Cinco De Mayo Festival

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Churros, turkey legs, US Navy recruiters and bootlegged Latin rap CDs. Saturday’s Cinco De Mayo Festival in Civic Center Park proved to be another exciting event for city-dwellers to experience everything that the Mile High Flea Market has to offer – but downtown!

But the most popular draw wasn’t the amateur boxing exhibitions or the sparkling low-riders. It was the strip of corporate food booths along “Calle King Soopers” where visitors crowded in lines to indulge in Jose Ole refried beans and some kind of green day-glo juice concoction from Herdez.

Even with the free offerings, however – tostadas y toilet paper! – one regular Colfax panhandler positioned himself at the bottom of the street with a cardboard begging sign that read: “Hungry/hambriento.”

Now that’s a bilingual education. –Jared Jacang Maher


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