Five videos to make you rethink that trip to Oakland for Broncos-Raiders

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"Welcome to Raider Nation. How may we assault you?"

The Broncos head to Oakland tonight to open their 2008 season against the Raiders -- which means some number of Broncos fans are leaving for the Bay Area as we speak to root on their team.

In their honor, we present five of our favorite videos of Raiders fans in action, and salute those Broncos fans for their Mount Davis-sized cojones. Here's hoping these die-hard Broncos fans don't become died-in-section-337 Broncos fans. -- Joe Tone

5. Tailgating, Raider-style
Nothing gets you pumped up for another loss like a little pre-game moshing.

4. Hey! Nice jersey!
And by "nice jersey," I mean "I'm going to beat your ass now."

3. Mount Daivs
Where the blood-curdling screams have nothing to do with a JaMarcus Russell touchdown.

2. On the Concrete Tundra ...
If only NFL Films could narrate this stuff.

1. Raiders Football
It's stab-tastic!

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