Hispanics Less in Favor of Pot Legalization Than Other Groups, Study Finds

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During the upcoming midterm elections, Hispanic voters are likely to be key in many races across the country -- but could they slow the move toward broader marijuana legalization? That possibility is among the takeaways from a Pew Research Center study looking at Latino voting trends. PRC found that Hispanics are less likely than white or black voters to favor such policies. Details, graphics and the complete report below.

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Reader: Now Black People Can't Say the N-Word But White People Can Say It to Them?

We've been critical of the NFL's policy for fining players like the Broncos' Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton for use of the N-word during games, and plenty of our readers agreed. Here's a particularly sharp take.

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Colorado Health Official Recommends Banning Almost All Pot Edibles

Categories: Marijuana

The Twitter graphic for Smart Colorado.
At this hour, a rule-making meeting is underway in regard to implementing a law that requires marijuana edibles to look different from standard food products; click here for more information. However, a bombshell has already dropped: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Jeff Lawrence has formally recommended that the State of Colorado ban all pot edibles with the exception of lozenges and tinctures.

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Did You See Pretty Lights and the Rest of the Ten Best Summer Concerts?

Categories: Denver Blogs

Photo by Aaron Thackeray
Pretty Lights.
Denver blog posts have the music in them.

Our Backbeat blog counts down the its choices for the ten best concerts of the summer.

Big Media's Jason Salzman calls out Cory Gardner for falsely claiming he never voted in favor of a government shutdown....

while Colorado Peak Politics accuses progressives of whining about the Denver Post's Gardner endorsement.

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Jaime Leon Rivas, Undocumented Teen, Locked Up by ICE After Visiting Brother in Custody

Jaime Leon Rivas at his high school graduation this past May. Full photo below.
Nineteen-year-old Jaime Leon Rivas, whose immigration case we wrote about this past spring, is back in the custody of federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement. His crime? Going to visit his older brother at the GEO detention facility in Aurora, which houses undocumented immigrants detained by ICE.

Although Leon Rivas was granted a one-year "stay of removal" back in April, allowing him to remain in the United States while he applied for immigration relief, it appears as though ICE revoked that stay. His fiance, Jenny Martinez, says she was told that the revocation didn't occur until Leon Rivas walked through the doors at GEO to see his brother.

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Cannabis Calendar for the Week of October 20: All About Edibles and More

Categories: Marijuana

The next meeting to discuss the implementation of a law requiring that marijuana edibles look different from everyday food products will take place this afternoon -- and there are more pot-related events happening this week, too. Keep reading to learn more:

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Denver Post Editor Salutes FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher Amid Jameis Winston Controversy

Categories: Media, Sports

Florida State University coach Jimbo Fisher at a press conference earlier this year. More images below.
Florida State University and its head coach, Jimbo Fisher, have been criticized in many quarters for overlooking off-the-field misdeeds by its Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, Jameis Winston, in a bid to win another national championship. But over the weekend, when FSU bested Notre Dame in one of the most watched college football games of the year, Fisher received support from an unusual source: Denver Post editor Greg Moore. Details below.

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Afrikka Hardy, Teen Who Recently Moved From Aurora, Victim of Alleged Indiana Serial Killer

Categories: News

A Facebook photo of Afrikka Hardy. More images and a video below.
The most horrifying and gruesome crime story in the country at this writing has a tragic tie to Colorado.

Until a few months ago, Afrikka Hardy, nineteen, lived in Aurora. But she recently relocated to Indiana, where she was murdered -- and the thus-far-unidentified man thought to have committed this heinous act is suspected of being a serial killer who took the lives of seven women, and possibly more. Photos, a video and the disturbing details below.

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Photos: Fifteen Beautiful Colorado Paintings on Postcards

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In many ways, postcards are becoming something of a lost art -- but even rarer are postcards of places like Colorado that feature paintings rather than photos. We found a slew of examples on ArtFire -- if you're unfamiliar with the site, think of it is an even artsier Etsy -- and they're absolutely eye-popping. Check out our fifteen favorites below, and be sure to click on the links if you'd like to add one or more of them to your Colorado pride collection.

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Top 20 Tweets About Whether Broncos' Win Over 49ers Makes Them Super Bowl Favorites

Categories: Sports, Tech

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It was just last week when the Broncos' narrow win over the woeful Jets convinced a considerable portion of Twitter Nation that Denver was overrated. No more: Last night's superlative 42-17 crushing of the excellent San Francisco 49ers not only saw Peyton Manning setting the all-time touchdown pass mark, but also featured the kind of performance fans have been waiting all year to see. Simply put, the Broncos were great on every level.

But even before this Thursday's huge matchup against Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers looming, has Denver already established itself as the class of the NFL likely to make it back to the Super Bowl? Some answers can be found in this week's top twenty tweets, illustrated by images from the victory. Check them out below.

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