Marijuana Businesses Embrace Black Friday and the Holidays

As William Breathes's lists featuring the best marijuana gifts of 2012 and 2013 demonstrate, Colorado pot shops have embraced the holidays for a while now. But 2014 promises more deals than ever, with a number specifically pegged to Black Friday.

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Reader: I Was Homeless, But Now I Wouldn't Let Most of the Homeless I Met in My House
Photo by Britt Chester
Kristin Pazulski's coverage of a homeless Solutions Center planned for the Athmar neighborhood prompted many responses about the project itself. But this reader talks about her own experiences with homelessness and the people she encountered.

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Five Warmest Winter Venues in Denver

Categories: Denver Blogs

Photo by Sean Cronin
Denver blog posts know when to come in from the cold.

The crew at our Backbeat blog picks the five coziest music venues in Denver.

Denver Egotist shows off a new app that lets you trade your way along the Silk Road.

Colorado Peak Politics on the initiative that would require Denver city appointees to live there.

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"Vape" Is the Word of the Year in Colorado and for the Oxford Dictionaries

Categories: Marijuana, News
Photo by Christine Cool
Vaping in Denver in early 2014.
It's become a common sight in Colorado -- at Broncos games, in movie theaters and malls, in the bathrooms at bars and clubs, even behind high schools and in employee parking lots. People will quickly, slyly grab a device from their pocket that looks like a pen and put it to their mouth. Then, after just a tiny puff and the mere hint of the smell of pot or cigarette smoke, they'll put the device -- which doesn't get hot -- back into their pocket and go back to whatever they were doing.

The use of vape pens and e-cigarettes has been common for a while, but it caught on big in 2014 after recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado at the beginning of the year. So big, in fact, that Oxford Dictionaries chose "vape" as its word of the year for 2014.

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Marijuana: Check Out the Nine Latest Shops to Get Recreational Licenses

Categories: Marijuana

Either the cold weather is slowing down business in general, or the recreational boom in cannabis is finally slowing down. There were nine additions to the recreational licensing list last month -- and shockingly, not one of those locations was in Aurora. Find out where they all were instead:

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Jose Alderete-Gomez Busted for Attack on Woman: Is He Fort Collins' Serial Assaulter?

Categories: Colorado Crimes

One of the crime scenes as captured in 7News coverage. Additional images, a video and more below.
Ten Fort Collins women have been attacked over the past few months, and police believe the same man assaulted many, if not all, of them.

Against this backdrop, 27-year-old Jose Alderete-Gomez has been arrested in one of the incidents -- and investigators are working to see if they can link him to any of the others. Details, photo, video and more below.

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Ferguson Protest Tonight at Civic Center Park Seeks Peace, Not Violence

Categories: News

A photo shared by Jo Cusick that's being used as the event image for this evening's protest. Additional pics, plus videos and more below.
Last night, as we've reported, protests in Denver following the decision of a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri not to indict a police officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown were peaceful -- and that's the plan for another gathering, planned for Civic Center Park this evening. Continue for details about last night's event and the one to come, featuring photos, videos and more.

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Least Affordable Cities for Middle Class and Millennial Home Buyers -- Including Denver

More photos below.
Denver's typically on plenty of positive city lists -- but this one's not among them. Trulia has put together a report entitled "Where Is Homeownership Within Reach of the Middle Class and Millennials?," and according to data compiled by the site, Denver's among the least affordable in the country.

Where did it finish? Find out by counting down our photo-illustrated roster, featuring Trulia data. Also included is a document filled with info about lots of other places, too. For the original post, click here.

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Photos: Here's What Aurora Did to These Twenty Shoplifters

More photos below.
Black Friday marks the official start of the holiday shopping season -- and presumably also the holiday shoplifting season. With that in mind, the Aurora Police Department is sending a simple seasonal message: "Shoplift in Aurora and go to jail!" Those are the first words in a new APD Facebook post stressing that shoplifters in Aurora are frequently booked into the city's detention center, rather than receiving a summons and being released. A note adds that some of those convicted of the crime even had their vehicles seized.

Continue to see photos of twenty convicted Aurora shoplifters, along with APD text revealing their punishment. To see even more pics, click here.

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See Denver Cop Punch Suspect Six Times in Face, Trip Pregnant Woman

Categories: News
A screen capture from footage obtained by Fox31. More images and a video below.
The Denver Police Department didn't need this. On an evening of largely peaceful protest in the Mile High City after a Ferguson, Missouri grand jury's failure to indict a police officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown, video has surfaced in which a Denver cop can be repeatedly punching a drug suspect in the head, as well as tripping a woman said to have been seven-and-a-half months pregnant. Details and the video below. But first, a warning: The images may disturb some readers.

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