Cannabis Time Capsule, 1893: Horses Thrive on Weed
Willie Nelson says he gives his horses beer, but according to this 1893 article in the Leadville Herald-Democrat, he should be using weed.

Yes, the cure for a worn-down horse is good-old THC.

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Reader: Admit It, Colorado -- Many Tourists Come Here to Smoke Pot

Photo by Joshua Duplechian
Our post about the 471 percent increase in public-pot-smoking tickets over the first three-quarters of 2014 inspired many of our readers to debate whether cannabis clubs should be allowed. Here's someone who puts his response in the context of officials' continuing reluctance to acknowledge marijuana tourism.

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Denver's Ten Best Bottomless Mimosas

Categories: Denver Blogs

Denver blog posts have the scene covered from top to bottom.

At our Cafe Society blog, Lauren Monitz lists the ten best bottomless mimosas in Denver.

Coyote Gulch: Fountain Creek's infrastructure "is not just behind, it is decaying."

Denver Frank gives a shout-out to Bree Davies's undercover visit to Casa Bonita.

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A Prison Guard's Take on Solitary Confinement and Who Belongs There

An illustration of his cell by Thomas Silverstein, who's challenged his longtime detention in solitary. To read more about his case, click here.
Three years ago, Colorado's state prison system kept nearly 10 percent of its population held in solitary confinement, a rate that was about seven times the national average. That excessive use began to change under Department of Corrections executive director Tom Clements, until his 2013 murder by Evan Ebel, an inmate who'd been released to the streets directly after years of solitary.

Clements' successor, Rick Raemisch, has made significant strides in further reducing the "administrative segregation" population, particularly for inmates who've been diagnosed as mentally ill, and pushing programs to prepare prisoners for release. The effort has drawn national attention, especially after Raemisch wrote a piece for the New York Times about spending twenty hours in solitary himself.

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Matthew Hickcox and Pals Allegedly Loved Meth Enough to Rip a Mailbox Out of a Sidewalk

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Robert and Matthew Hickcox in a Facebook photo. At this writing, Robert is still at large. Photos and more below.
How badly did Matthew Hickcox and friends allegedly want meth? Enough to rip a mailbox out of a sidewalk.

That's among the assertions about what prosecutors describe as an identity theft ring -- and two members, including Matthew's brother Robert, remain on the loose at this writing. Photos, details and more below.

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Steven Paula Busted for Road Rage Punchout After His Daughter Posts Video on Snapchat

Pics are from Fox31 coverage. More photos and a video below.
A note to teenagers who think they need to post Every Single Thing on social media: It's probably not a good idea to share a video of your dad punching someone out -- because it could end with him going to jail, and becoming our latest Schmuck of the Week.

Which brings us to the story of Steven Paula.

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Photos: Celebrating the Opening of Even More Colorado Ski Resorts

Categories: Things to Do
Photo by Brandon Marshall. Click to see the complete Colorado Ski Season Kicks Off at A-Basin slide show.
Today, Eldora ski area is slated to open for the 2014-2015 season, bringing the total number of resorts to six, including Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, Copper Mountain, Wolf Creek and Winter Park. And Aspen Mountain is scheduled to be number seven tomorrow. To get you stoked, we've pulled together highlights from photographer Brandon Marshall's photos from opening day at A-Basin. Considering how much fun his camera subjects were having on very early snow, imagine how much better it'll be now. Check out the gallery below, followed by's list of opening dates -- and to see the complete "Colorado Ski Season Kicks Off at A-Basin" slide show, click here.

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Photos: Five Most Expensive Properties for Sale in Aspen, 2014 Edition

Categories: Business
More photos below.
It's been more than a year since we checked in on the most expensive properties for sale in Aspen, and a lot's changed since then. Of our top five from last year listed on the indispensable website, only one remains on the market, and its price has dropped by a substantial $8 million. Moreover, it had been the fifth-most expensive property available -- but now, it's tenth! We've included it just for fun.

As for the new top five, rest assured that they're breathtaking. Check them out below, featuring sample photos and text from the site -- and be sure to click on the links to take a longer tour.

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Denver Cops Shoot Two in Commerce City After Failed Traffic Stop
Photos from the scene courtesy of 7News. More images below.
The murder at Aurora's Bronco Bar wasn't the only example of gunfire in the metro area last night. Two people were also shot in Commerce City -- and the individuals behind the triggers were Denver police officers.

Continue for details about the incident, which flowed from a failed traffic stop.

See also: Update: Jahvell Forrest Busted in Shooting of Aurora Cop Ryan Burns

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Bronco Bar Murder: One Dead, Two Hurt in Shooting, Two Suspects on the Run (20)

Thumbnail image for
A photo tweeted from the crime scene by Fox31's Cathy Hernandez. Additional images and videos below.
Update below: Bronco Bar, at 9496 Montview Boulevard in Aurora, is a sports bar and grill, and judging by photos and videos shared online, it's a place known for good times and happy, boisterous crowds. Not last night, though: Just after midnight, gunfire erupted, killing one and injuring two others. Here's what we know thus far.

See also: Photos: Shooting at Cold Crush Hip-Hop Club Injures Three, One Critically, published in June

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