Arnold Schwarzenegger looks like he's going green

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Don't terminate that joint, Ahnold.

Lucky Jared Jacang Maher. The Westword reporter's copy of the Denver Post included the photo seen here, which makes it seem for all the world as if California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is toking up a storm while speaking at an August 18 press conference. Adding to the effect: The headline beneath the picture reads, "Helping Drivers Shift to Green."

If it was any greener, he could smoke it.

The online version of the story doesn't include the image, and the copies of the August 18 Post that landed on Westword's stoop don't show the mysterious pinched-tube shape at the corner of Schwarzenegger's mouth. Odds are good, then, that a printing error resulted in the alteration of the shot.

Either that or someone in the Post's press room felt Schwarzenegger had the need for weed. -- Michael Roberts

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