Lingerie Football: Man's dream takes shape in a Denver park

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If she caught it, we're impressed.

Ah, America. A place where logic and business sense never stand in the way of a shaky idea. In this case, it's the idea of a few local men, who are hoping to capitalize on the horny violent psyche of the Bored American Male by combining two of their loves: half-naked women and bad football.

On Saturday, Foxxy Football, a budding Denver football organization, staged one of a handful of training camps it'll hold this fall, hoping to have a league running by this winter. The women will play tackle football -- in shoulder pads and little else other than lingerie. The camp, at a park near 81st and Federal, attracted several young women looking for... well, we're not sure.

But if they were looking to get their pictures taken, they succeeded. After the jump, a glimpse into a tiny slice of weirdness that went down in Denver on Saturday. The photos are courtesy of the super Jamie Secrest (definitely not pictured).

-- Joe Tone

Hey! Come back here!
Now you understand why a local school district was against Foxxy Football using their field.
A coach discusses strategy. Yes, there's strategy.
Just living the dream, man.

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