Why Did Colorado Shut Down Its Most Successful Parole Program?

A highly successful parole program that helped inmates serving decades-long sentences transition back to society -- and had the potential to save the Colorado Department of Corrections millions of dollars each year in reduced housing and medical care costs for geriatric prisoners -- has been scuttled without adequate explanation, say supporters of the program.

"First, it was on hold," says Habe Lawson, one of the volunteer mentors for the Long-Term Offender Program, or LTOP -- and, like many of the program's core group, an ex-con himself. "Then it was suspended. Then it was outright thrown away."

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Televising James Holmes Trial Would Be Bad for Victims and Witnesses, Lawyers Argue

james holmes in court with public defender tamara brady.jpg
James Holmes's first court appearance in 2012 was televised.
Will televising the trial of accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes lead to more harassment of victims and witnesses than if the trial isn't broadcast?

That's one of the main questions Judge Carlos Samour has to consider in deciding whether to allow a video camera and a still camera at Holmes's trial, which is set to begin December 8. At a hearing Monday, attorneys for the TV and print media argued in favor of allowing so-called expanded media coverage of the trial. But state prosecutors and Holmes's attorneys see it as a bad idea that will cause more problems.

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Photos: Ten Online Reasons Not to Move to Boulder

Photos by Brandon Marshall from our First Boulder Craft Beer Festival slide show.
A recent survey found that Boulder is one of the ten most livable U.S. cities -- and this reputation explains why so many people want to relocate there. But even longtime residents see pros and cons, as is clear from a vintage bulletin board item entitled "Give me a reason not to go to Boulder." Continue to read the original posters reasons for wanting to relocate and the ten most memorable responses he received, featuring photos from our First Boulder Craft Beer Festival slide show.

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Jeffco Student Walkouts: More Schools Joining Protest of Patriotically Slanted History Plan

Evergreen High protest images from 7News coverage. Photos, videos and more below.
Yesterday, we told you about planned protests this morning by students at three Jefferson County high schools -- Pomona, Ralston Valley and Arvada West -- over a plan to promote patriotism in history lessons by downplaying civil disorder. Now, students from at least one more Jeffco high school are planning to join in today, with additional protests at other locations planned through the week. This follows a rally at the school district's Golden offices by students from Evergreen High. Videos, photos and details below.

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Danielle Griego Killed After Domestic Violence Episode the Previous Night (14)

Danielle Griego in one of several Facebook photos shared here. Additional images below.
Later today, a visitation will bring together the family, friends and loved ones of 24-year-old Danielle Griego prior to a funeral planned for Denver's Holy Ghost Catholic Church tomorrow. Meanwhile, more details are emerging about her murder, allegedly at the hands of Elmo Johnson, 44, who was found beside her dead body, suffering from a drug overdose.

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"F*ck It, I Quit:" See Reporter Charlo Greene Come Out On Air as Cannabis Club Owner

Categories: Marijuana

Charlo Greene. Videos and more below.
In February 2013, we explained how the legalization of limited marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington were prefigured by a case in Alaska that dates back decades -- but which has resulted in a confusing and unregulated situation.

Now, however, the movement for regulating marijuana sales in Alaska following the Colorado and Washington models has a new face -- that of Charlo Greene, a KTVA-TV reporter who announced that she was leaving her job to work full time as the head of Alaska Cannabis Club via an on-air resignation last night that concluded, "Fuck it, I quit." Here's the video:

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Reader's Picks for Five NFL Broadcasters That Suck Harder Than Phil Simms

Phil Simms.
Our post about a petition signed by more than 40,000 people demanding that Phil Simms be banned from broadcasting Broncos games didn't generate a lot of commentary love for Simms from our readers. However, this person thinks there are plenty of other NFL game callers who are more irritating than the man who was back at the microphone for the Broncos' loss to the Seahawks yesterday.

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Top Six Things Cosplay Virgins Need to Know

Categories: Denver Blogs

Photo by Danielle Lirette
Denver blog posts play well with others.

At our Show and Tell blog, Adam Roy shares six things you should know about Cosplay.

The Colorado Independent on a voter-registration showdown between CU and CSU.

Denver Egotist on the online launch of Industry.

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Jacinto Zavala: No Charges in Police Killing of Ex-Soldier Who Referenced Michael Brown

Categories: News

Photos of Jacinto Zavala from his Adamson Funeral & Cremation Services memorial page. Additional images and more below.
Several websites, including this one, have likened Greeley resident Jacinto Zavala's death in an August police shooting to the violent death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri -- an incident that led to riots and a national dialogue about race and law enforcement. Zavala, a former soldier said to suffer from PTSD, was holding a BB gun at the time he was killed, but his family has disputed that he was aiming it when officers pulled their triggers.

Now, the Weld County District Attorney's Office has issued a report about Zavala that reveals he actually mentioned Brown in the context of saying, "I'm not going to shoot the cops." Yet other factors led the DA's office to deem the officers' actions justified. Photos, details and the decision letter below.

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Student Arrests: Most Police Agencies Violating Law About Reporting Busts, Citations

More images below.
Just 22 percent of Colorado law enforcement agencies and district attorneys complied with a new state law that requires them to submit reports about their contacts with students -- a number that the group Padres y Jovenes Unidos says is disappointing. The Smart School Discipline Law was passed in 2012 and requires that such agencies submit reports by August 1 each year detailing their interactions with students, whether those interactions consist of a police investigation, an arrest or a prosecution.

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