Finale Night (Ugly Betty, The Office and Grey's Anatomy)

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Three of television's biggest shows are wrapping up their seasons tonight


-I have only watch one episode of this show (“Swag”). I like what I saw but I never get home in time to see it. Also the second half is on during the The Office. But I am getting a TIVO next week so will be able to watch both.


--Will Pam and Jim finally get together or will it be dragged out for another season?
-- I hope the Jan and Michael twisted relationship comes to an end because I miss the single Michael.
-- I like the actress (Rashida Jones) that plays Karen but the character is boring. There have been hints that she is leaving. I hope so. Because I like Jones better when she was hocking Roca Pads


-- I am a big fan of this show but every season I hate Meredith more and more.
-- The same can be said about McDreamy. Yes he is hot but he is also a whinny bitch. He and Meredith deserve each other. If they have a kid, God help us. That thing is going to come out of the va-jay-jay brooding slowly to it's own Indie soundtrack.
--Can Callie get any dumber?
-- The spin-off with Addison is going to suck. I can't take two shows of neurotic doctors.
--Why is ER still on?

--Crystal Preston-Watson

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