Cannabis Time Capsule 1949: Crossword Puzzle's Solution is Hash From Hemp

Most of us know by now that hemp and the cannabis we all like to get high and medicated with aren't the same thing and that you can't get hash from hemp (unless, apparently, you're using the Stanley brothers' cannabis hemp oil).

But back in 1949, that wasn't common knowledge. In fact, we doubt many people knew the two were even slightly related, which makes their usage in this crossword puzzle from the Record-Journal of Douglas County highly unusual.

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Reader: Thank Goodness We Live In a Place Where Cops Are Held to Lawful Standards

Mark Beluscak.
When we shared a post about the arrest of police officer Mark Beluscak, who's at least the eighth Denver cop to get in trouble during 2014, we asked folks on Facebook why they thought this kind of thing keeps happening. A wide variety of responses followed, with this one viewing the busts form a positive perspective.

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Five Things S&M Newbies Need to Know

Categories: Denver Blogs
Photo by Jake Shane
Denver blog posts are very disciplined.

At our Show and Tell blog, Jenn Wohletz offers five tips for S&M newbies.

Colorado Pols on Tom Tancredo's call for Barack Obama's impeachment -- over immigration.

Denver PR Blog's latest great moment in journalism is hilarious pictorial evidence demonstrating why newspapers should never put someone with a bald head on page one.

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Scott Gessler Didn't Mistreat Ex-CFO, Say Secretary of State's Office Employees
Scott Gessler in a photo from his Facebook page.
Earlier this week, we shared the story of Heather Lizotte, the former chief financial officer for Secretary of State Scott Gessler's office. Lizotte, who still works there but in a demoted position, has accused Gessler of harassing and retaliating against her after she "began to push back on the financial mismanagement" she reportedly saw in the office.

Since we published the story, we've heard from one current employee and one former employee who both say that Lizotte's version of events isn't true. They never saw Gessler harass her, they say. Instead, they believe Lizotte was demoted because of her work performance.

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Denver Sheriff Department Draft Reforms Release Tries to Stem Tide of Negative PR
Deputy Thomas Ford's punch out of an inmate is just one of several recent incidents reflecting poorly on the Denver Sheriff's Office. Video, photos and more below.
As we've reported, the Denver Sheriff Department has received negative attention aplenty in recent months owing to numerous excessive-force complaints, a huge lawsuit payout and more; see a previous post outlining five of the incidents below.

The City of Denver is eager to be seen as tackling the issues with the DSD. Example: The highly unusual release of reform recommendations while they're either still in draft form or currently incomplete.

See also: Video: See Thomas Ford, suspended deputy, knock out non-violent inmate

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TV Anchor Brendan Higgins Fakes Passing Out During Drunken Bust But Can't Stop Giggling

Brendan Higgins. More photos below.
TV anchor Brendan Higgins was a popular personality at Dallas' CBS11, helming the morning program with requisite wackiness. But his schtick didn't go over too well during a bust in Aspen earlier this month -- which is why we used the word was in referring to his status at the station. Learn why this self-described "asshole" got bounced from his gig below.

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Angela Brown, Minnesota Mom, Faces Jail For Giving Son Medical Marijuana From Boulder

Angela Brown in an image from WCCO-TV. More pics and a video below.
Earlier this week, our William Breathes reported that the number of children registered as medical marijuana patients in Colorado continues to grow: The digits rose from 305 to 337 in a month, with reports suggesting that many of the additions are moving here from other states.

The story of Minnesota's Angela Brown could well inspire even more people with sick kids to relocate. She's now been charged with a crime and could face jail time for providing her head-injured son with medical marijuana legally purchased during a visit to Boulder.

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What Google Thinks About Twenty of Colorado's Biggest Celebrities

We know what Google thinks about Lindsey Vonn and plenty of other local notables. More photos below.
What does Google think about certain celebrities? A quick way to find out to ask: Type in the word "is" and a famous name in the query box and you'll be offered a list of the most popular searches for that person.

We tried this trick with twenty of the best known Coloradans in entertainment, sports and politics (including a special guest non-human), and the results are often weird and frequently hilarious. Check out the photo-illustrated results below.

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Amanda Suhr, Busted in Federal Hit-and-Run: SIC...4LIFE Sticker, Juggalo Connections

Categories: Colorado Crimes

A photo from Amanda Suhr's Facebook page. More images below.
The bumper sticker on the car 24-year-old Amanda Suhr is said to have been driving when she allegedly struck a pedestrian and then fled the scene read "SIC...4LIFE."

The sticker, and some attentive witnesses, made it easy for authorities to track down Suhr, who appears to be a Juggalo -- a fan of the group Insane Clown Posse. Photos and more details below.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers Whip Out Their Big (Top) Pee-wee
Photo by Jake Shane
More photos below.
This week's Denver Cruiser Ride theme pays tribute to one of cinema's greatest masterpieces -- 1988's circus-centric Big Top Pee-wee -- on the occasion of star Paul Reubens's birthday. Some riders got their Pee-wee on, as it were, while others let their inner animals out of the cage. Photographer Jake Shane was on hand to capture the action. Check out a sampling of his best shots below and click to see the complete Denver Cruisers Celebrate Pee-wee Herman and the Circus slide show.

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