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The Loveland City Council is thinking about relocating a nude sculpture to the bottom of Lake Loveland

The slightly nuder-than-life-size bronze artwork known as "Triangle,"
created by sculptor Kirsten Kokkin, is currently located on East First
Street at Sculptor Drive. Members of the nearby Abundant Love
Lutheran Church hate to look at it and want it moved. Besides the
bottom of Lake Loveland, top suggestions for a new home include the top of
Long's Peak, the inside of the soon-to-be-demolished Loveland Feed
and Grain Mill, and Loveland's sister city of Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan.

It all seems like way too much hassle. I would urge everyone involved
to review the sensible nudity-calming suggestions that I offered for
the sculpture in my cartoon, originally published on August 10, 2006. -- Kenny Be

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