Photos: Top Cities for Sugar Daddies -- and Where Denver Finishes

Courtesy of Seeking Arrangement
More photos below.
Seeking Arrangement is devoted to pairing self-proclaimed sugar daddies (and a few sugar mommies) with students and other young people willing to trade companionship for financial support. It's a controversial service in some quarters, but also a popular one in Colorado. Earlier this year, Seeking Arrangement revealed that CU-Boulder was among the top ten sugar daddy schools in the country -- and now, the site lists Denver among the top fifteen sugar daddy cities. Photos, data and details below.

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Vadym Pecherskyi Allegedly Takes Groping Stewardesses to New Heights on DIA Flight

Categories: Colorado Crimes

No, this isn't one of the flight attendants involved -- because you can bet neither of them would have been smiling.
There have been other DIA-bound passengers busted for unwanted sexual advances on flight attendants over the years. But the accusations contained in an affidavit aimed at Vadym Pecherskyi, a 42-year-old from Kiev, Ukraine, hit new heights of creepiness, with one alleged victim saying she felt he would have raped her and a co-worker if given half a chance. Continue for the incredible details and the complete document.

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Two Women Shot Dead in Denver's French Quarter Apartments (16-17)
A photo from the crime scene tweeted by CBS4's Eddie Castro. More images below.
Late last night, the bodies of two women were discovered inside a unit at the French Quarter apartments complex, located at 3227 South Parker Road -- and while no suspect information has been released thus far, the Denver Police Department is hinting at additional information to come. Here's what we know so far.

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Pot Measures in Washington, D.C., Alaska and Oregon Follow Colorado's Lead

Categories: Marijuana

Moms for YES on Measure 91
Colorado and Washington might get some company next week. Marijuana legalization initiatives are on the ballots in Alaska, Oregon and Washington, D.C., and the proposals all strongly resemble what Colorado voters approved in 2012.

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Reader: If Anyone Gives Trick-or-Treaters Pot Edibles, It'll Be Anti-Marijuana Activists

Our post about a Denver Police Department campaign focusing on trick-or-treaters and the possibility they might be given pot edibles for Halloween sparked fresh accusations of fear-mongering. But this reader suggests that something like this could actually happen -- although not for the reasons hyped by the DPD.

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Denver's Top Nine Rock Bars

Categories: Denver Blogs

Photo by Brandon Marshall
Denver blog posts rock on.

Our Backbeat blog raises a clenched fist for Denver's nine best rock bars.

The Colorado Independent's Tessa Cheek and John Tomasic on Colorado Democrats' ground game.

Denver Egotist salutes the skull-tastic teaser by Denver's Adam Schmisek for Starz's Black Sails.

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Would Personhood Measure Amendment 67 Ban In Vitro Fertilization?

Categories: Politics

If you ask those in favor of Amendment 67 and those opposed to it what it would do, you'll get very different answers. Opponents say it would ban abortion. Supporters say that's not the point. The point, they say, is to make it so unborn babies are treated the same as people in the Colorado criminal code. In other words, if you kill an unborn baby, you could be charged with homicide in the same way you might be if you killed an adult.

But would those protections extend to fertilized eggs that don't actually become babies? And if so, does that mean Amendment 67 would affect in vitro fertilization?

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Marvel Characters Suit: Walt Disney Company Faces Colorado Firm Asking for Billions

Stan Lee as seen in a Geekscape TV interview earlier this year.
As any comic-book fan knows, superheroes that seem dead can later come back to life -- and something similar has happened with a superhero-centric lawsuit filed by Colorado-based Stan Lee Media, Incorporated (SLMI). The complaint seemingly died last year, but an appeal revived it, leading to a hearing held in Denver yesterday. Continue for background, details and the original suit below.

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Pot Lies Being Used to Justify Police Shootings of Young Black and Brown Men, Advocate Says

A photo of Michael Brown, who was killed in a Ferguson, Missouri police shooting. More images below.
As we've reported, prominent addiction specialist and Project SAM principal Dr. Christian Thurstone stirred controversy via a blog post implying that marijuana contributed to -- and perhaps even caused -- the death of Michael Brown, whose shooting by a police officer caused weeks of rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. Thurstone subsequently removed the post but didn't rescind his thesis, and that infuriates marijuana advocate Wanda James. She feels misinformation like that spread by Thurstone is being used to justify police shootings of "young black and brown men." Details below.

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Videos: Rachel Maddow in Denver Takes on Fox News, Mark Udall's Dourness and Pot
An MSNBC photo of Rachel Maddow in Denver. Two videos and more below.
In our preview of Rachel Maddow's broadcast from Denver last night, we noted that she'd touted the show at the Viewhouse Ballpark by noting that the race for Colorado's governor was "off the hook." In the end, though, she spent little time talking about this contest during the highly entertaining program, focusing instead on more Fox News scaremongering, the Democratic party's supposed "secret sauce" and, inevitably, recreational pot. Details, three videos and more below.

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