Basil the robot delivers tea, once again does not kill human overlords

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You've read all about Basil the robot and his fancy cybernetic brain; now see him in action. To prove that their mechanical friend is actually capable of delivering delicious liquids (a feat Basil failed to accomplish at his coming-out party at the Wynkoop Brewery, solely because the stupid humans let his battery power run down), Jim and Louise Gunderson of Gamma Two, Inc. captured him getting them tea, one of their favorite drinks (after beer, of course). As you can see after the jump, Basil slowly yet handily accomplishes the task - and doesn't go crazy and kill his human creators along the way, as certain haters around here would lead you to believe, what with their thoughts on the so-called upcoming robot apocalypse. Now all they have to do is replace the teapot with a nice pint of stout, and the world will beat a path to Gamma Two's door. - Joel Warner

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