The blog shortcut, August 13 edition

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Don't hate Robert Smith because he's beautiful...

Blogmania: catch it!

There's been some kind of blog explosion over at Backbeat Online today. Cast your gaze upon live reviews of Rx Bandits and the Pseudo Dates; a slideshow of Machine Gun Blues' swan song; news of Sleeper Horse's drummer search; details about Magic Cyclops' disappointing finish in the big air-guitar contest; a Twist & Shout sales update; a fond farewell to the Erica Brown Band; word of a laptop-jacking involving the Epilogues; and the debut of Fascination Street, a new blog by singer-songwriter Rachel Pollard, who was inspired to take on the challenge after reading (and getting irritated by) a mixed review of a Cure concert by yours truly. Glad to be of service.

Other stuff? The Cat's Pajamas models fashionable "Defend Denver" t-shirts, ready just in time for the Democratic National Convention, and Cafe Society visits a memorial to the downtown Buca di Beppo. And Demver features photos of assorted DNC security measures, including a locked fire hydrant. No gushing allowed. -- Michael Roberts

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