The blog shortcut, November 25 edition

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Betcha can almost taste that dead bird...

Today in Backbeat Online:
"Anthem" by Born in the Flood (pictured) climbs One Tree Hill.
The Flobots score a Music Choice nomination.
The release of Frank Zappa's Lumpy Money is delayed.
Thirteen things that took less time than Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy. Sneak preview: Number one is "Jesus Christ dying and returning from the grave."

Today in Cafe Society:
Thanksgiving Dinner Fantasy Draft: What dishes would you pick?
Critical picks on Thanksgiving Day.
Put the turkey in the basket, or else it gets the hose again...
They're not thanking heaven for this 7-Eleven.
A Beer and Cheer taste of Celebration Ale.

Today in The Latest Word:
The Jet Pack Man does it Jetsons style over the Royal Gorge.
Today's Denver Post headline provides red meat for the liberal-bias crowd.
Fort Lupton's punishment-by-Barry Manilow judge gets more national face time.
Kenny Be's latest idea for a GLBT holiday keepsake: Precious Homos.
Marilyn Musgrave's epic pout continues. And may it never end. -- Michael Roberts

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