Gerald Styron Rides Again

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A week after Gerald Styron's first visit to the Westword offices, he delivered a follow up missive and more sound files! He's still stumping for Denver City Council even after losing his write-in candidacy (after not getting the 100 signatures needed to be an official candidate) to incumbent Rick Garcia in Tuesday's election. Somehow Garcia eeked it out -- so there's no need for a run-off, as in districts 3, 7 and 8 -- with 5,203 votes compared to write-ins earning 256.

Styron didn't bring a gun this time, or even threaten anyone with a gun, but still, I want to err on the side of caution and offer full disclosure. (I wouldn't want to be called an "Imus" as Styron labeled Kenny Be during our last meeting.) So for your reading pleasure:

First Pagestyron%201small.jpg

Second Pagestyron%202small.jpg

Part 2 of Styron's Election '07 CD
Track 1

Track 5

Track 7

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