Copy Cat: What Is the New DAM Building Doing in Ontario?

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I saw this image on Cool Hunter today, and it made me do a double take. Wow, I thought, doesn't that look a lot like the new Hamilton Building designed by Daniel Libeskind. Then I read the accompanying story:

What started out as a sketch on a napkin at a family wedding, soon became a submission for Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum extension.

World-famous architect Daniel Libeskind, who also won the 2002 contest to replace New York’s World Trade Center, faxed the napkins in. Since then, the 56,000-square-foot addition has brewed several controversies amongst Torontonians and architecture buffs - as does any visionary work, or so they say. While some praise its bold design marked by angular complexity, others believe it’s an insult to a heritage monument. Yet others just think it resembles an alien ship from space. At least it has people talking.

Yep, a total rip off of our building by Libeskind, which looks a lot like his holocaust museum in Berlin with all the crashing forms. Plus the same story is being peddled about how he designed it all on a napkin. (Seriously, Daniel, you've got to start turning in a new napkin.) And even the same "alien ship from space" comments that we've been getting for the past year.

Pffft. -- Amy Haimerl



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