The blog shortcut, November 14 edition

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The devil made him do it.

For more blogs, look out below.

Today in Backbeat Online:
The Imp of Satan writes the best Craigslist musician-wanted ad ever.
Get a free MP3 download from your Mama.
Meese's now not-so-secret show in Boulder next week.
The Fray premiers new single during Lost promo next week.
Weighing in on Rise Against's show at the Fillmore last night.
The Friday Rap-Up dishes on Suge Knight's suit against Kanye West.

Today in Cafe Society:
So pho, so good at Pho 7.
Ellie's Eco Home Store debuts tomorrow.
Parallel Seventeen is without parallel.

Today in The Latest Word:
Going through election withdrawl? How 'bout a protest?
The Brothers Bloom flowers to open the Denver Film Festival.
Survivor winner and Bronco wife Danni Boatwright's softcore-porn-like commercial.
Thousands of true-beliving teens descend on downtown for the Dare 2 Share conference.
The Shmucks of the Week more than double your displeasure. Thank goodness it's the weekend. -- Michael Roberts

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