The banners at the eminent-domain poster business are still flying

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Hop aboard the "Never Surrender" bandwagon -- er, cart.

The banners and signs on view outside Pro-Tint, located at 1398 Wadsworth Boulevard, don't have anything to do with the window-tinting services the business provides. Rather, they're all about an RTD plan to seize the operation as part of its expansion of FasTracks. Owners Kim Snyder and Galen Foster were much in the news earlier this year for their fight against the transportation district, which wants to use eminent-domain law to secure their property, and that of six other nearby landowners, in connection with a proposed light-rail line. But their names haven't appeared in the mainstream press since a Denver Post article from April in which Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy proposed establishing a city fund to help impacted businesses relocate.

Nevertheless, the banners continue to fly. Click "More" to see the Pro-Tint messages. -- Michael Roberts

Bulldozing is "Un-American."
Betcha the folks at the Lakewood Sentinel are proud to see their paper referred to as the Lakewood Sentilel.
A message about freedom and rights seen by many hundreds of drivers per day.

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