Reader: Media and Government Are Using Isis and Ebola to Keep People Scared and Stupid
The plane taken out of service by Frontier, as seen in a 7News image.
Our coverage of Frontier Airlines' response to its planes having been used by a woman subsequently diagnosed with Ebola continues to spur sharp commentary. Here's a post by a reader who feels the media and the government are frightening the public with stories about Ebola and terrorism in a very calculated way.

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Meet Denver's Most Stylish Zombies

Categories: Denver Blogs

Photo by Mauricio Rocha
Denver blog posts understand that sometimes you have to suffer to like stylish.

At our Show and Tell blog, Mauricio Rocha introduces you to two of the most stylish members of the undead at this year's Zombie Crawl.

A Denver Egotist statement: "Seinfeld Can Take the Piss All He Likes But Advertising Really Does Matter."

At Denver Infill, Ryan Dravitz offers the photo-filled "Golden Triangle: EnV Update #1."

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Wildlife Service Deciding if One Colorado Fish Is Endangered, Concludes Another One Isn't

A screen capture of a Rio Grande cutthroat trout.
This summer, we brought you the saga of Colorado's state fish, the greenback cutthroat trout. Biologists worked to bring back the species, which was once thought extinct, only to discover they'd saved the wrong fish. But the biologists didn't give up and efforts are now underway to grow the state's last-known (and very small) greenback population. In addition, the feds are in the process of deciding whether to list the greenbacks as endangered.

Meanwhile, that decision has been made for another subspecies of trout, the Rio Grande cutthroat trout, which live in southern Colorado and New Mexico -- and which happen to be New Mexico's state fish. After evaluating current scientific information, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided that the Rio Grande cutthroats are not endangered.

See also: Colorado Protected the Wrong Trout for Years: Can We Save the Greenback Cutthroat Now?

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Keith Rohracker Ripped by Judge for "Living Off Your Mom's Money While She Festered"

Categories: Colorado Crimes

A MySpace photo of Keith Rohracker. More images below.
Following Keith Rohracker's conviction for neglecting his elderly mother on an epic scale, a judge told him he would receive one year less than the maximum sentence -- but only because his mom didn't die.

It was touch-and-go for a while. When Rohracker was finally taken to medical professionals to treat a life-threatening malady, her clothes were reportedly fused to her skin with human waste.

See also: Clifford Garel Police Report Quote: "I Beat the Sh*t Out of My Mom," Age 84

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Video: Watch Seattle TV Station Eat Sh*t After Mistaking Gary Payton for Peyton Manning

No, this isn't Peyton Manning. Another image and a video below.
On Sunday, the Broncos' Peyton Manning set the all-time NFL record for most touchdown passes in a career -- news so big that even TV stations like KOMO in Seattle, whose Seahawks clobbered the Broncos in the Super Bowl earlier this year, had to cover it. Problem is, KOMO swapped out a Payton for a Peyton -- after which the station had to spend a hilariously humiliating ninety seconds or so eating shit over the mistake. Get details and see the video below.

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Marquise Lewis and Lonnie White: 40 Years Each for Shotgunning 13-Year-Old on Bike

A Facebook photo of the late Reysean Abram. More images plus videos below.
Last year, we reported about the tragic murder of Reysean Abram, a thirteen-year-old who was reportedly shotgunned to death while riding a bike. Now, two men -- Lonnie White, who was seventeen at the time of the killing but was tried as an adult, and Marquise Lewis, now 21 -- have each pleaded guilty to the crime and face forty-year sentences. Continue for photos, videos and details.

See also: Lonnie White, Seventeen, to be Charged as an Adult in Reysean Abram On-Bike Murder (14)

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Videos: Thirteen Reasons (So Far) Colorado is Awesome According to AWSMColorado

Categories: Videos
Videos below.
As you know, we at Westword have long held to that Colorado is the best state in the country -- and we're pretty sure the folks at feel the same way. Chris Harrison and the staff at Video Blend have launched 100 Reasons Colorado is Awesome, a project to create one-hundred brief videos (about fifteen seconds in length), with each devoted to one of the state's incredible attributes. So far, the site's counted down from 100 to 88, with thirteen videos created so far. See them in order below -- and to learn more about the project, click here and here.

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Marijuana Working Group Members Push Back at Official's Suggested Ban of Most Pot Edibles

Categories: Marijuana
Meeting photos by Amber Taufen
The edibles working group at the October 20 meeting.
"We want the general public to be able to tell a marijuana cookie from a Chips Ahoy cookie just by looking at it."

That's the intent behind the edible work group currently hashing out recommendations for future edible packaging. And one recommendation submitted yesterday would solve that problem by eliminating pot cookies entirely from the landscape.

See also: Colorado Health Official Recommends Banning Almost All Pot Edibles

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Update: Darren Vann ID'd as Alleged Serial Killer of Afrikka Hardy, Many More Victims

Categories: News

One of several Darren Vann mug shots. Additional photos plus a video below.
Update: Yesterday, we told you about the murder in Indiana of recent Aurora resident Afrikka Hardy and the investigation that led to the discovery of six additional bodies; see our previous coverage below. Now, the suspect in the case has been identified as Darren Vann, 43, a convicted sex offender who'd previously been considered a low risk to the public. Continue for more photos, a video and the chilling details.

See also: Vincent Groves May Have Slain 24 Women: Colorado's Most Prolific Serial Killer?

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Hispanics Less in Favor of Pot Legalization Than Other Groups, Study Finds
Graphics and more below.
During the upcoming midterm elections, Hispanic voters are likely to be key in many races across the country -- but could they slow the move toward broader marijuana legalization? That possibility is among the takeaways from a Pew Research Center study looking at Latino voting trends. PRC found that Hispanics are less likely than white or black voters to favor such policies. Details, graphics and the complete report below.

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