Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Local Product of Colorado in Denver

The last time I was in Local Product of Colorado, there were issues. Not with the shop itself -- which at the time was one of the nicest spaces in Denver where medical cannabis was being sold. No, the problem was with the buds and an abundance of powdery mildew. Despite the staff's amazing response to the problem, it was enough for me to write them off and never give them a second thought.

But a lot has changed in three-plus years, and I'm glad they landed back on my radar.

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Reader: When Whitey Wants His Weed, He Can Visit a Shady Neighborhood and Get Mugged

A new CU Denver study found that NIMBY regulations in affluent areas tend to push medical marijuana dispensaries into lower-income neighborhoods despite a lack of evidence that such businesses impact localities any more than do coffee shops. Our post on the topic proved to be a conversation starter, with this reader's take being among the most provocative.

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Actor Cajardo Lindsey on What It's Like to Be Arrested While Black

Categories: Denver Blogs

Cajardo Lindsey.
Denver blog posts listen.

At our Show and Tell blog, Juliet Wittman talks to actor/lawyer Carjardo Lindsey about a police interaction that called to mind the continuing racial issues in Ferguson, Missouri and beyond.

South Stands Denver's John Reidy gets serious about fake football.

Coyote Gulch on a report showing overwhelming Latino support for conservation.

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Did Some of Colorado's Prison Reforms Die With Tom Clements?

This week's cover story traces the dramatic shift in direction of the Colorado Department of Corrections since the 2013 murder of its chief, Tom Clements, by Evan Ebel, a violent parolee who'd just spent six years in solitary confinement. The death of the reform-minded Clements had a profound impact on DOC operations, leadership and morale, but the lasting effects of the tragedy on prison policy and public safety are still being debated.

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Photos: Twenty Great Ways to Celebrate #ThrowbackThursday Denver-Style

Categories: Photos, Tech

More photos below.
The Twitter hashtag #ThrowbackThursday has become a favorite for a very good reason: With all the lousy news taking place now, it's reassuring and entertaining to turn back the clock once a week.

Plenty of Denver tweeters agree, regularly sharing #ThrowbackThursday posts featuring fascinating, charming or funny photos from the past -- often the very distant past. Check out twenty of our recent favorites below.

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FBI Director James Comey in Denver: Counterterrorism Is Our First Priority

Categories: News

FBI Director James Comey
Counterterrorism is the FBI's number one priority, FBI Director James Comey said in a visit to Denver on Wednesday. That includes monitoring what Comey called "homegrown violent extremists," Americans who become radicalized via the Internet. "In their pajamas, in their basement, they can get all the inspiration they need, all the training they need, to emerge and commit some terrible act of jihad here in the United States," he said. "That is not a New York problem. That is not a D.C. problem. That is an everywhere problem."

It's also one Colorado has seen firsthand in the case of nineteen-year-old Shannon Conley, who was arrested for trying to provide material support to the terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, a group that Comey called "savages."

See also: Shannon Conley, teen accused of trying to aid ISIS terror group: Her rebirth as "Slave of Allah"

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Joseph Ellsworth, Ex-Denver Cop Turned Sex Offender: Attempted Child Sex Assault Bust

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Joseph Ellsworth. More photos below.
Earlier today, we told you about the arrest of Mark Beluscak, who's at least the eighth Denver police officer to get into trouble in 2014 alone.

As for Joseph Ellsworth, he's an ex-Denver Cop -- very ex, since he hasn't been on the force since the 1990s. Since then, he's become a registered sex offender -- and now, he's been charged with attempted sexual assault on a child after arranging to meet a fifteen-year-old girl for sex, not realizing she was actually an undercover policewoman. Details below.

See also: Mark Beluscak, Busted for Child Abuse, Is the Latest Denver Police Officer in Trouble

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Marijuana Advocates Say Special Taxes Lawsuit Could Overturn All Pot Licensing Regs
In June, we told you about a lawsuit filed by attorney Rob Corry on behalf of a group called No Over Taxation. It contends that special taxes placed on marijuana sales are illegal and unconstitutional; see the complaint and more documents below.

Tomorrow, a hearing in the case is scheduled, and cannabis advocates encouraging attendance contend that should the suit be successful, it could spell the end for marijuana licensing and registration regulations statewide.

See also: Marijuana: Lawsuit claims special pot taxes are illegal and unconstitutional

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Top Ten State Economies According to MSN Money -- and Colorado's Big Finish

Memes and more below.
Plenty of folks in these parts continue to complain about the rough economy -- but according to MSN Money, such gripes have reached their expiration date. The site has just ranked the fifty state economies from worst to first, and Colorado is solidly ensconced in the top ten. But where did it finish? Count down the meme-illustrated list below, complete with excerpts from MSN Money text -- and to see the original post, which features even more facts and figures, click here.

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Mark Beluscak, Busted for Child Abuse, Is the Latest Denver Police Officer in Trouble

Categories: Colorado Crimes

A 2010 photo of Officer Mark Beluscak shared by West Denver Cop Watch. A video and more below.
As we've reported, at least seven Denver police officers have gotten into trouble in 2014, with offenses ranging from departmental violations (like keeping 600 nude photos on a work cell phone) to alleged assaults, prostitute-solicitation and more; see our previous coverage below.

Now there's an eighth case: Officer Mark Beluscak has been arrested in Douglas County on a misdemeanor child abuse accusation. Details below.

See also: See seven Denver cops to get in trouble in 2014, including just-busted Daniel Diaz de Leon

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