The blog shortcut, October 22 edition

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Jared Boller.

Bring on the blogs.

Today in Cafe Society:
• Shaking it up with cocktailer Jared Boller.
• Jonathan Shikes takes a bite out of Denver Ted's.
• Teague Bohlen weighs in on an ad campaign for high-fructose corn syrup.

Today in Backbeat Online:
• A Q&A with Diplo.

Today in The Latest Word:
• Joel Warner's desperate attempt to get Joe Biden to kiss his baby.
Ten Baileys who might replace injured Broncos Champ and Boss.
• A quartet of dog abusers get the Shmuck of the Week treatment.
A report about RapidScreen, which aims to put the most polluting cars into park.
• A video faceoff between protesters and Sarah Palin's motorcade. Guess who wins. -- Michael Roberts

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