Marijuana: MMJ Sales Outpace Rec in September and October, Patient Numbers Grow

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Photo by Robert Fisher
Medical marijuana patient numbers continued to climb in recent months, increasing from 115,710 people at the start of September to 117,239 by Halloween night. And those patients spent quite a bit of money on pot, with medical sales outpacing recreational sales in September and October as well.

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Reader: Road Repairs Are Always Being Made in the Wrong Places
When we shared our item breaking down a poster showing what all fifty states are worst at, we asked what readers see as Colorado's biggest problem area -- and the response was passionate. Here's the take of a person who sees disparities on the roads...and that's not all.

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Six Great Weekly Restaurant Deals in Denver

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Denver blog posts are always hungry for deals.

At our Cafe Society blog, Gretchen Kurtz touts six of the best weekly restaurant deals in Denver.

At Mile High Mamas, Elissa Sungar asks: "Is Natural Childbirth All It's Cracked Up to Be?"

Colorado Pols notes that Politifact has named Senator-elect Cory Gardner's ebola "scare tactics" as the political lie of the year. Congratulations!

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JonBenet Ramsey: How the Investigation Got Derailed -- and Why It Still Matters

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Brian Stauffer
Bad news often comes in the night. It arrives in a whirl of dread and confusion, like a drunk trying to get into the wrong house, shattering the pre-dawn silence and bursting our dreams.

When Priscilla White answered the phone at her Boulder home at six in the morning on December 26, 1996, she knew that something terrible had happened. Why else would anyone be calling so early, the day after Christmas? But the news was worse than anything she could imagine.

The voice on the line belonged to a frantic Patsy Ramsey. "JonBenét's been kidnapped," she said. "Come over right now. Call the FBI."

She hung up before the stunned Priscilla could say much of anything.

Priscilla and her husband, Fleet White Jr., had been with John and Patsy Ramsey just ten hours earlier. The Ramseys and their two children had come to the Whites' house for Christmas dinner. Nine-year-old Burke Ramsey had played Nintendo games with seven-year-old Fleet III, while best friends JonBenét and Daphne White, both six, had played in Daphne's room. There had been nothing remarkable about the evening, but now the Ramseys were making desperate calls for help.

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Denver Jail Brutality: Auditor Wonders if Sheriff's Office Has Something to Hide
Jamal Hunter, seen in this post-beating photo, received a $3.25 million settlement from the City of Denver. Additional images, plus a video and more below.
This could get ugly. Hot on the heels of huge City of Denver payouts in cases involving Jamal Hunter and Marvin Booker, Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher blasted the Denver Sheriff's Department for a lack of transparency regarding his office's efforts to audit jail operations overseen by the DSD. A key quote from a letter sent to Mayor Michael Hancock that's on view below: "This kind of behavior and the refusal to provide needed information to my auditors makes me wonder what some people want to hide."

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Jayson Figueroa Among Victims in Adams County Triple Murder, One Survivor (23-25)

A Facebook photo of Jayson Figueroa. Additional images and videos below.
Update: We finally know the identities of the victims in the Adams County triple murder for which Furmen Leyba and Gabriel Flores have been formally charged: They are Johnny Angel Gutierrez, eighteen, Jason Albert Quizada, 37, and Jayson Antonio Figueroa, seventeen, Moreover, one person is said to have survived the attack. Continue for photos, videos and details, followed by our previous coverage of this shocking crime.

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Ken McGill Awarded $11 Million in Lawsuit Over Stroke Suffered in Jeffco Jail
Photo by Anthony Camera
Ken McGill in a photo from our April 2013 cover story.
In our April 2013 cover story, Joel Warner wrote about Ken McGill, who had filed a lawsuit against Jefferson County for what he saw as shabby care after he suffered a stroke while incarcerated. A jury has now agreed and awarded McGill $11 million. Continue for the details, plus a video and original documents.

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Yer Zit and Zar Yar: Accessory and Abusing Naked Corpse Charges in Alley Homicide (21)

Yer Zit. Additional photos and more below.
Update: Our post last week about the discovery of a body in a Xenia Street alley (see our previous coverage below) noted the arrest of two men, Yer Zit and Zar Yar, both thought to be natives of Myanmar. Now, the pair have been charged, but not for murder. Instead, they're facing accessory beefs plus a charge of abusing a corpse -- which was found naked. Meanwhile, the investigation is continuing into the death of the man, who still isn't being publicly identified. Continue for photos and details from a police report we've also included in this post.

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Fifty Reasons Colorado Is the Greatest State in the Country, 2014 Edition
More photos below.
How many reasons are there that prove Colorado is the greatest state in the country? We've put together top-fifty lists in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and we're not even close to running out. So now, continuing the tradition, we bring you the 2014 edition, with fifty new reasons, illustrated with photos and videos and lovingly assembled by the Westword staff. Look below to remind yourself why you live here -- and to let everyone else know why we love it so much.

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Stephen Graves, Man Living in Yard House Ceiling: Multiple Wine Corks

Stephen Graves. Photos, a video and more below.
Last week, Mark Antonation at our Cafe Society blog told you about a man who'd been living in the ceiling of the downtown Yard House becoming trapped in a wall amid flooding that forced the restaurant to temporarily close. Now, that man, Stephen Graves, has been formally charged with several crimes. Continue for photos, video and details from the police report, which offers several clues about what Graves was doing in there: multiple wine corks.

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