Jilted by Jay Marvin

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Jay Marvin (to the left, as usual).

Another occupant of radio row at the Pepsi Center during DNC week is Jay Marvin, morning host at AM 760, whose slogan -- "Boulder's Progressive Talk" -- marks it as the Clear Channel outlet least likely to say nasty things about Democrats in general. Westword has written about Marvin a time or two over the years, including a 1998 feature article during the period when he helmed the afternoon-drive shift at KHOW, and in a 2007 Message column, and he must not have hated them, because seconds after greeting him, he asked if I could be a guest on his show in twenty minutes or so. I said "okay" and promised to return around the appointed time. When I did, I found Marvin and his producer were getting ready to interview someone else entirely -- a former White House something or other -- and appeared to have completely forgotten about inviting me to gab in the first place. Damn it! If I would have realized how far politics might have taken me, I would have run for student council in eleventh grade when I had the chance. -- Michael Roberts

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