Waits for early voting: a preview of tomorrow?

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The line at the 2099 Wadsworth voting center on October 31.

Those of you who cast your ballots during the first portion of the period set aside for early voting likely found it to be as quick and convenient as did our own Jonathan Shikes, who chronicled his experiences in the October 24 blog "A Vote for Voting Early in Denver." But the story was different on October 31, when early voting ended. On that day, I stopped by the driver's license bureau at 2099 Wadsworth to drop off the mail-in ballot of my son, Nick, who's attending college in Washington, D.C.; read about the struggles he underwent to get his voice heard in "The Difficulty of Being a First-Time, Mail-In Colorado Voter," from October 29. I arrived at around 2:45 p.m., and as this photo documents, the line to vote ran out the door and down the sidewalk.

Is someone still an early voter if he or she waited until the last day of early voting? Hard to say -- but one thing's certain. Tomorrow, it's better to show up early than late. Otherwise, you're likely to face a line that'll make this one look puny in comparison. -- Michael Roberts

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