Two Bodies by the Platte, No Reason to Panic


The first body was found on June 25, the morning of Bike to Work day, stalling -- and stunning -- many bikers pedaling along the Platte, who wound up taking a detour as the body was fished out of the river..

Then on Sunday, July 27, a jogger running in Cuernavaca Park spotted another lifeless body. She alerted a pair of Denver Parks and Recreation maintenance workers, who called the police.

That two bodies were found so close together -- in both time and geography -- worried some park regulars. But according to Sonny Jackson, spokesman from the Denver Police Department, there's no reason to panic.

The Bike-to-Work body was a transient, apparently inebriated, who fell, hit his head, and landed in the river, Jackson says. And the July 27 incident was apparently a suicide.

The identities of the deceased have not yet been released. -- Patricia Calhoun

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