First Look at August First Friday

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Check out the Plankton Art Co.'s "Gamecock" and other works at Limited Addiction Gallery on Santa Fe Drive.

It may be the dog days of summer, when most art galleries close down -- but not in Denver. No things just keep buzzing along in a post-Libeskind haze. So gear up tonight for First Friday (August 3) and develop your advance plan of where to be and what to see. (There are too many galleries hosting shows not to have a plan.) To help out, we've put together a few cheat-sheet slide shows of what is being displayed in the town's various arts districts.


Check out Sushe Felix's "Birds of a Feather" -- and landscape works by eight other artists -- at William Havu Gallery in the Golden Triangle.

For the Golden Triangle galleries, click here.

For the Santa Fe Arts District, click here.

For River North Art District, click here.

Note: If we've missed your gallery and you would like to be included in the future, please email

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