Arts and Crafts with Gloriana Willow Tillemann-Dick

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The Tillemann-Dick family’s magnificent endeavors, traced in a July 10 Westword profile, have inspired one of its members, 14-year-old Gloriana Willow, to embark on artistic flights of fancy. "It is awfully hard to get all of the Tillemann-Dicks together at one time," she explains. "So, with the aid of Microsoft Paint and various children's procrastination from chores, the Tillemann-Dick's surrogate family portrait has come into being. One or two are being made each year, in different absurd but semi-realistic settings."

One of Gloriana’s portraits, obviously conceived during the holidays, can be seen above. Click "More" to peek at another one, featuring an old-timey summertime motif. -- Joel Warner

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