Medical marijuana dispensary review: Green Leaf in Denver

Google Maps.
Green Leaf probably does a lot of walk-in business from people living in nearby apartments who either can't get to other dispensaries closer to downtown for lack of transportation or are just too lazy to care. If it wasn't for the housing within walking distance to Green Leaf, I'm not sure the tiny dispensary in southeast Denver would stay in business.

At least, not with the meds on display recently.

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Reader: I thought whiskey's serving size was the whole bottle and now I'm crazy intoxicated!

Our post about a new pot-edibles education campaign noted that the idea was inspired in part by the reaction to New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd's account of a bad edibles experience in Denver. Many of our readers were directly critical of Dowd for not following serving-size recommendations -- but this one manages to make the same point in a subtler and funnier way.

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Bree Davies on why life without alcohol is usually great but sucks sometimes

Categories: Denver Blogs

Denver blog posts know when to say when.

At our Show and Tell blog, Bree Davies reflects on the wonderful and terrifying reality of an alcohol-free life as she marks eight years of sobriety.

The Colorado Independent's Mike Littwin on Ted Cruz's humanitarian crisis.

At Denver Infill, Ken Schroeppel offers an update on downtown Denver's residential developments.

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Adams 12 school board seat declared vacant by judge in ongoing drama over who won election
An image from the Adams 12 Five Star Schools website.
No one won the election.

That's the opinion of the Broomfield District Court judge tasked with sorting out last November's Adams 12 Five Star school board election, in which ineligible candidate Amy Speers earned two-thirds of the vote and eligible candidate Rico Figueroa earned a third. Both were running to represent District 4, but election officials discovered that due to some recent redistricting, Speers no longer lived within the District 4 boundaries. She refused to drop out of the race, however, and ended up earning the most votes. Now, a Broomfield judge has declared the seat vacant.

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Chris Christie defends saying pot hurts quality of life in Colorado during fundraising visit
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in a CBS4 image. Videos and more below.
Back in April, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ripped the quality of life in Colorado due to marijuana legalization -- a statement that prompted Governor John Hickenlooper's office to come up with a list of eight ways Colorado tops New Jersey.

Yesterday, Christie was in Colorado to stump for Bob Beauprez, Hick's gubernatorial opponent, in the sort of visit calculated to raise his profile as a potential 2016 Republican presidential nominee. And when he was asked if he regretted ripping the state, his answer was a typically blustery and unequivocal "no."

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John Suthers only obstacle to marriage equality in Colorado, says attorney after ban-case win

Attorney Mari Newman as seen in a CBS4 image. More photos and an original document below.
What began as a trickle is now a flood. Mere weeks after an Adams County judge ruled Colorado's same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional, U.S. District Judge Raymond P. Moore issued a similar finding. However, Moore stayed his order (on view below) until 8 a.m. on August 25 and Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is expected to seek an injunction to maintain the status quo until the U.S. Supreme Court can weigh in.

That frustrates Mari Newman, who represents plaintiffs in the latest case. In her view, "the only thing standing in the way of marriage equality for all Coloradans is Attorney General John Suthers."

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Update: Marquise Bridgewater, accused $400K house stealer, busted but at it again?

One of many Marquise Bridgewater images on Photobucket. Additional pics and more below.
Update: Our most recent Schmuck of the Week has been busted -- and while she's currently free on bond, she could wind up behind bars again soon. Marquise Bridgewater is accused of using false deeds to "buy" a $400,000 house for $10. 9News is now reporting that Bridgewater surrendered to Broomfield police on the warrant in her name out of Denver last week and subsequently bonded out -- and the next day, she allegedly filed another false document signing over possession of the house-she-didn't-own to a woman in California. That could mean more charges and another arrest warrant.

As for the first one, here's how she earned it, as described in our previous Schmuck of the Week nomination.

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Photos: Fifteen Colorado cities with the best weather

Big photos and more below.
Colorado continues to have a reputation in some quarters as a bad-weather state. But anyone who lives here knows that's a gross exaggeration whether or not the state's 300-days-of-sunshine claim is a myth or not.

More evidence comes via a new study by the folks at WalletHub to determine which cities have the best weather. Fifteen in Colorado finished in the top 75, and although several are clustered together, there's plenty of distance between most -- and we bet you can't guess the top finisher, which wound up in the national top ten out of 600 cities surveyed. Count down all fifteen below, complete with photos, national rankings and the methodology at the bottom of the post.

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Joseph Wood's botched lethal injection joins list of executions gone horribly wrong

Joseph Rudolph Wood. More photos and a video below.
Yesterday in Arizona, convicted murderer Joseph Rudolph Wood was executed...very slowly. Wood reportedly gasped for breath for nearly two hours as witnesses watched before finally expiring.

This is hardly the first botched execution, as is clear from the following roster, first published last year. It highlights nine startling stories assembled by CU Professor Michael Radelet, plus one shocker from Westword's archives. Get the details below.

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Steve Jackson, ex-Westword staffer, threatened in crime spree: "Drop the f*cking phone"

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Steve Jackson in an image from 9News. More photos and images below.
Steve Jackson is singularly qualified to recap at least part of a crazy Jefferson County crime spree involving a couple busted on charges including robbery, vehicle theft, burglary and attempted murder. A former Westword staff writer (here's his author page), Jackson is a crime-book author of national renown -- and his account of what happened, shared on his Facebook page, is as vivid and exciting as expected. See it along with photos, video and details below.

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