases being dismissed, as detailed in my November feature "The Snitch Who Stole Christmas." And now Third Judicial District Attorney Frank Ruybalid has settled a state ethics investigation of his office by admitting that he mishandled several other prosecutions that ended up being dismissed -- cases ranging from theft and drugs to sexual assault and second-degree murder.

See also: ACLU Sues Trinidad, Cops for False Arrests in Drug-Sting Fiasco

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Cost in Aspen if You're 21 and Pass a Joint to Someone Who's Younger: $500

Categories: Marijuana

According to the Aspen Daily News, Aspen currently has one marijuana dispensary for every 1,000 residents -- yet until now, fines for public smoking were vague at best. They've now been clarified, with a judge also determining that someone age 21 or older who gives any amount of pot to someone who's underage will be hit in the wallet hard -- and that's not all.

See also: Marijuana Front-Porch Smoking Allowed Under Surprising Denver City Council Amendment, published December 2013

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Should Colorado Build a Bike Trail From Wyoming to New Mexico?

Categories: News, Politics

Photos and more below.
Governor John Hickenlooper has long been a cycling proponent. Now, he's calling for the construction of a bike trail that would allow riders to cross the state from Wyoming to New Mexico -- and a new bill backed by a Republican state senator may offer a way to make it happen.

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Denver Rent Prices Increasing 3.4 Times Faster Than National Average, Site Says

Categories: News
Graphics and more below.
In recent months, one of the hottest topics among Denverites is the rising cost of renting in the Mile High City. Some readers have suggested prices only seem high because they used to be so reasonable, while others see the costs as having the hidden benefit of dissuading more people from moving here.

Adding more perspective is, whose data shows that rents in December rose 3.4 times faster than the national average. Graphics, info and more below.

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Bandidos Motorcycle Club Members' Alleged Meth Ring: Inside Operation Tick & Flea Collar

Categories: Crime
Colorado Attorney General's Office
Philip Duran, aka Bandido Fee, has not yet been taken into custody. Additional photos, a video and more below.
Sons of Anarchy fans will recognize the scenario: motorcycle club members who make their money by dealing drugs and weapons. But the Colorado Attorney General's Office maintains that the activities of several local Bandidos Motorcycle Club members weren't the stuff of Hollywood fiction. Hence an indictment for alleged meth trafficking and more as investigated in Operation Tick and Flea Collar, a name that references (sort of) the nicknames of two alleged ringleaders: Michael Mensen, nicknamed Bandido Tick, and Philip Duran, aka Bandido Fee, who hasn't been caught at this writing. Photos, video, the indictment and more below.

See also: Meth Ring Roundup: See Photos of Those Busted in Operation Bad Nickname

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Photos: Ten Bizarre Denver Terms on Urban Dictionary

Categories: Lists
More photos below.
This past summer, we shared our picks for the most memorable definitions of "Denver" on Urban Dictionary. But there are plenty of other Denver-oriented terms that are even more bizarre. Some are so disgusting we would feel wrong subjecting you to them: Look up "Denver Mudslide" only if you enjoy grossing yourself out. But others skirt the line between strange and hilarious. See what we mean below.

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Jessie Hernandez Shooting: New Protest, Past Record, More People Shot by Cops in Cars

Categories: Crime, News
Facebook via
One of many tributes to Jessie Hernandez popping up on social media. More photos and videos below.
Update: Developments continue to collect in the case of Jessie Hernandez, a seventeen-year-old killed by Denver police officers while she was in a stolen car; see our previous coverage below. Another protest took place, this time at a police station, even as information surfaced about Hernandez's previous run-ins with the law. Meanwhile, the Denver Police Department is sharing its current standards for shooting into a vehicle, and new attention is being sought in a little-publicized case that also involved a driver shot by officers.

See also: Jessie Hernandez, Teen Killed By Denver Cops: Protests Over Alleged Police Violence

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