Cannabis Time Capsule, 1935: Egyptian Bride Busted Holding Hash

King Farouk I marrying Queen Farida of Egypt, 1937. We doubt they were stoned.
Weed-themed weddings in Colorado are all the rage now for the pot-friendly -- but apparently cannabis has been a part of nuptials in Egypt since the 1930s. At least, it was part of one Cairo bride's wedding plan -- though it didn't seem to work out well for her according to this tiny March 22, 1935 blurb in the Eagle Valley Enterprise.

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Reader: Denver Girls Are Turning to Terrorism Because Schools No Longer Teach Patriotism

Shannon Conley in a photo obtained by 7News.
Our post about three Denver teens suspected of traveling overseas to join ISIS just over a month after nineteen-year-old Arvada resident Shannon Conley pleaded guilty to a similar plan prompted a wide variety of comments, with frustration, alarm and everything in between represented. Here's a post by a reader who thinks he knows what's to blame for such incidents.

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Top Twenty Ways to Tell a Hipster From a Bro

Categories: Denver Blogs

Photo by Christopher Morgan
Denver blog posts have equal love for hip bros and bro hipsters.

Our Show and Tell blog offers twenty ways to tell the difference between a hipster and a bro.

The Colorado Independent's Tessa Cheek: "CSU newspaper wins election-season battle against Clerk Myers."

The Redheaded Slut on coloring outside the lines.

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James Holmes Case: Prosecutors Okay With Another Trial Postponement
Andy Cross/Denver Post
James Holmes during a June 2013 court hearing. Additional photos and more below.
Earlier this week, we reported about a motion filed by the defense team representing accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes asking for the current December 8 trial start date to be pushed back. Prosecutors have now responded, and they raise no objections to the request, making it likely that the proceedings won't get underway until 2015 -- well over two years after the original crime. We've got both documents and more below.

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John William Bell Allegedly Went to the Dogs to Steal Morphine

John William Bell. More photos below.
If investigators are right, John William Bell likes morphine and other heavy-duty narcotics so much that he was willing to do almost anything to get them, including lying, forgery and throwing an acquaintance to the dogs, in a manner of speaking -- because one of the crime scenes in the long-running case was an animal hospital.

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Photos: Casey Nocket, Accused Vandal, May Have Tagged Rocky Mountain National Park

Courtesy of Modern Hiker
Creepytings' graffiti at Crater Lake National Park.
New Yorker Casey Nocket allegedly defaced rock formations in as many as ten national parks around the U.S., painting faces and other designs using permanent acrylics and broadcasting the results on social media. Here in Colorado, the graffiti artist is suspected of leaving her mark on one of the state's most-visited slices of wilderness, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Now, thanks to some crowdsourced detective work from the National Park Service and Reddit, her days of using America's public lands as her canvas may be coming to an end.

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Anti-Pot Doctor Implies Weed Contributed to Death of Cop-Shooting Victim Michael Brown
Michael Brown.
Did marijuana contribute to -- and perhaps even cause -- the death of Michael Brown, whose shooting by a police officer caused weeks of rioting in Ferguson, Missouri? That's the implication of a blog post by Dr. Christian Thurstone, an addiction specialist who's also a major player in Project SAM, a national organization fighting to prevent greater access to cannabis.

Project SAM has already distanced itself from Thurstone's post after initially hyping it, following a Twitter spat with marijuana reformers. Meanwhile, Thurstone's position echoes previous suggestions by Christine Tatum, his wife and co-blogger, that pot may have played a role in the Boston Marathon bombing and the Columbine and Aurora theater shootings.

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Photos: Top Ten Haunted Houses in the U.S.A., Including a Terrifying Denver Attraction
More photos below.
To mark the Halloween season, USA Today assembled its picks for the country's top haunted houses -- and one from Denver made the cut.

Count down all ten below, featuring images and text from each of the attractions -- and be sure to click on the links to learn more about the scares offered up at each.

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Porta-Potty Peeper Luke Chrisco Suing Boulder for $99,999 or "Equal Amount of Gold Coinage"

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Luke Chrisco. More photos plus videos below.
Remember Luke Chrisco, the guy who was arrested back in 2011 for hiding inside the tank of a porta-potty in order to scope the underside of users at a Boulder-area yoga festival? Well, he's back with another memorable gambit. Even as he faces a possible return to a cell for allegedly violating the terms of his probation, he's reportedly suing the Boulder County Sheriff's Office and the county jail for the way he was treated while in stir. The amount noted in his suit: $99,999 or "an equal amount of gold coinage."

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Top 20 Tweets About Whether Broncos Victim Philip Rivers is a Whiner or a Cry Baby

Categories: Sports, Tech

More photos below.
One of the most enjoyable things about the Broncos' 35-21 win over the Chargers last night (and there were many of them) was the sight of San Diego QB Philip Rivers's frequent temper tantrums. Ranting, complaining, yelling into his own helmet: He put on quite a show in defeat, and Twitter Nation definitely noticed. In fact, the main debate during and after the game was whether Rivers is a cry baby, a whiner or both. Continue for twenty hilarious examples, illustrated with images from the game.

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