The blog shortcut, November 24 edition

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Round 'em up.

Today in Backbeat Online:

• Chris Martin, seen here, is at the center of our live review of Coldplay at the Pepsi Center.
Eric Eyl's Mile High Makeout experiences a renaissance.
Hotties provide an important element in Synthetic Elements' new video.

Today in Cafe Society:
A tough month for Colorado kitchen disasters.
A taste test of Snowbound Ale.
A Milking It review of Incredible Berry Crunch!
Hosea Rosenberg dodges a bullet on Top Chef.
Santa Fe Tequila Company closes in Denver.

Today in The Latest Word:
John Hickenlooper and Bill Pullman on the red carpet at the Denver Film Festival's Last Night.
"Expanded fruiting" instead of a holiday party at the Rocky Mountain News this year.
Russ Cook: a good cop's lonely death.
Santa rappels safely (damn it!) at the Denver Pavillions.
9News' Susie Wargin gets blistered -- by my daughter. Hell hath no fury like a sports fan scorned. -- Michael Roberts

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